The 2006 Soompi Gayo Award will be announced on Saturday, December 30. This is the 2nd year we are organizing these awards to recognize the top performers in Korean Music. Similar to last year, you can vote for our DaeSang award winner out of 10 BonSang winners.

BonSang winners: We select 10 singers (names in alphabetical order) who are in the music industry for more than 1 year. Newcomers don’t qualify for this award. We understand that a lot of singers have pulled their names out of year end award shows this year. But our website is still recognizing the outstanding achievements of these singers. Therefore, all singers will be under consideration. The 10 singers below received the highest scores combined on our weekly top 20 chart and album sales in 2006. They are our BonSang winners and they will compete for the prestige DaeSang award:

Baek Ji Young
Hit songs (highest charted position): 사랑안해 (1)

Hit songs (highest charted position): 남자를 몰라 (1), My Love (9)

Hit songs (highest charted position): Show Me Your Love (with Super Junior) (19), Tonight (10), One (14), 동방의투혼 (17), 오-정반합 (2), 풍선 (1)

Fly To The Sky
Hit songs (highest charted position): 남자답게 (1), 피 (2), 다시 돌아온 너에게 (19)

Ha Dong Kyun
Hit songs (highest charted position): 그녀를사랑해줘요 (1)

Kim Jong Kook
Hit songs (highest charted position): 별, 바람, 햇살 그리고 사랑 (10), 바람과함께사라지다 (Big 4) (19), Untouchable (Big 4) (13), 편지 (2), 사랑한다는말 (4), 바람만바람만 (with SG Wannabe) (13)

Hit songs (highest charted position): 난알아요(FEAT.TEDDY) (1), 라 라 라 (3)

SG Wannabe
Hit songs (highest charted position): 바람과함께사라지다 (Big 4) (19), Untouchable (Big 4) (13), 내사람 (1), 느림보 (9), 사랑했어요 (Feat. 데니안) (8), 사랑하기 때문에 (with See Ya) (8), Must Have Love (with Brown Eyed Girls) (13)

Hit songs (highest charted position): Once In A Lifetime (1), Throw My Fist (11)

Hit songs (highest charted position): 비행기 (1)

The calculation method of the DaeSang winner is as follows:

60% from our weekly top 20 chart scores, adjusted for competition, seasonal, and positional factors. Non-original songs (remakes and covered versions) will be excluded from the calculations for the DaeSang award.
20% from album sales – figures released by Music Industry Association of Korea (MIAK) from January to November 2005, plus Hanteo’s weekly sales for December 2005. If a singer releases more than 1 album this year, we’ll use the album with the highest sales for this event.
20% from fan voting – that’s where your vote comes in.

You can make a difference! Be sure to vote for your favorite singer or who you think deserves to win the Daesang award. I have created a poll:

I am sure you all are familiar with how to vote here. However, please don’t abuse your voting rights. One person can only vote once. Should we find out any foul plays, we reserve the right to abandon the results of the voting. The deadline of the voting is December 29, 11:59pm EST.

Because our weekly top 20 charts are using sources from all major music charts in Korea (Chart Korea, MNet M!Countdown, Hanteo weekly sales, SBS Inki Gayo, MTV Korea, various internet charts, and also gasoo appearances on gayo shows), we expect to get an accurate result for this award show.

Apart from the DaeSang, these awards are based on top 20 chart performances only. Album sales and fan votings will not be included.

Top 20 songs of 2006 – from our weekly top 20 charts, we select the 20 songs with the highest accumulated chart scores, after adjusting for competition, seasonal, and positional factors. Again, non-original songs (remakes and covered versions) will be excluded. To be fair to all singers, each singer will only have 1 top 20 songs. If they have more than 1 song among the top 20 scores, the song with the highest scores will be chosen as their top 20 songs.

Top male singer of 2006 (3 awards – Gold, Silver, Bronze), the nominees are:

Ha Dong Kyun
Kim Jong Kook
Lee Seung Chul
Lee Seung Ki
MC Mong
Son Ho Young
Sung Shi Kyung
Tony An

Top female singer of 2006 (3 awards – Gold, Silver, Bronze), the nominees are:

Baek Ji Young
Chae Yeon
Jang Yoon Jung
Lee Hyori
Lee Soo Young
Lim Jung Hee
Park Jung Ah
Seo Young Eun

Top group singer of 2006 (3 awards – Gold, Silver, Bronze), the nominees are:

Fly To The Sky
MC The Max
SG Wannabe

Best new artist of 2006 (3 awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze), the nominees are:

Big Bang
Brown Eyed Girls
Hyun Young
Jang Ri In
See Ya
Super Junior

Song of the year (1 award) – From the year end top 20. The #1 song will automatically become the song of the year.

Album of the year (1 award) – the album with the highest scores of its charted songs on our top 20, averaged by the number of tracks from that album.

Newly added awards for this year:

Best Drama / Movie OST song of 2006 (1 award) – Songs from a drama or movie that received the highest scores on our chart. The nominees are:

Howl & J – Perhaps Love (from Goong OST)
Hwan Hee – Tomorrow (from Over The Rainbow OST)
Loveholic – 그대만 있다면 (from One Fine Day OST)
See Ya – 미친 사랑의 노래 (from Invisible Man Choi Jang Soo OST)
Sweet Sorrow – 아무리 생각해도 난 너를 (from Alone In Love OST)

Best single of 2006 (1 award) – Singles (single albums or digital singles) have become an increasingly popular trend in kpop. We want to recognize the digital single which received the highest charted scores in 2006.

Songwriter of the year (1 award) – The songwriter with the highest charted score.
Lyricist of the year (1 award) – The lyricist with the highest charted score.

Start the voting today and have fun. smile.gif