Our featured artist this week is the co-ed rock group Jaurim. They are one of the most well known rock groups in Korea, and also popular in Japan. Besides, lead singer Kim Yoon Ah is also a TV host and has released 2 solo albums. Her last solo album in 2004 produced a big hit "Glass Mask". Jaurim started back in 1997. Their music is not really traditional rock, but have quite a refreshing alternative / modern rock style that becomes their trademark. They also signified the formula of many modern day K-Rock groups – having a female lead singer and male musicians behind her (e.g. Loveholic, Rumble Fish, Cherry Filter, Roller Coaster). Jaurim went through a breakup after their 4th album in 2002. But they re-united at the end of 2004 to release their 5th album with the hit song "Ha Ha Ha Song". Recently, they released their 6th album and again produced a top 10 hit "You and Me", written by Kim Yoon Ah. Let’s find out more about them:


Kim Yoon-ah (Vocals)
Date of birth : March 11th, 1974
Physique : 168 cm, 49 kg
Education : Department of Psychology, Sungshin Women’s University
Hobbies : Watching movies, reading

Lee Seon-kyu (Guitar)
Date of birth : August 28th, 1971
Physique : 177 cm, 64 kg
Education : Engineering Management, Kyungwon College

Koo Tae-hoon (Drums)
Date of birth : November 13th, 1972
Physique : 170 cm, 63 kg
Education : Department of Design, Kyewon Arts School
Hobby : Watching dramas

Kim Jin-man (Bass)
Date of birth : February 25th, 1972
Education : Department of Anthropology, Seoul National University


Formerly known as the ‘Ugly Duckling’, the band started performing in the famous underground Shinchon club scene in 1997. It was later that year when they changed their name to ‘Jaurim: The Purple Rain Forest’, and crossed over to the spotlight with their colorful and unique modern funk/rock melodies. The voice and the beauty of lead singer, Kim Yoon-ah, which was exemplified on the O.S.T. of the popular drama series ‘The Man with a Flower,’ became the band’s winning formula. Jaurim quickly became popular, providing music that was a ‘breath of fresh air’ as the music scene desperately needed something different than a conventional ballad or dance number. The band released their first album, ‘Purple Heart,’ late in 1997 and received warm reviews and critical acclaim. With a successful debut, they became one of the ‘most wanted’ bands and produced an album every year until their split in 2002. The split was attributed to musical conflicts between Kim Yoon-ah, often regarded as the ‘star’ of the band, and the other band members. Despite efforts to make it work, ‘Jaurim’ decided to disband. Though they went their separate ways, they are still actively performing–Kim Yoon-ah became a solo artist and the other members perform as part of the band Choco Cream Rolls.


Purple Heart (1st album, 1997) : Departure, Lover Discovered, Violent Violet
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Lovers (2nd album, 1998) : I’m Sorry I Hate You, Falling Flowers, It Hurts
IPB Image
Abnormal Work (2.5 album, 1999) : 그래 제길, 밀랍천사 No.9, Comix Remix, 알아, 마론인형
IPB Image
Wonderland (3rd album, 2000) : Miss Korea, Magic Carpet Ride, Orange Marmalade, Summerday Blues
IPB Image
Jaurim (4th album, 2002) : Hey Guyz, Vlad, Good Morning, Velvet Sorrow, I’m a Fan, Only One
IPB Image
All You Need is Love (5th album, 2004) : Luv Pill, The Ha Ha Ha Song, I Saw Him, Social Life
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청춘예찬 靑春倪瓚 (Remake Album, 2005) : 청춘예찬, Another Day In Paradise, Gloomy Sunday
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Ashes to Ashes (6th album, 2006) : Seoul Blues, Loving Memory, Jester Song, You and Me, Summer Slumber, Beautiful Girl, Over and over again I think of you
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credits to: KBS World, Jukeon, Annyoung

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