Big Bang Vol. 1 – Since 2007 (released)

1. Intro (Big Bang)
2. She Can’T Get Enough
3. Dirty Cash (Title Song)
4. 다음날 (승리 Solo)
5. Big Boy (T.O.P Solo)
6. 흔들어
7. 눈물뿐인 바보
8. My Girl (태양 Solo)
9. La-La-La
10. This Love (G-Dragon Solo)
11. 웃어본다 (대성 Solo)

Newcomer boy group’s debut arrives with a Big Bang.

The 5-member band consisting of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Tae Yang, Sung Ri, and Dae Seong have so far released 3 singles that have underlined their strength as talented music providers. Now it’s time for their first full-length album titled Since 2007, which features 11 tracks including the principal track Dirty Cash. Fans can also look forward to solo songs by Big Bang’s various members including This Love originally featured on their 1st single, this time performed solo by G-Dragon. Other highlights include the hit song La – la – la from the band’s second single as well as Dae Seong’s solo effort "Try Smiling" (Track 11) from their most recent single. Ready to please with another firework of promising songs, Big Bang may never have sounded better. – credits to YesAsia

Kim Hyun Chul Vol. 9 – Talk About Love (released)

1. Wonderful Radio
2. Not being able to marry…
3. Talk About Love
4. One of these days (study abroad)
5. Please Come Back
6. Kelly
7. Glow Peach
8. Espresso Macchiato
9. Would
10. Kiss & Say Goodbye

In 2002, Kim Hyun Chul released his 8th album entitled ‘…and Kim Hyun Chul’. He has finally released his 9th album after four years. He debuted in 1989 and until now, he has worked with young girls’ and taught them about sensitivity. Kim Hyun Chul is a great singer that is well known for singing modernized ballad songs. He has made tons of hit songs in the past such as ‘Train going to Chuncheon’, ‘Moon’s downfall’, ‘Blue inside of you’, and ‘Loving you’. His 9th album has been upgraded one step higher to bring the best quality in music. There are a total of ten tracks in this album and the title track is entitled ‘Not being able to marry’. This title song is about a man not being able to forget about the woman he loves after breaking up and he lives his life in tears and just reminiscing about the precious moments that they shared with each other. Movie star Jin Goo and Lim Jung Eun was casted to act in this music video, expressing the pains of love that can’t be granted. Through this album, Kim Hyun Chul wants to show the new changes he has made through his songs and the story about life through his feelings. It is yet another album that we can all anticipate on. – credits to purpletiger86

Music Drama Winter Story (December 27)

01. Sarang… Geu HuE ("Love… After") – Lyn & Shin Hye Sung
02. Hayan Gyeoul Forever ("White Winter Forever") – Mr. 2
03. Memory – Kim Bum Soo
04. NunUi Ggot ("Snow Flower") – Lee So Eun
05. NabiUi Gyeoul ("Butterfly’s Winter") – Park Hyo Shin
06. Oneul Gateun BamImyeon ("If It’s Like Tonight") – Shinhwa
07. HongdaeApE NunI Naerimyeon ("If It Snows Near Hongdae") – Yoon Gun
08. GeuNyeoUi NamjaEge ("To Her Man") – Kim Jong Kook
09. Eoddeongayo? ("How Is It?") – Park Hwayobi
10. Ganghwamoon Yeonga ("Ganghwamoon Sonata") – Lee Moon Se
11. GeuDae Naege Dashi ("Come Back To Me") – Kim Gun Mo
12. Jebal ("Please") – Lee So Rav 13. Inyeon ("Destiny") – The Name
14. Gyeoul Bada ("Winter Sea") – Blue Sky
15. Hayan Gyeoul Forever ("White Winter Forever") – Instrumental
16. Sarang… HuE ("Love… After") – Instrumental

It’s winter, the perfect time for a sad, mid-tempo ballad. Music drama Winter Story combines the acting talent of stars like Shinhwa’s Eric with top-notch action and some of the most respected music artists on the scene. Featuring songs from the likes of Park Hwayobi, Shinhwa, newcomer Mr. 2, and veterans Kim Gun Mo and Lee Moon, Winter Story tells a 20-minute adrenaline-filled story through music. This innovative music drama was shown on KBS Drama, OnStyle, MTV, MNet, ETN, Cable Tv, and even at selected theaters. – credits to YesAsia

Other releases:

The Nuts Vol. 2 – Whispers of Love (released)
푸른새벽 Vol. 2 – 보음이 오면 (December 27)
Nodo Vol. 1 – The Spotlight is Mine, Nodo (December 28)

Sources: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo