Our featured artist this week is Wax. She is one of the few female singers in Korea who has both exceled in fast tempo songs and ballads. She started her career in 2000 with the up-tempo song "Oppa", which was a remade of Cyndi Lauper’s hit "She Bop" in the 1980s. Wax got her big break in 2001 when she released her 2nd album. With a movie like MV starring Shin Eun Kyung, the ballad "화장을 고치고" (Redoing My Makeup) became one of the biggest hit songs that year. With the success of this song, Wax became one of the top solo female singers in Korea. Since then, she has released 4 more studio albums, and each album produced at least one top 10 hits. These days she is focusing on ballads. Wax usually teams up with songwriter and producer Choi Joon Young. What’s special about her ballad songs is that it is very slow tempo, yet it is not boring and you can really sing along with it. Wax also is known for her mega production MVs which starred famous actors. Her latest MV "사랑이다그런거니까" (Because Love is Like That) starred Hwang Soo Jung, who is coming out after a few years of hiatus. Let’s find out more about Wax:


Real name : Cho Hye-ri
Debut : Oppa (November 14th, 2000)
Physique : 165cm, 45kg
Blood type : O
Hobby : Watching movies


WAX began her singing career as a faceless singer with the song “Oppa,” a re-made version of Cyndi Lauper’s “She bop.” Before making a debut as a solo singer, WAX performed as the lead vocalist for a band called “Dog.” From her debut album, WAX showed off her great singing talent. Many of her debut album recorded hits on the charts. ‘Mother’s Diary,’ ‘Oppa,’ ‘The Reason You Left Me’ were ranked on top of the charts for weeks as soon as the album was released. In her second album released in 2001, the title song ‘Redoing My Makeup’ and ‘I Want to Fall in Love’ gained great response from pop music lovers. From her 3rd album, songs like ‘On the Subway’ and ‘Ajumma’ were successful. WAX is also famous for her music videos in which top actresses like Ha Ji-won and Shin Eun-kyung starred. Although she appears on television from time to time, her performances are focused on concerts where she can meet face to face with her fans.


Mother’s Diary / Oppa (1st album, 2000) : Mother’s Diary, Oppa, The Reason You Left Me, Hey Girl, Dream Lover

Redoing My Makeup (2nd album, 2001) : Redoing My Makeup, Money, I Want to Fall in Love, Wedding Song, Pure Love, There he goes

WAX 3rd (2002) : Journey, Do Me A Favor, On the Subway, Ajumma

WAX 4th (2003) : Relationship, I’m Sleepy, I’m Afraid of Love; The Door Corner in the Evening

Best of Best (2004) : 내가 당신을 사랑하는 이유 and various hits from first 4 albums

WAX 5th (2005) : A Week, Goodbye, Tears of Moon, Your Love Is My Future, Crime and Punishment, Wedding, Welcome a Day, Gift Shop

WAX 6th (2006) : Love Is Always Like That, Thick Wallet, Missing, Blue Bird, I Ask You

credits: KBS World