Summary for January week 2 chart:

No. 1 song and the biggest mover of the week: A very nice birthday gift to Brian of Fly To The Sky. His first solo hit "가지마" (Don’t Go) jumped all the way from No. 25 to No. 1 this week. Brian held off SS501’s "Four Chance" which also made a big move from No. 19 to No. 2. It marks only the 2nd time in our chart history that a song from outside of the top 20 a week before jumped to No. 1. Tei did it with "사랑은하나다" (Love Is…The One) in 2005.

Hot shot debut: Se7en’s follow up hit "잘할게" (I Will Do Well) debuts at No. 16 this week. This song is listed in the top 10 of our staff recommended songs of 2006. Unlike his recent hits, this ballad has a simple melody that is easy to remember. It’s written by Big Mama’s Lee Young Hyun. Se7en also made his acting debut this week with the MBC mini-series "Goong S".

New songs: There are 8 new songs in the top 50, including new songs by Shin Hye Sung + Lyn and Lee Hyori.

 Songs to watch out:

11. Kim Ah Joong – MARIA (from movie 200 Pounds Beauty) – We haven’t seen a hit song from a Korean movie OST for a long long time. This song is moving up fast and is likely to hit the top 10 next week, thanks to its No. 1 ranking on a majority of internet charts. A remake from Blondie’s song. Actress Kim Ah Jong sings for the first time in a movie that she starred in. The movie OST is a top 3 seller in the album sales chart.
19. ERU – 흰눈 (White Snow) – Follow up hit to "까만안경" (Black Glasses). This time ERU sings a softer ballad with a nice melody. Song title implies that it is definitely the season now to listen to this song. The popularity of Black Glasses has increased the popularity of ERU’s 2nd album, and hopfully also increase the popularity of this song.
26. Shin Hye Sung & Lyn – 사랑후에 (After Love) – From the OST of a music drama "Winter Story", it marks the first collobration between these 2 popular singers. It’s a sad ballad perfect for Winter.
30. Lee Hyori (with Lee Jun Ki) – Anystar – This is the 3rd time Lee Hyori have a song for this series of commercials, and she partnered with popular actor/singer Lee Jun Ki as well.
47. Wheesung – 손톱달 (Fingernail Moon) "from movie Joong Chun" – We haven’t heard a song from Wheesung since he left YG. This song is featured on the movie "Joong Chun" starring Jung Woo Sung and Kim Tae Hee. Unlike his previous R&B tunes, this song is more of a traditional ballad. It’s written by hitmaker Park Geun Tae.

To listen to the 1 minute sample, you need to follow the links to and install the melon player to your computer. After that, click on the song title to listen.

1. (+24) Brian – 가지마 (Don’t Go) *** 1 WEEK NO. 1 + BIGGEST MOVER OF THE WEEK ***
Genre: R&B Ballad
Album: Brian Vol. 1 Track 2 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

YesAsia: Featured on Brain’s first solo album "The Brian". This song is an R&B ballad that reminds us of many hits from Fly To The Sky. The vocalist’s experience in performing smooth ballads and beat-filled numbers comes in handy on this highly anticipated release which is heavy on acoustic sounds.

Music + Lyrics: Ha Jung Ho
Score: 706

2. (+17) SS501 – Four Chance
Genre: Pop / Dance
Album: SS 501 Vol. 1 Track 2 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Included on SS501’s first album entitled, "SS501 S.T 01 Now." With a strong hip hop rhythm, the funky, catchy pop song highlights the voices of each of the members. The lyrics are about how to seduce the woman you love in four different steps.

Score: 639

3. (+1) DBSG – 풍선 (Balloons)
Genre: Pop / Dance
Album: DBSG Vol. 3 Track 11 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Song included in DBSG’s 3rd album "O-Union." Balloons is a remake of the huge hit song of the popular 80s group Five Fingers, and the new version has a color of its own. With new arrangements and DBSG’s unique harmony, the song is expected to be another hit with fans. The music video shows the cute and adorable side of the DBSG members and it goes well with the song.

