Brian (Fly to the Sky) Vol. 1 – The Brian (December 18)
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1. One Year Living in Winter
2. Don’t Go
3. First Date
4 Because I Don’t Love
5. Getting closer
6. Don’t Do It
7. Gentleman
8. Black Tears
9. Inside The Tears
10. Want! Want! (feat.Yoon Dong-Hoon (trepass))
11. All I know
12. Want! Want! (Remix)

1000 different colors of Brian
There are so many things that he hasn’t shown to his fans.

There are two men that received a lot of popularity in the year 2006. They have matured greatly with their music and, unlike other singers, they are very energetic and have their own style of color. They are the best duo, Fly To The Sky. Brian, a member of Fly To The Sky has shown his talents and humorous side through Korean variety shows. To show a different side to him, he has changed himself with new clothes as a solo singer, not as an entertainer.

Especially for his solo album, 80% of the songs were recorded with a variety of instruments such a drums, guitar, string, and harmonica to bring out the acoustic feel to his music. Singer ‘Harim’ who became famous with his song titled ‘Departure’ contributed to this album by playing the harmonica. This album is different from Fly To The Sky’s albums. Jo Kyu Man, Lee Sang In, MSC, Jo Eun Hee, Yoon Sa Ra and so forth have all contributed to make Brian’s solo album be at its best quality. – credits to purpletiger86

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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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