Epik High Vol. 4 – Remapping the Human Soul (January 23)

CD 1
01. [Part.1 The Brain] The End Times – Instrumental.
02. 白夜
03. It turned out to be…
04. Aphasia
05. Mr. Doctor
06. Runaway (Mithra’s Word)
07. Exile – Instrumental.
08. Still Life
09. The delusion of prosecution pt. 1
10. Scapegoat
11. Nocturne (Tablo’s Word)
12. Spirit
13. In Peace – Instrumental.

CD 2
01. [Part.2 The Heart] Slave Song
02. Flow
03. love/crime
04. Fan
05. Spider web
06. Music selection ballot
07. Addiction
08. Underground Railroad
09. FAQ
10. Love Love Love
11. Girl Rock
12. Broken Toys

In 2007, Korea’s hip hop musician ‘Epik High’ is returning with a new look with their fourth album.

-No genre, just music. Epik High!-

Epik High spent a little more than year to prepare for their fourth album. This album was created by the young singers and songwriters in the group. Because of Epik High’s passion and greed for music, they have filled their fourth album with not just one, but two CD’s. They have a total of 27 tracks that consist of their hip hop songs and instrumentals. A lot of powerful musicians such as Pe2ny, IF, DJ Zio, Palo Alto, MC Meta, TBNY, Kebee, the Quiett, Nell’s Kom Jong Wan, Casker’s Yeong Jin, WANTED, and Sweet Sorrow have all contributed to this album. Their fourth album is specially made with not just Korean musicians, but musicians from overseas as well. Japanese group M-Flo’s vocalist ‘Emi Hinouchi’ has also contributed, making Epik High’s album already gaining much attention in Japan.

-Falling into the crazy love. ‘Fan’-

The title song is called ‘Fanatic’. This song is created with electronic and realistic sound. The tempo arrangements were produced to create rain and storm sounds. Epik High’s shows how advanced their music style has become through this album. They want to give this album as a special gift to their fans in which they can listen to it crazily forever. – credits to purpletiger86

Babyvox Re.v Vol. 1 – Ogamusekyung (오가무세경, 五.歌.舞.世.景) (January 24)

1. Never Say Good-bye
2. Shee
3. Secret
4. Baby
5. Catch me
6. Revenge
7. Get up
8. Killer
9. By Change

Babyvox Re.v’s has released their first album that consists of medium tempo and trendy music. Some of the tracks in this album are remake songs that were sung by the former female dance group ‘Babyvox’. They hold a sexy image and their goal is to become Asia’s best female group. Kim Dong Hoon wrote the lyrics and designer Lee Joo Young designed their clothes. Their music video was created by Choi Jang Pil who worked with Kangta, Shinhwa, Sung Shi Kyung, Boa, Eun Ji Won, SS501, etc. Their title song is entitled ‘SHEE’. The song ‘Never Say Goodbye’ is Kim Dong Hoon’s first dance song that he wrote. It has a medium tempo and the melody can easily be followed and sung by people. The song has a similar feel to the song ‘Can’t fight the moon light’ which was the title song for the movie ‘Coyote Ugly’. – credits to purpletiger86

Shinhwa – Winter Story 2006-2007 (January 25)

01. girls exclusive ((Korea Lyric Ver.)
02. It’s pretty
03. The days
04. The days(Instrumental)

CD 2 [Japanese album ‘Inspiration #1’]
01. girls exclusive
02. THROW MY FIST-Japanese version-(8th Album『State Of The Art』より)
03. MIDNIGHT GIRL-Japanese version- (8th Album『State Of The Art』より)
04. PARADISE (8th Album『State Of The Art』より)
05. 僕らの心には太陽がある
06. HIGHWAY STAR-Featuring Vocal Emyli-(8th Album『State Of The Art』より)
07. Time Machine-Japanese version-(7th Album『Brand New』より)
08. The Street
09. Sun Flower~Happy Birthday~
10. weak~君を失くして (8th Album『State Of The Art』より) < 한: Weak man>
11. YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING (8th Album『State Of The Art』より)
12. ONCE IN A LIFETIME-English version-(8th Album『State Of The Art』より)
13. Shooting Star- Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix -(7th Album『Brand New』より)

Shinhwa, ‘WINTER STORY 2006-2007’ Released!

-Winter Story and Japanese album together in 2CD
-Shinhwa 8th album activities, Asia tour etc…2 hours 30 minutes

‘2006 Shinhwa History’ DVD Collection’

Popular group Shinhwa’s winter project album entitled ‘Winter Story 2006-2007’ will be released on January 25th. The first package comes with their new song ‘It’s Pretty’ along with their Winter Story and first Japanese album. The second package is a DVD collection of their 8th album activities, Asia tour, Japanese activities, winter story recording scenes, etc.

Their new song entitled ‘It’s Pretty’ is a special gift song to their fans. The song expresses the member’s gratitude to their loving fans that has always been very supportive. The song was also written by the female singer ‘Lyn’ and was produced by Han Sang Won (produced Shin Hye Sung’s ‘Don’t’ and Jun Jin’s ‘Even if it’s a thousand times’).

They also released a Korean version of the song ‘Girls Exclusive’. The song ‘The Days’ were originally sung by Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung in their first winter story album. To bring out a new feel to the song, all the Shinhwa members sang the song this time.

Shinhwa’s first Japanese album entitled ‘Inspiration #1’ was released last year, August 16th. The album hit fourth place on the Oricon chart making their Japanese debut a success. Their original Korean songs such as ‘Throw my first’, Time Machine’, and ‘Midnight Girl’ were sung in Japanese. Japanese famous producer and DJ ‘Yukihiro Fukutomi created a club hip version of Shinhwa’s 7th album song ‘Shooting Star’ and 8th album song ‘Highway Star’. We will be able to hear those club hip hop versions sung by a popular female artist named ‘Emyli’ in this special CD package album. There’s a total of 13 tracks along with their first Japanese single title song ‘There is a sun in our soul’. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

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Seo Ji Young Vol. 2 – Different This Time (January 25)
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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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