Music: Kim Sung Ho / Lyrics: Lee Doo Hun
Score: 597

4. (+1) Kim Tae Woo – 하고싶은 말 (Words That I Want To Say)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Kim Tae Woo Vol. 1 Track 4 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Kim Tae-woo, the vocal of the popular group G.O.D, has a solo album whose title song is “I want to say,’ which is a pop ballad sung in a moderated voice. You’ll hear the essence of Kim Tae-woo’s singing and his husky voice, as he sings about a couple missing the times when they used to be with each other.

Music: Kim Tae Woo / Lyrics: Lee Hyun Seung
Score: 594

5. (+1) Jang Woo Hyuk (feat. Esther) – 폭풍속으로 (One Way)
Genre: Hip-hop / Dance
Album: Jan Woo Hyuk Vol. 2 Track 4 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Title song from Jang Woo-hyuk’s 2nd album, "My Way." This is a hip-hop dance song that combines the featured singing of renown singer Esther and Jang Woo-hyuk’s powerful rap. Explosive sound is the result of fusing hip-hop dance beats with rock, and the first-person perspective music video, which makes the viewer feel in sync with Jang Woo-hyuk, is attracting a lot of attention.

Music: Park Jang Geun / Lyrics: Min Yong Sik
Score: 586

6. (-3) SG Wannabe + Brown Eyed Girls – Must Have Love
Genre: Christmas Ballad
Album: SG Wannabe Yong Jun + Brown Eyed Girls Ga In Single Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on SG Wannabe & Brown Eyed Girls’ digital single album titled "SG Wannabe ‘Yong-jun’ & Brown Eyed Girls ‘Ga-in,’" this album brings together the gentle and emotional vocals of SG Wannabe’s vocalist Yong-jun and the husky and powerful vocalism of Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in. This song’s refreshing and cheerful melody is like that of a Christmas carol.

Music: Kim Lee Na / Lyrics: Ahn Jung Hoon
Score: 585

7. (-5) Sung Shi Kyung – 거리에서 (On the Street)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Sung Shi Kyung Vol. 5 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Sung Si-kyung’s fifth album titled "The Ballads," this song displays a new vocalism by uniquely using the falsetto. Its lyrics, written by Yoon Jong-shin, are about a man walking the street who holds precious memories of his lover from whom he has just separated. It is a Sung Si-kyung style ballad song displaying his gentle tone and vocals. Sung Si-kyung’s kissing scene with a Japanese actress was the highlight of the music video.

Music + Lyrics: Yoon Jong Shin
Score: 561

8. (+3) Wax – 사랑이다그런거니까 (Because Love is Like That)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Wax Vol. 6 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Wax’s sixth album titled "Love Is Like That," this song gained wide attention through its music video, which stars actress Hwang Soo-jung. The song’s lonesome keyboard play is in perfect harmony with Wax’s appealing vocals. It is a poignant ballad which sings about accepting the hardships of separation.

Music: Choi Joon Young / Lyrics: Lim Ki Hoon
Score: 546

9. (-8) SG Wannabe (feat. Vibe) – 사랑가 (A Song of Love)
Genre: R&B Ballad
Album: The Precious History Disc 3 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: This is one of the three new songs featured on SG Wannabe’s best hit album "The Precious History". It is a collaboration song with Vibe that is packed with the harmony voices of the two groups’ united 5 vocalists. The song is also written by Vibe’s Ryu Jae Hyun.

Music + Lyrics: Ryu Jae Hyun
Score: 544

10. (+5) Maya – 나를외치다 (Crying Out Loud)
Genre: Rock Ballad
Album: Maya Vol. 3 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: Featured on Maya’s 3rd album titled "Road to Myself". Unlike previous Maya title songs, this song is an emotional rock ballad which allows Maya to showcase her strong vocals. It reminds us of 사랑은 영원하다 from her second album.
Music + Lyrics: Lee Won Suk
Score: 543
11. (+15) Kim Ah Joong – MARIA (from movie "200 Pounds Beauty" OST)
Genre: Pop / Rock
Album: 200 Pound Beauty Movie OST Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample
Arirang TV:Included on the OST of "200 Pound Beauty." LOVEHOLIC’s bassist and musical director of the film Lee Jae-hak arranged the Blondie hit to use in the film. The music video is made up of clips from the movie.
Music: Blondie’s original song "Maria" / Lyrics: Kim Ah Joong
Score: 542

