Lee Ki Chan Vol. 9 – Para Ti (released)

1. Three people
2. To separate
3. Reality (with Lee Soo Young)
4. A beauty
5. Fly to you (with HwaYoBi, Byul, Alex (from clazziquai), Danny Jung)
6. What does love have…
7. …to do
8. Bless You
9. Long nap
10. You are my destiny
11. On a day that rains

Romanticist Lee Ki Chan’s 9th album has been released!!!

Ballad singer Lee Ki Chan has returned after two years with his 9th album. For six months, he has prepared and recorded his new 9th album. He has worked with Korea’s best song writers and was given 100 songs to pick out from. Being both a singer and song writer, he has yet again demonstrated his musical talent through this album by writing and arranging his songs as well as showing off his producing skills. On top of that, he received special vocal directing from Ji Woo. Ji Woo has given vocal training for singers like Lee Ji Hoon and Lee Soo Young in the past. Six out of eleven tracks were created with 40 different types of string orchestra instrumental sounds. Korea’s best singers have also contributed to this album such as Lee Soo Young, HwaYoBi, Byul, Alex, and Danny Jung. Lee Ki Chan sang a duet song with Lee Soo Young entitled "Reality". This duet song is particularly special because it was composed by Lee Ki Chan and written by Lee Soo Young. They are not only good friends, but also have great team work. This album was created with the best artistes and staff. We will be able to hear Lee Ki Chan’s smooth voice that is full of emotion. His 9th album is being praised to become one of the most anticipating album in 2007. – credits to purpletiger86

Leeds Vol. 3 – The Land of Dream (released)

1. Such love
2. To the star
3. Friday
4. Shall we start loving?
5. Love (ai)
6. Is departing a habit?
7. Please let me borrow your heart
8. Present
9. Bring it on
10. Don’t you follow
11. For you to see
12. Want
13. Happiness is sad
14. Finding me

The heroine ‘LEEDS’ that sang "I would have lived happy that time", "Will I be able to forget?" is back with her 3rd album entitled ‘The Land of Dream’.

Ballad songs being the main focus, LEEDS has sung Latin ballad, pop ballad, jazz, and acoustic ballad songs for this album. LEEDS has worked with the best producer, composers and songwriters for this album (producer Lee Young Ki, composer Mi Ho, Suh Jae Ha, Lee Seung Hwan, Kim Hyung Geun, Shin Hyung, Kim Hyun Suh, and songwriter Yoon Sa Ra). Her title song is called "Such Love" which has a splash of Latin tune that seems like a big scale martial art fantasy movie. – credits to purpletiger86

Position Vol. 6 – 애가(愛歌) (February 7)

CD 1
01. It seems…
02. Love Is Over (Feat. Jo Gwan Woo)
03. Alone
04. A day
05. Keep appearing in front of eyes
06. Such love as this…
07. Shadow
08. A soliloquy
09. Feel dizzy
10. Lovely Day (Blue Day 2)
11. Sad permission
12. Friends (Feat. Lee Dong Gun)
13. A day without you
14. Love, with just that one
15. A poplar

CD 2
01. [DVD] One Episode drama ‘Ae Ga’

A special digital package (CD+DVD) limited addition of 100 copies will be released on February 14th, Valentines Day. This digital pack is especially created for lovers.

Korea’s best musicians such as producer Han Jin Woo, composer Park Hae Woon, Hwang Chan Hee, Yoo Jung Yeon, Ahn Jung Hoon, Kim Gun Woo, and songwriters Lee Seung Ho, Kang Eun Kyung, Lee Hee Seung, and Kim Tae Hee have all contributed to this album. A huge production cost of 3 billion dollars were spent to complete this digital package. Position’s title song called ‘A Day’ is a remake song of a Japanese famous female artist by the name of Nakashima Mika titled "Sakuraero Mawukoro". Position also sang two duet songs with Lee Dong Gun and Jo Gwan Woo. The one episode drama entitled ‘Ae Ga’ was directed by Cha Eun Taek and the cast are Jeon In Hwa, Lee Dong Gun, and Lee Yuri. – credits to purpletiger86

Kim Hyung Joong – Dong Hwa (February 8)

1. Fairytale
2. My Sweet Valentine
3. Is there such person?
4. My Sweet Valentine (House Mix)
5. Fairytale Inst.
6. Fairytale (Music Video)

-Kim Hyung Joong, dreaming about a fairytale love-

Kim Hyung Joong has returned to his fans after one year with his new single album. He is well known for singing his hit songs ‘Good person’, ‘It must be’, ‘She’s smiling’, and ‘3 year age gap’. Kim Hyung Joong has an outstanding voice that is capable of expressing many emotions about love. He has produced his own third album last year and came back after one year with his single album. His title song ‘Fairytale’ is a nice ballad song that was composed by a talented Chinese singer named ‘Gwang Liang’. The original song was a big hit all over Asia such as China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong..etc. Kim Hyung Joong got the opportunity to remake this song as a great ballad in which he is capable of singing. He will also appear in his own music video to express the wonderful lyrics. He will act together with new actress Lim Hyun Kyung while having the Seoul outside concert stage as their background. The song ‘fairytale’ is anticipated to become one of the best hit songs this year. – credits to purpletiger86

Bubble Sisters Vol. 3 – Dramatic Episode (February 9)

01. What is love? (Feat.Mi Ryo)
02. Like a fool
03. Without anyone knowing
04. Love and laugh like that
05. Foolish flower
06. Nothing is easy
07. A day lost
08. Deep blue night
09. Long hair
10. Winter is here
11. A day to cry again
12. It’s You

Bubble sisters are well known for their outstanding vocal third album entitled ‘Dramatic episode’ consist of 12 tracks in which all four members sing about the most wonderful and precious love story. Their new album was created for their fan so that they are able to enjoy and sing along to the great lyrics and melody. Bubble Sister’s lead member Suh Seung Hee showed her great producing skills in their 2nd album and now for their 3rd album. She has recently wrote the lyrics for Bobby Kim’s song ‘A whale’s dream’. Their title song called ‘Like a fool’ is about a woman that is heartbroken from a painful break up with her boyfriend. Anyone who has struggled through a painful break up will shed tears from listening to the song. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

Love Tko Vol. 1 – Love is Strong (February 6)
Rocket Diary Vol. 1 – District 13 (February 7)
Cats Vol. 1 (February 8)
Big Bang – First Live Concert: The Real (February 8)

Source: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo

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