Real name : Kang Chang Mo
Date of birth : January 26th, 1981
Physique : 180cm, 72kg
Hobbies: Fishing, listening to music
Favorite musicians : Eric Benet, Boyz 2 Men


Our featured artist this week is one of my favorite male singer KCM. He has such a unique voice that you can immediately recognize. KCM is a short form of his full name Kang Chang Mo. He caught my attention on his first song "I Know” in the OST of SBS drama entitled “Hit It” broadcast in October, 2003. The next year KCM released his first official album titled “Beautiful Mind”. The song "A Black and White Picture" received great response from both online and offline listeners. KCM’s biggest characteristic is the great range his voice can encompass. Rarely seen among male vocalists, KCM is capable of singing 5 octaves.

After the huge success with his debut album, KCM returned to the stages with a new album just a year later. He did very well with his second album entitled “Growing Up.” Songwriter Jo Young-soo who has been working with KCM from his debut album was in charge of producing the 2nd album. The music video of the song “Smile Again” that resemble the form of a blockbuster movie starring Jeong Joon-ho and Shin Eun-kyung was also a great sensation. At the time of his 2nd album release, many people compared KCM to Kim Jong Kook as their style of music and even their vocal is similar. While KCM has moderate success, Kim Jong Kook has gone on to sweep all the TV stations DaeSang awards in 2005.

In early 2006, KCM released his 3rd album "Love Affair". The title song "Tears of The Sun" again was a top 3 hit. Follow up hit "To Eun Young Final Part" also drew a lot of attention. This "Eun Young" series had one song each on his first 3 albums.

In January 2007, KCM released a digital single of 2 songs. The song "Goodbye" is currently a top 10 hit on our chart, while the duet "Because Love Might Come" with Hwa Yo Bi is a traditional ballad song. KCM is expected to release another 1 to 2 digital singles this year.


Beautiful Mind (1st album, 2004) : A Black and White Picture, Memory, Remember Me, You & I, Alone, To Eun-young

Growing Up (2nd album, 2005) : Smile Again, My Everything, To Eun-young Part 2, I’ll Pray for You, Good-bye

Love Affair (3rd album, 2006) : Tears of The Sun, To Eun Young Final Part, 12 Habits I Love

KCM Digital Single (digital single, 2007) : Goodbye, Because Love Might Come

credits to edward1849, KBS World

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