Tei Vol. 4 – 애인 (released)

01. Intro: Because love flows…
02. Locked up in tears
03. Same pillow
04. Looks hateful
05. Queen
06. Don’t cry
07. Tree
08. My Song
09. Rules of forgetting about you
10. Mother
11. I am you…

The ballad prince Tei returns with his 4th album entitled ‘Lover’. Tei released his 3rd album last year in 2005 with his title song ‘Yelling out sadness’ that gained much popularity with fans. He has returned after one year and two months with his 4th album. Korea’s best composer Hwang Sae Joon and songwriter Jo Eun Hee have contributed in creating the best songs for Tei’s 4th album. His title song entitled ‘Same Pillow’ expresses the strong emotions of love between two lovers through their special memories together. The song itself will have everyone shedding tears. In Tei’s music video, actor Lee Wan and actress Jung Heung Chae will display a good friendship that soon turns into love. – credits to purpletiger86

Ivy Vol. 2 – A Sweet Moment (February 13)

01. Cupido
02. Temptation of Sonata
03. If it’s like this
04. Ever
05. To 10
06. All break up is like that…
07. Till that day
08. Great
09. The Message(from IVY)
10. Love, how…
11. nu Trend
12. Gotta Do
13. Antonio’s song
15. I Know

<<2005-2006 best new female singer ‘IVY’: 2nd album entitled "A Sweet Moment">>

"Ivy is a great vocalist that knows how to understand music" – producer Park Geun Tae

Korea’s best producer and song writer Park Geun Tae has commented that IVY’s 2nd album entitled ‘A Sweet Moment’ is made at its best quality in which all the tracks can be used as the main title track. IVY’s dance title song ‘Temptation of Sonata’ is a new classic dance track that was created by using samples of Beethoven’s song ‘Fur Elise’. This is a great new trend song that was sung with IVY’s unique and charming vocals and Wheesung’s powerful rap. Wheesung has been composing and writing a variety of songs. We will be able to hear IVY’S great vocal skills once again through her ballad title song entitled ‘If it’s like this". – credits to purpletiger86

Wonder Girls – The Wonder Begins (February 14)

1. Irony
2. Bad Boy
3. Feeling sorry
4. Irony (Tae Kwon – Daybreak Remix.)

-Wonder Girls 1st Single – The wonder begins. JYP entertainment, female group debuts in 2007!-

Park Jin Young’s first female group ‘Wonder Girls’ will finally be releasing their first single on Feb 13. This group consists of five talented girls who auditioned in Park Jin Young’s "Talent & Live Voice Project 99% Competition" that was broadcasted in 2001. The title song ‘Irony’ has a hip hop rhythm that is easy to sing along to. Composer Brian Stanley, who is famous for creating mix songs such as Chris Brown’s "Run It", contributed to this single by making a remix version of the song ‘Irony’. This is a very appealing song with a dynamic choreography. Aside from the title track, there are two other great tracks entitled "Bad Boy" that has an electronic sound, and "Feeling Sorry" that has a great R&B melody. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

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공명정대 Vol. 1 (February 12)
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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung, Melon

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