12. (–) The Nuts – 잔소리 (Scolded)
Genre: Rock Ballad
Album: The Nuts Vol. 2 Track 2 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on The Nuts’ second album titled "WHISPERS OF LOVE," this ballad song with poignant lyrics comes after a two-year hiatus. Actor Ji Hyun-woo plays the guitar in this rock-band. The song is about the heartache of love and separation. All the memories of love is like getting a scolding while feeling sorry for a love that will soon be forgotten.

Music: Lee Seung Ho / Lyrics: Han Sung Ho
Score: 519

13. (-4) Gavy NJ – 그녀가울고있네요 (She’s Crying)
Genre: R&B Ballad
Album: Gavy NJ Vol. 2 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on gavy nj’s 2nd album titled "The Very Surprise," this song is a medium tempo R&B ballad that brings out the members’ appealing musicality. The music video is about the love for a friend’s older sister who turns out to be a gangster.

Music + Lyrics: Kim Se Jin
Score: 506

14. (-4) Son Ho Young – 사랑은 이별을 데리고 오다 (Love Brings Separation)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Son Ho Young Vol. 1 Track 4 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: From Son Ho-young’s 1st solo album, "YES." The lyrics of the medium-tempo ballad was written by Son Ho-young, himself, and the heart-breaking melody and lyrics are extraordinary. Sohn Ho-young starred in the music video, and the much talked-about underwater kissing scene is about the longing and sadness of Son Ho-young’s character for his dead girlfriend.

Music: Lee Hyun Wook / Lyrics: Son Ho Young
Score: 474

15. (-2) MC Mong (feat. Lisa [English ver.], Maybee [Korean ver.]) – 너에게 쓰는 편지 Part 2 (A Letter Written To You Part 2)
Genre: Hip-hop
Album: MC Mong Vol. 3 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: Featured on MC Mong’s 3rd album titled "The Way I Am". This song is the sequel of "A Letter Written To You" (feat. Lyn) from MC Mong’s 1st album. The song has 2 versions, the English version featuring Lisa of the Japanese group M-FLO, and the Korean version featuring Maybee, which MC Mong is performing right now.

Music: Kim Gun Woo / Lyrics: MC Mong, Lisa (English), Maybee (Korean)
Score: 469

16. (New) Se7en – 잘할게 (I Will Do Well) *** HOT SHOT DEBUT ***
Genre: R&B Ballad
Album: Se7en Vol. 4 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Included in Se7en’s 4th album, "Se7olution." Big Mama’s Lee Young-hyun wrote the song and lyrics for this heartbreaking ballad. The explosive high-toned vocal power matched with the large-scale orchestra music moves the listeners. The emotional melody and sad lyrics well-suit Se7en’s sensibility.

Music + Lyrics: Lee Young Hyun
Score: 465

17. (-3) Loveholic – 바람아멈추어다오 (Please Stop The Wind)
Genre: Rock Ballad
Album: Loveholic Remake Album "Rewind" Track 2 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on LOVEHOLiC’s special album titled "RE-WIND," this song is a remake of Lee Ji-yeon’s "Please Stop the Wind," which was a huge hit in the 80s. LOVEHOLiC added more modern touches to the song, displaying the group’s true color. This special album includes many remakes from the past, and is full of LOVEHOLiC’s emotional elements.

Music + Lyrics: Jun Young Rok
Score: 463

18. (-10) Jun Jin – 사랑이 오지 않아요 (Love Doesn’t Come)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Jun Jin First Single Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: This song features on Jun Jin’s first single titled, "Love Doesn’t Come." Jun Jin, who has displayed a strong image as a member of Shinhwa, presents a gentler and emotional vocalism through this song. Its sad lyrics are about the heartache of having to let go of a woman in the past.

