Seo Ji Young Vol. 2 – Different This Time (released)

Seo Ji Young is Different This Time.

The principal track Hey Boy pleases the listener in the vein of the classic pop tune Mickey. It comes in the form of a joyful and melodious soft pop tune penned by Kim Young A, who was also responsible for several memorable BoA hits. Other surprises to look out for are "My Love" (Track 3), which was both composed and written by Vibe’s Yoon Min Soo, and the mid-tempo dance number out which features guest musician Gary Haasebio who earlier worked with artists like Celine Dion and N’Synch. The album also includes the acoustic mid-tempo song "Don’t Worry" (Track 2), written by rising composer An Jeong Hoon who recently came up with must have love for SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Jun and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain. With such a talented group behind her, Ji Young promises to sound Different This Time. – credits to YesAsia

U;Nee Vol. 3 (released) sad.gif

1. Intro
2. U-turn
3. Honey
4. Solo fantasy
5. Habit (Acoustic Ver.)
6. Emptiness inside of my heart
7. Follow Me
8. Run Away
9. Father (remix)
10. U-turn (house version)
11. Habit (Ver.2)
12. Last Christmas

U;Nee’s posthumous album was decided to be officially released. She spent 20 months putting her heart into making her 3rd album. She challenged herself for the first time to sing a hip hop style song, which was also chosen to be her title song entitled ‘Solo Fantasy’. It’s the first dance song that used an Indian instrument. A ballad song entitled ‘habit’ is sung with her sorrowful voice that expresses the hardships she has been through. May she rest in peace. – credits to purpletiger86

Hong Kyung Min digital single – That time was great (released)

1. That time was great… (duet with Kim Ah Sun)
2. That time was great… (narration version)

-Singing a song about a love that can’t be hold onto…’That Time Was Great (New Version)’-

Everyone had a time in their life where they were not able to hold onto their love. The song ‘That Time Was Great’ (New Version) is a duet song sung by Hong Kyung Min and Kim Ah Sun. Kim Ah Sun played the heroine in the music ‘Animal Farm’. The original song was a strong rock ballad in which people can feel the sadness from listening to the song. In this new version, we are able to hear Hong Kyung Min’s great vocals and Kim Ah Sun’s sweet voice. It has a more of a smooth tune combined with orchestra sound compared to the original. This is Hong Kyung Min’s first duet song throughout his ten year singing career. – credits to purpletiger86

Park Hyo Shin Vol. 5 – The Breeze of the Sea (January 29)

For his latest album, Park Hyo Shin has teamed up with top composer Hwang Seong Jae, who has been involved in such major works as Lee Soo Young’s Grace, BoA’s Atlantis Princess, and SS501’s Snow Prince. With Hwang on board as producer, Park unveils his distinguished vocals again on his fifth major album, The Breeze of the Sea, subtitled "The Ballad". Principle track "Reflecting’s Like Loving" (Track 2) comes with a harmonic string arrangement that highlights special Asian acoustic rhythms. Also including the duet LIKE A STAR with Choi A Rum from the BUBBLE SISTERS and Etude featuring piano virtuoso Jin Bora, Park’s new album takes the listener on a vocal and rhythmic experience with a retro groove. – credits to YesAsia

Goong S OST (January 30)

Palace S, a.k.a. Prince Hoo, is the long-awaited spin-off of last year’s hit youth drama Palace, a.k.a. Princess Hours. Featuring a completely new cast in the same royal setting, the drama stars R&B idol SE7EN in his acting debut, alongside Park Shin Hye (Tree in Heaven), Heo Yi Jae (Sunflower), and Kang Doo of Jadu. SE7EN plays Lee Hoo, a long-lost prince who has been living as a humble commoner. Poor but carefree, he is brought back to the palace to start a new royal life along with his longtime friend Soon Ae (Heo Yi Jae). Kang Doo portrays the determined Lee Joon, Lee Hoo’s rival for the title of Crown Prince, and Park Shin Hye plays beautiful blue blood Sae Ryung, whose dream of marrying into the royal family is affected by Lee Hoo’s appearance.

Palace S has been airing on MBC since early January, and the soundtrack is now available for fans. Having sung the popular duet Perhaps Love for Palace, Howl and J both have songs on the Palace S soundtrack as well. Howl’s mid-tempo ballad theme Miracle (Track 2), which is similar in style to Perhaps Love, is set to be another big hit, while J provides the catchy R&B track "Unspeakable Words" (Track 3). Top group Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Remember (Track 5) can also be found on the track list. In addition to familiar names, the Palace S soundtrack features some promising new acts, like Vanilla Unity, a rock band that released their debut album in 2006. They bring two refreshing new songs, "With You" (Track 6) and "Love Love"(Track 9), to the drama. Also of note is "Hoping for Love" (Track 8) from Sorea, a band that uses traditional Korean instruments to create modern music, making the track especially appropriate for Palace S. – credits to YesAsia

Monday Kiz Vol. 2 – El Condol Pasa (February 1)

1. El Condol Pasa
2. Heaven please…
3. Granulation tissue
4. Butterfly’s dream
5. Lonely Soul (Feat. Girl Friends)
6. A man
7. Nice man
8. What on earth do you want, why?
9. One man’s Diary
10. In front of a break up (Feat. Shin Hae Chul)
11. Why a man throws away his love
12. Whoo-eh (後愛)
13. Bad man
14. The One

Monday Kiz has returned with their 2nd album after a year and four months. For this album, the best songwriters and composers from Korea have gathered together (Composers: Kim Do Hoon, Min Myung Ki, Jo Young Soo, Park Hae Woon, Yoon Seung Hwan, Hong Jung Soo, Lee Kyu Won, Kang Ji Won and Songwriters: Lee Seung Ho, Kang Eun Kyung, Ahn Young Min, Hwang Sung Jin, Yoon Kyung). Monday Kiz debuted with their 1st album last November with their title song ‘bye bye bye’, which ranked high on the music charts. They have a total of 14 tracks for their 2nd album entitled ‘El Condol Pasa’. Their title song entitled ‘A man’ was composed by Kim Do Hoon and Min Myung Ki–they both composed the song ‘Only Wind’ that was sung by SG Wannabe and Kim Jong Gook. This song was also arranged by Lee Hyung Seung who produced albums for Lee Seung Chul and Kim Tae Woo. Another song entitled ‘nice man’ was composed by Jo Young Soo and written by Ahn Young Min. It is a medium tempo song that has a rock feeling to it. – credits to purpletiger86

Lee Jae Hoon (Cool) Vol. 1 – First Album (February 1)

Jae Hoon shines alone.

Lee Jae Hoon, lead vocalist of the K-pop trio Cool, is ready to charm the pop world with his debut solo album. Filled with dance, pop, ballad and other musical styles, his album features guest artists like Psy, Yuri, and Kim Jin Byu, as well as composing talents Yoon Il Sang, Park Hae Eun, and Kim Jin Hoon. The principal track "Hallucination" (Track 1) comes elevated with a bombastic string arrangement provided by a 32-member orchestra. Composed by hit maker Yoon Il Sang, the song presents a passionate ballad that’s brimming with Jae Hoon’s sonorous touching vocals. Drama fans may want to check out his theme song "Amnesia" (Track 11) for the MBC drama series Bad Woman, starring Choi Jin Sil. Also featuring "Rainy Afternoon" (Track 8) and "Way" (Track 4) as well as his collaboration song "Coupling" (Track 9) with Psy, Lee presents a promising solo debut. – credits to YesAsia

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Source: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo, Melon, JukeOn