Kim Hyun-joong
Date of birth : June 6, 1986
Blood type : B
Physique : 180cm, 68kg
Education : Hanyang Industrial High School
Hobbies : Swimming, weight training, basketball, soccer
Talents : Playing the guitar, piano, dancing
Motto : Life in one strike.

Huh Young-saeng
Date of birth : November 3, 1986
Blood type : O
Physique : 178cm, 63kg
Education : Graduated from Hyundai High School
Hobbies : Computer games, basketball, listening to music
Talent : Playing the piano
Motto : Don’t look behind after doing your best.

Kim Kyu-jong
Date of birth : February 24, 1987
Blood type : A
Physique : 181cm, 65kg
Education : Department of Popular Music, Baekje Arts Collge
Hobbies : Listening to music, basketball, reading
Talent : Performing magic
Motto : Challenge and don’t have regrets.

Park Jung-min
Date of birth : April 3, 1987
Blood type : O
Physique : 181cm, 67kg
Education : High school affiliated to Dankook University
Hobby : Writing lyrics
Talents : Tap dancing, rock climbing
Motto : Be always grateful.

Kim Hyung-joon
Date of birth : August 3, 1987
Blood type : O
Physique : 181cm, 66kg
Education : High school affiliated to Dankook University
Hobbies : Computer games, weight training, listening to music
Talents : Swimming, dancing
Motto : Walk and walk.


Our featured artiste this week is the 5-man boyband SS501. The name of the band is a combination of letters and numbers that have special meanings for the band members. The first “S” stands for the “Sun” and the “Star.” The second “S” is an abbreviation for “Singer.” The numbers 5,0 and 1 mean ‘the 5 members of the band become one.’ In other words, the name SS501 means that 5 members gathered together to become singers and later in the future, big stars in the entertainment world.

The 5 members of the group were either chosen through auditions or scouted by casting directors of the management agency. However, all the members went through fierce musical and dance trainings before they could perform together. Although the members of the band started their careers as singers, each of them will eventually challenge other genres like acting or producing music.

From the beginning, each member’s performance areas will not be limited to only singing. Hyun-joong and Jung-min are interested in acting. They are currently being trained in acting and will appear on stage or screen if they have a chance to. Hyung-joon and Young-saeng will also be performing as solo singers as well as with the band. Kyu-jong, who is very much interested in making music, will undergo musical training and eventually become a producer.

SS501 debuted in 2005 with the up-tempo song "Warning". Then they followed up with a ballad "Never Again", which made it to the top 10. They capped off an impressive year with another hit "Everything" and won almost every new artiste awards in 2005’s year-end music awards ceremonies. Their accomplishments were even more impressive considering that the album they released in 2005 was only a single album with 5 songs, and 3 of the 5 songs became hits.

To follow up on their success in 2005, SS501 released another 5 songs-single album in January 2006. The title song "Snow Prince" is a mid-tempo winter song that became their first ever No. 1 song. Another up-tempo song "Fighter", written by hot songwriting duo Cho Young Soo and Ahn Young Min, also went to the top 5.

In November 2006, SS501 finally released their much antipicated first offical full album titled "S.T 01 Now". After almost a year of refining, their vocals and their chorographies have matured. However, with such high expectations, the title song of the album "Unlock" unexpectedly failed to hit the top 10. Maybe the timing of the release coincided with hit songs of heavyweights like DBSG, Sung Shi Kyung, Lee Seung Chul, ERU, etc. But fans need not to be worried, as their 2nd hit from this album "Four Chance" rebounded nicely to hit No. 1 in a lot of charts. In the meantime, SS501 also released their 1st concert DVD titled "Step Up". Fans can not only listen but also watch their live performances.

Besides singing, members of SS501 are starting to diversify into other areas of the entertainment industry. Member Kim Hyun Joong starred in the music video of ERU’s mega hit "까만안경" (Black Glasses). According to ERU, they have been friends even before their debut. Kim Hyun Joong is now also an MC for MBC’s weekly gayo program "Show! Music Core" with Brian.

In a short span of 2 years, SS501 have produced so many hit songs. Their album sales are also very steady. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the k-pop world for years to come.


1st single album, 2005 : Warning, Passion, Never Again, Take U High, Everything

2nd single album, 2006 : Snow Prince, Fighter

Vol. 1 – S.T. 01 Now, 2006 : Unlock, Four Chance

1st Concert DVD – Step Up, 2006

credits to edward1849 and KBS World

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