T Vol. 3- Yoonmirae (February 24)

1. Black Diamond
2. What's Up! Mr. Good Stuff
3. Did you forget…
4. Honeymoon
5. Gimme Gimme!!! (An egoist)
6. Pay Day
7. Time is when tears flow
8. Because it’s me
9. Black happiness
10. Who
11. Good Bye Sadness, Hello Happiness

An affectionate voice that awakens the spirits!!! She has returned! A real musician that knows the art of music! T Yoon Mi Rae is making a come back with her 3rd album after four years! T Yoon Mi Rae has always been capable of putting her own feelings into the variety of songs she sings. This is a special album in which she took part in producing the whole album. She will be showing her great talent as a singer and a producer. She will travel back in time to when she first arrived in Korea to become a singer and restart the journey of her hard work and efforts in becoming a passionate singer. – credits to purpletiger86

Seo In Young Vol. 1 – Elly Is So Hot (February 26)

01. Intro
02. Hit
03. I want you
04. Please teach me
05. Blue Song
06. 6th Sense
07. Something
08. Ur My Style
09. Seaes Hotel
10. Just Tonight (I want you, Lo-Fi House Remix)
11. Hit (Hi-Voltage Remix)
12. Please teach me (Mr)

Seo In Young 1st album [elly IS SO HOT]

Attractive sexy diva Seo In Young, strives for a new dream full of great expectations. Seo In Young was a member of the group named ‘Jewelry’. Jewelry made several hit songs such as ‘I really like you’, ‘Super Star’, and ‘Passion’. Seo In Young will put aside the popularity she has received from being in Jewelry and will show the audience her splendid performance as a singer with her very own solo album. Before the release of her album, people were gaining much attention about the preparation of her album and her image change. ‘ELLY’ is a new nickname that Seo In Young created for herself. The title song is entitled ‘I want you’ which was produced, composed, and written by the very own multi-talented musician Jung Yeon Joon, who is also the leader of the hip hop group ‘Uptown’. The title song has a mix of Latin hip hop and simple R&B melody. Seo In Young’s music video is directed by Kwon Soon Ohk (also known as Asian diva Boa’s brother). The dance choreography was created by Jung Soon Wook and Team Mania. This album is created at its best quality with the best producer, music video, and tracks. – credits to purpletiger86

BMK Vol. 3 – 999.9 (March 2)

01. To dye it
02. A digression
03. Dayfly
04. You&Me (Feat.Suh Jung Hwan)
05. Did you break up?
06. The time drunken by the scent
07. Shed tears
08. Happiness
09. A song sent from the wind (Feat. Jeon Jae Duk)
10. Why keep continuing…
11. To dye it (Inst.)
12. A digression (Inst.)
13. Dayfly (Inst.)

BMK, well known for her outstanding singing ability is making a comeback with her 3rd album entitled ‘999.9’ after two years!!! In 2005, BMK’s 2nd album title song ‘When Spring Comes’ gained much love from fans. In 2007, she will introduce her new title song from her 3rd album entitled ‘Dayfly’. This title song was produced by Lee Seung Hwan and written by Jo Eun Hee. The meaning of ‘999.9’ is the efforts and affection she has put in her 3rd album. Great musicians have contributed in created this great album. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

Crazy In Love (SBS Drama) OST (February 26)
Sang Sang Band Vol. 2 – 두번재 상상 (February 27)
Enjel Vol. 1 – My Name is Enjel (February 27)

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