Vocal – Park Joon Shik
Birthdate: 11.21.1982
Blood Type: A
Height: 179cm
Religion: None

Guitar – Ji Hyun Woo
Real Name: Joo Hyung Tae
Birthdate: 11.29.1984
Blood Type: B
Height: 186 cm
Religion: Buddhism
School: SungKyunKwan University Theatre Arts Major
Drama: Over the Rainbow (MBC 2006), Golden Apple (KBS, 2006), SBS I Like Sundays ‘BanJun Drama’ (SBS, 2005), Old Miss Diary (KBS, 2004)
Movies: Old Miss Diary (2006), Fly High (2006)
MC: KBS Music Bank (2005)

Bass – Kim Hyun Joong
Birthdate: 10.27.1981
Blood Type: B
Height: 180 cm
Religion: Catholic


Our featured artist this week is the fast rising boy band "The Nuts". The group was originally formed in 2001 with a name I.O.S. and was performing as a guest in MC The Max’s 2002 concert. In 2004, then a 5-member group, they changed their name to "The Nuts" and released their first album with the hit song "Love’s Fool", which was a remake of a classic Japanese hit. This song also featured actress Lim Sung Un as the female guest vocalist.

After their debut, guitarist Ji Hyun Woo landed in acting roles in several dramas and movies, and also became the MC of KBS Music Bank in 2005. He easily becomes the most well-known and popular member in the group. A lot of fans doesn’t even realize that Ji Hyun Woo was originally debuted as a singer.

At the end of 2006, The Nuts finally released their 2nd album "Whisper of Love". They have reduced to 3 members right now, including Ji Hyun Woo. His popularity certainly helps The Nuts. Both their album sales and their title song "잔소리" (Scolded) easily outperformed their debut album and hit.

The Nuts’ music style is mainly rock ballads, similar to Buzz but the music is softer. This style easily appeals to fans. This is a transition time for Korea’s old and new boybands, and The Nuts looks to become one of the elite groups for years to come.


The Nuts (1st album, 2004): Love’s Fool, One Love, By My Side, You Wanna Be Rock&Roll

Whispers of Love (2nd album, 2006): Scolded, Snail Love, First Love, Strawberry Patch, You’re Mine, Letter

credits to edward1849 and -MiHyun-

The Nuts official thread in soompi: