A Sweet Album

I remember first watching Ivy performing the song, "Tonight’s Secret," and I was nowhere near intereseted. I could only think of another "sexy concept" singer in development, and never took my time to take interest in her, until I saw the music video for the song, "I Must Be a Fool." The song proved everyone wrong, and Ivy proved she can sing very well. After winning numerous awards, including the "Best Rookie Award of 2006" from SBS, she left to work on her 2nd album.

And now she is finally back, with the album "A Sweet Moment." Ivy proves again, in this album, that she is multi-talented. She tries out new genres, such as R&B, Hip-Hop, and even Jazz, and they came all came out satisfying, and it is proved through her album sales and her popularity on the net. She recorded over 15,000 sales in the first three days, and she also hit in many charts, recording upto #7 on Melon.com.

Her title song is track #2 "유혹의 소나타," (Temptation Sonata) which features Wheesung. It is a dance song, but it is nothing like her last album’s "A-Ha" or "Tonight’s Secret." Her voice is certainly shown, and her strong vocals fit the song perfectly. The song also has a "Fur Elise" remix in it, and it is a very interesting mix of classical and modern pop song. This is certainly a good choice for a title song, for it can capture both the genders of the young listeners.

Ivy still has her ballads, and track #3 "이럴거면 (If You’re Going To)" gives the similar warm mood to her last album’s "바본가봐" (I Must Be a Fool). Ivy’s soft voice fits the ballad song "사랑아 어떻해" (How Can Love). Ivy also wrote English lyrics for her last track "I Know," which is the English version of track #6 "이별이 다 그렇죠" (Break Ups are All Like That). Ivy also remade Michael Frank’s "Antonio’s Song," and Ivy’s soft voice fits this jazz song perfectly. She would be a hit singing this in a bar.

Ivy’s dance songs are still superb, for she actually sings. Her first track "C♡pido" shows she can sing sexy, and is praised by the netizens. However, there are speculations that this track plagiarized Britney Spear’s "Toxic," but Ivy’s version sounds much better.

Overall, the album is superb. Although there are some fillers, most of the songs are great. Ivy can go for some awards at the end of this year with this album.

Rating: 4.5/5

Give these tracks a listen: #1 Cupido, #2 유혹의 쏘나타, #3 이럴거면, #9 The Message, #10 사랑아 어떻해, #12 Gotta Do, #13 Antonio’s Song, #6/14 이별이 다 그렇죠/I Know