KCM Digital Single (released)

1. Hello
2. Because love might come (Feat. Hwa Yo Bi)

-There might be just one of you in this world…but to one person, you might be the world-

All the themes for KCM’s albums have been about expressing love through songs…this new single is also about the happiness and pains in love. KCM will continue to show his fans his beautiful high pitched and appealing voice that expresses his own color through this single. He attempted to bring something new into his songs. To bring the feelings of folk songs, he expressed an emotional feeling through a traditional ballad song with Hwa Yo Bi. This digital single album consists of just two tracks with a new music genre that KCM attempted to try out. His new attempt can be seen as his effort in trying to come one step closer to his fans. A lot of star musicians contributed to this single album such as Jo Young Soo who wrote the lyrics for KCM’s title song ‘Hello’, Min Myung Ki who wrote the lyrics for the duet song ‘Because Love Might Come’, and Ahn Young Min who helped write the words for the title song ‘Hello’. KCM is expected to released two or three digital albums a year. – credits to purpletiger86

MC The Max digital single – The perfect ballad (released)

1. Cheek Love
2. Cheek Love (instrumental)

MC The Max’s first digital single in 2007-

Releasing a single album in 2006, MC the Max still managed to sweep the online music charts without participating in stage performances. They are opening a new year in 2007 with a digital album. Title song ‘Cheek Love’ was produced by Park Sung Jin. It’s about a man who has to let go of the woman he loves foolishly. ‘Cheek Love’ can be implied as a man lowering himself to the ground and risking his life to protect the woman he loves, but ends up letting her go. MC the Max is well known for singing sad ballad songs such as ‘We Love To Be In Pain’ and ‘Goodbye for a Short Time’. Group member Lee Soo is famous in Korea for his incredible vocal skills. – credits to purpletiger86

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Source: Hanteo, Melon

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