Free Style Vol. 5 (February 22)

01. Intro
02. Her story
03. Soliloquy (interlude)
04. Seu Chi In Bool Myung (blind?)
05. Bi Hon (悲魂)
06. Habit
07. Easily spoken love words
08. My pathway
09. Lovin’ you
10. Last journey
11. Y (melosoul remix)
12. Outro
13. Bonus track: Seu Chi In Bool Myung (piano ver.)

Freestyle is not to be judged for just being a hip hop group, but rather a group that is capable of singing a variety of songs. They are finally returning with their 5th album after one year. Freestyle will be showing off their refreshing lyrics, great melody, and their rap styles yet again. They are known for their talents in singing as well as producing, composing, arranging, and writing their own songs. Before releasing their 5th album, they had already released their single track entitled "This is me, the man" online for their fans which became a big success. It is expected that their 5th album will gain much attention even without doing any particular album activities. It has become their trademark to include an intro and outro for all their albums. We will be able to hear a variety of songs from up beat tempo tracks to remake songs. – credits to purpletiger86

Jang Nara Vol. 5 – She (February 23)

1. Calling out love
2. Losing one's mind
3. You & I
4. Fingernails
5. A masquerade (Feat. Haha)
6. Towards love
7. Everything For You
8. Tonight
9. Shall we talk about it now?
10. I love everything about you
11. Calling out love (Acoustic Ver.)

Jang Nara's fans in Korea are being informed about Jang Nara's 5th album activities. After she releases her 5th album entitled [SHE] on February 23rd, Jang Nara will officially start her album activities. During her absence of one year, she had been working on her 5th album while going back and forth from Korean to China. Each track is this album is filled with her efforts and passion for music. The title song entitled "Calling Out Love" was composed by Kim Ee Suk and the song is about a wonderful and affectionate love story of someone who carries along the pains of love after break up. According to the people that were in the studio recording Jang Nara's title song "Calling Out Love", this song was worked on for ten hours and Jang Nara had sung throughout the whole song, including the chorus. – credits to purpletiger86

Super Junior-T (Trot) single album -로꾸거 (Ro Ggu Guh) (February 23)

1. Ro Ggu Guh!!!
2. First tea
3. There's nothing like me?
4. Ro Ggu Guh!!! (Instrumental)
5. First tea (Instrumental)
6. There's nothing like me? (Instrumental)

Six members from the group 'Super Junior' will be releasing their first single entitled "Ro Ggu Guh" on February 23rd. Lee Teuk, Hee Chul, Kang In, Shin Dong, Eun Hyuk, and Sung Min have come together to sing trot songs. Trot songs that are sung by young artistes are expected to gain much popularity from the audiences. Their title song entitled "Ro Ggu Guh" is about how everything in the word is being read in backwards and all the expressions (words and phrases) are continuously being repeated. The lyrics are interesting and the trot songs along with the rap is very exciting to listen to. Aside from the title song, there are other great remake tracks which are "First tea" (originally by Soul Sisters) and "There's nothing like me?" (originally by Chu Ga Yeol). – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

Jun Jin single (repackaged) – Forever SE (released)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Project single album) Vol. 4 (released)
Tiger JK / Leo (Digital Single) – Dead Man Walking (released)
Jaurim / Drunken Tiger (Digital Single) – Spray Love (released)
Lee Eun Joo tribute album – Only One (February 21)
SAT Vol. 1 – Another Day (February 22)
Im Chang Gyu Vol. 1 – Another Day (February 22)
투가이스 Vol. 1 – 미치도록 (February 22)
Bad Woman, Good Woman (MBC Drama) OST (February 22)
Loptimist Vol. 1 – 22 Channels (February 23)

Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung, Melon

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