Music + Lyrics: Lee Yoon Jae
Score: 459

19. (New) ERU – 흰눈 (White Snow)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: ERU Vol. 2 Track 8 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Included on Eru’s second album. The richly emotional ballad was written by the artist himself. The lyrics are about a man who misses his girl friend on a snowy day. The music video was shot in Sapporo, Japan.

Music + Lyrics: ERU
Score: 449

20. (-3) Lee Seung Chul – 하얀새 (White Bird)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Lee Seung Chul Vol. 8 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Lee Seung-chul’s 8th album titled "Reflection of Sound," this song’s large-scale arrangement produced an elegant melody with Ha Rim’s harmonica sound and Jang Woo-ri’s cello accompaniment. Lee Seung-chul wrote the lyrics to the song based on an illusion of a woman depicted as a white bird flying up to the sky.

Music: Lee Seung Chul / Lyrics: Lee Hyun Seung
Score: 391

21. (–) S.101 – 바람만바람만 (Only Wind, Only Wind) : 374
22. (+2) Lee Seung Hwan – 어떻게사랑이그래요 (How can love be that way) : 371
23. (-7) Jang Yoon Jung – 이따,이따요 (Later, Later) : 367
24. (-1) Big Bang – Goodbye Baby : 351
25. (-18) As One – 십이야 (Twelve Nights) : 350
26. (New) Shin Hye Sung & Lyn – 사랑후에 (After Love) : 337
27. (-5) Im Jae Bum & Tei – 겨울이오면 (If Winter Comes) : 321
28. (+3) Bobby Kim – 파랑새 (Blue Bird) : 293
29. (-2) SM Town – Snow Dream : 282
30. (New) Lee Hyori (with Lee Jun Ki) – ANYSTAR : 279
31. (-2) Battle – Crash : 268
32. (-4) Yurisangja – 기억력 (Memory) : 267
33. (-3) Nell – 마음을잃다 (Losing one’s mind) : 248
34. (+1) Superjunior KRY – 한 사람만을 (For One Person) : 231
35. (+1) Bada – 고 고 고 (Go Go Go) : 215
36. (-3) CSJH The Grace – 열정 (My Everything) : 206
37. (+9) Kan Jong Wook – 약한남자 (Weak Man) : 200
38. (+11) Bae Sul Gi – One By One : 199
39. (+4) Kai – 몹쓸 거짓말 (Bad Lie) : 192
40. (-2) Jaurim – You and me : 190
41. (New) Kim Hyun Chul – 결혼도못하고 (Not being able to marry) : 183
42. (-8) Choi Jae Hoon – 고마워요 (Thank You) : 182
43. (New) Park Sang Min – 울지마요 (Don’t Cry) : 181
44. (-12) Byul – 물풍선 (Water Balloon) : 179
45. (-5) Park Jung Ah (feat. Jun Je Duk) – 결국…사랑 (In The End…Love) : 164
46. (-1) Xing – In Your Hands : 151
47. (New) Wheesung – 손톱달 (Fingernail Moon) : 145
48. (-6) Take – 한마디 (One Word) : 144
49. (New) Yoon Do Hyun Band – 나는나비 (I am Butterfly) : 143
50. (-2) Yoon Ha – Audition : 135

Sources of the top 20

The sources of this top 20 chart are pretty much the same, but the weight assigned to each source may be different each week because some charts do not update weekly (e.g. MNet M!Countdown) and I assign fewer percentage when it happens. From now on, I’ll list my chart sources each week. For January week 2:

ChartKorea – 20%
Hanteo and KMDIA Weekly Album Sales (2 weeks lag) – 20%
MNet M!Countdown – 20%
SBS Inky Gayo Take 7 Chart (1 week lag) – 15%
Various Internet charts (Melon, Jukeon, Dosirak, Muz, Bugs, MaXMP3, MTV Korea, Ohdio) – 15%
Hanteo Gayo Chart – 5%
Gasoo appearance on gayo shows (MBC Show! Music Core, SBS Inky Gayo, KBS Music Bank, MBC Kim Dong Ryul For You, KBS Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter, MNet M!Countdown, Various MTV Korea Programs, Pops In Seoul) – 5%