Hwang Bo Vol. 1 – Lady in Black (released)

01. Prologue
02. Alone
03. Shall we date?
04. Hurtful words
05. Chance
06. Winter
07. Does love change?
08. Sorry for tears
09. Bubbles
10. Ask for
11. It Girl
12. Sleeve
13. Goodbye

Returning as a ballad singer, Chackra's leader 'Hwang Bo' releases her first solo album.

"Unlike people's preconception, Hwang Bo can sing well. Singers are trained to build up their singing abilities by doing live performances. However, Hwang Bo was not given many opportunities to perform live when she was a part of Chackra. She has put in much effort towards improving and filling up the weak areas in her singing. I believe that people will be surprised to listen to the tracks in Hwang Bo's first solo album." – Producer Ahn Jung Hoon

Ahn Jung Hoon is well known in Korea for producing albums for Jo Sung Mo, Lee Hyori, SG Wannabe (Yong Joon) & Brown Eyed Girls (Ga In) etc. Composers such as Yoon Il Sang, Lee Seong Ho, Oh Seung Eun, Kim Ji Yong, Lee Hee Seung, and Kim Young Ah have all contributed to this album. The album mainly consists of ballad tracks with a couple of dance and punk rock tracks. The title song is "Sorry for Tears", which is a great ballad song that will show Hwang Bo's great confidence. – credits to purpletiger86

MC Sniper Vol. 4 – How Bad Do You Want It? (March 5)

01. To Be
02. 고려장 (Go Ryuh Jang-an ancient practice of abandoning an old person to die at the grave site)
03. Run & Run (Feat. Outsider)
04. Oh spring, come (Feat. 유리)
05. Piece of Kim Chee (Feat. Mr. Room9, 성은 A.K.A. Ag)
06. Open the door, the door (Feat. Ho Ran Of Clazziquai)
07. Map open parade (Feat. Skul1 Of Stonyskunk, Moo Oong Of Baeqigi)
08. 모의태 aka Mo Eui Tae (Feat. Tak Tak 36 Of Baeqigi)
09. My house
10. Peanut
11. Smile Again (Feat. Baeqigi)
12. Where Am I?
13. Sniper Sound
14. Girls
15. First Anyang
16. Better Than Yesterday (Feat. Mr. Room9, Baeqigi, Ktcob, Mc Bk, Outsider, P-Masta)
17. Departing you or Nam Eun Na (Feat. Mc Bk)
18. How Bad Do U Want It?

MC Sniper will reconstruct Korea's Hip Hop History!!

This album will show how significant and meaningful music is to him. The tracks in this album are a reflection of MC Sniper's state of mind, environmental changes, and various stories about his life. This album was especially made for those under and over ground musicians, music maniacs, and all the people who appreciate hip hop music. Unlike his previous albums, many talented musicians such as Ho Ran (from Clazziquai), Skull (from Stony Skunk), Baeqigi etc have contributed to this album. Not only that, MC Sniper has opened up his own agency called Sniper Sound. We can look forward to MC Sniper's various projects in the near future. His 3rd album features great hip hop songs that are a mix of latin, reggae, jazz, and brazil music tunes. – credits to purpletiger86

Mose Vol. 3 – 사랑이죠, 사랑 (It's Love, Love) (March 6)

1. It's love…love
2. My love
3. Same heart, same place- Duet with Bae Seul Gi
4. Let's love like that
5. Present
6. Do you remember?
7. I who shed tears because I love
8. Precious person – Feat. Jung Jae Wook, HowL, The Name
9. Let's be happy
10. My rules to love

Happiness of Love, The Sadness from Separation, Feelings of Anticipation…
– Mose's 3rd story 'It's love… love'

Mose has returned with his 3rd album after one year. Mose will sing about love stories in all of his ten tracks. The title song is 'My Love', which is a song for wishing the best of luck and happiness for all the people that are in love. This song was composed by Hong Jung Soo. Great love songs were sung by Han Dong Joon ("I Love You") and Yurisangja ("Can We Love?") in the past. Following their tracks, Mose's song 'My Love' is expected to be the new best love song that is dedicated to all the people that are in love. Many musicians, such as Bae Seul Gi, Jung Jae Wook, HowL, and The Name have contributed to this album. – credits to purpletiger86

Lyn Vol. 4 – The Pride of the Morning (March 7)

01. Kissing U
02. What the heart tells
03. Separate life
04. … I loved you … Part 2
05. Would tears dry up?
06. Curious
07. Feel crazy
08. I'm Sorry
09. To home
10. Having eyes opened or closed
11. lovelyn
12. For The Dream

A voice that warms up the heart

Singer Lyn will be releasing her 4th album entitled "The Pride of The Morning" on March 8. She is returning after a year's hiatus. The title song is "Separate Life", which was created by popular singer Wheesung. This song is a sad minor ballad song that was sung with Lyn's affectionate and delicate vocals. Musicians such as Eric, Crown J, Kim Sae Jin, Yoon Il Sang, Lee Hyun Jung etc have all contributed to this album. We will be able to hear Eric's rap in the song "Curious". His rap and Lyn's voice are well blended together in this song. Talented hip hop singer Crown J is also featured in one of Lyn's tracks entitled "Lovelyn". Not only did he rap, he also wrote and arranged the song. Composer Kim Sae Jin is well known for composing the song "I Loved You" which was in Lyn's 2nd album. Not only was the song a big hit, it helped Lyn's name raise to stardom. Kim Sae Jin contributed again to this album by making a part 2 for the song "I Loved You". – credits to purpletiger86

Other new releases:

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Vanilla Unity – Farewell & Tonight: Special Album (March 6)
Hye Ryoung Vol. 3 – 하늘아래..그리움.. (March 7)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung, Melon