As One (single album) – 5 Love Stories that we know (March 13)

1. Is it love Feat. Sean 2 slow
2. It's today (Duet with Lee Sang)
3. The first time I kissed you (Duet with AND)
4. Beside me again (Duet with Son Ho Young)
5. Between love and separation

AS ONE 2007 Romantic Single Album

The theme for As One's new single album is on love. Talented musicians (Son Ho Young, Lee Sang, AND…etc) have contributed to this album. The first track in this album entitled "It is love" was created by producer, singer, and song writer AND. It also features a special guest by the name of Sean 2 slow. The second track is a duet with Lee Sang. It has a hip hop rhythm in which we will be able to hear Lee Sang's rap and As One's soft cotton candy-like voice. The third track "The first time I kissed you" is a duet song with AND and the song was composed by Lee Byung Joon. This track was released on their Christmas album last year. It's a great English song that was written by As One. The fourth track is their title song entitled "Beside me again". It is a great pop ballad song featuring Son Ho Young who is gaining much popularity as a solo singer. The song was created with acoustic piano sound that gives it a more modern melody and it was composed by Kang Hwa Sung. Their last track entitled "Between love and separation" was written by Yoon Shi Ra. All five love songs will be great to listen to this upcoming White Day in Korea. – credits to purpletiger86

Kim Gun Mo Vol. 11 – Style Album 11 : 허수아비 (Scarecrow) (March 15)

1. Jam
2. Toy
3. Market landscape
4. Scarecrow
5. Reflection paper
6. A prodigal
7. Don't meet just any man
8. Love, for the loneliness
9. Singer

After releasing his 10th album back in 2005, Kim Gun Mo is returning back with his 11th album after 2 years. All the tracks in this album will be filled with great stories about Kim Gun Mo. He expressed that he has no intentions of releasing digital albums which seems to be the new trend in today's music market. Kim Gun Mo loves to interact with his fans sharing great stories and singing for them on stage. He will not break this tradition and continue to please his fans with his own methods. We can look forward to his new album about love and confession. – credits to purpletiger86

Yoon Ha Vol. 1 – 고백하기 좋은날 (A great day to propose) (March 15)

1. Delete
2. Child- I cry
3. Password 486
4. A great day to propose
5. Hello beautiful day
6. Just today
7. Love term
8. Fly
9. Innermost feelings
10. Young greed (feat. Wheesung)
11. Alice
12. Child- I cry (Instrumental)
13. Password 486 (Instrumental)

The 19 year old who was acknowledged for her great singing ability and having high ranked songs on the Oricon music charts, Younha is releasing her first album entitled [A great day to propose]. Younha is well known for her song "houki boshi" that was ranked at #12 on the oricon charts ten months after her debut in Japan. In 2005, she released her first Japanese album that was ranked at #10. She appeared on many Japanese music shows as the great singer and song writer. Her album is filled with piano rock, euro pop, and medium ballad songs that are stories about love, separation, and memories. The title song is entitled 'password 486' which is about the younger generation's methods of loving in today's society. This song is gaining much interest because of the fact that Wheesung wrote the lyrics to the song. Great musicians like Wheesung, Harim, Hwang Chan Whee…etc have all contributed to this album. – credits to purpletiger86

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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung, Melon