Our featured artist is week is female rock singer Maya. She has a very powerful voice that reminds me of So Chan Hwee. She caught our attention back in 2003 with her debut song "Azalea Flower". This song is unique because it was a remade of a traditional song, but re-arranged as a rock tune. Maya together with Loveholic debuted at the same time in 2003, and both their songs made it to the top 10 and stayed for many weeks. Since then, Maya has released 2 more studio album and also a remake album. Her 2nd album was a disappointment on the chart. On her latest release, Maya has switched her focus to more contempory rock ballad. Her title song "나를외치다" (Crying Out Loud) made it to the top 10 again, thus recapturing the glory from her 1st album. Let's find out more about her:


Stage Name: Maya
Real Name: Kim Young Suk
Date of birth : November 17th, 1979
Education : Seoul Institute of Arts
Physique : 172cm, 56kg
Hobbies : Skiing, Scuba diving


Maya is a talented female rock-singer who has already been acknowledged by other big musicians in Korea. She has consistently worked with singer Lee Hyun-woo and JK Kim Dong-wook, two famous and skilled musicians in Korea. She has appeared in the ‘MP 2000 Hip-hop contest’ and ‘2001 I Love Hip-hop’ concert as a guest singer and has performed on numerous stages.

In 2003, she finally released her first official album, ‘Born to do it,’ with the support of many other great musicians, such as the legendary band Boohwal; the song, “Good day & Good bye,” is actually written by the former members of Boohwal. Her refined voice makes her songs unique, creating her own style of Korean rock. Maya released her second album, ‘Rock Star,’ in May of 2004.

In 2005, Maya released a remake album. The title song "A Flower Not Bloomed" was a rock ballad and went to the top 5. Continuing with this type of songs, Maya released her 3rd album in 2006. Her latest hit "Crying Out Loud" was also a rock ballad and again it was a top 10 hit.

In addition to singing, Maya is also an actress. She has participated in the KBS Drama "Bodyguard" in 2003.


Born to do it (1st album, 2003) : Never; Good day & Good bye; Azalea Flower

Rock Star (2nd album, 2004) : Downward

Remake album (2.5 album, 2005) : A Flower Not Bloomed

Road to Myself (3rd album, 2006) : Funky Music, Crying Out Loud, I Am, Road to Myself

credits to KBS World and edward1849