Our featured artiste this week is the co-ed trio Typhoon. They debuted last year and immediately drew comparisons with Koyote – from their music to their members (both groups have one male and one female vocalist plus a rapper). Their debut song "So…" went as high as No. 2 in our chart last year. Recently, they released a digital single ballad "기다릴게…" (I'll Wait), showing us that they are more than a disco sound dance group. In addition, female vocalist Solbi is gaining more attention these days, appearing on game shows and also as a MC. Let's find out more about them:


Solbi (Vocal)
Real name : Kwon Seon-mi
Age : 23
Hobbies : Listening to music, computer games, traveling

Woojae (Vocal)
Real name : Han Deok-hwan

Jihwan (Rap)
Real name : Shim Ji-hwan


Typhoon is a trio made up of 2 male members and a female vocalist. Solbi, the female vocalist, has a powerful and husky voice that appeals to pop music lovers. Male vocalist Woojae and rapper Jihwan are newcomers, but have been well-trained by big figures in the local pop music world. Solbi had been trained by songwriter Kim Se-jin for more than 2 years. Woojae had been trained by Joo Young-hoon for over a year before he joined Typhoon. Rapper Jihwan is only 17 years old and completes the trio. A total of 18 tracks make up Typhoon’s first album, which was released in 2006. The album ranges from disco, reggae, techno and Miami to ballads. Although the trio concentrates on dance music, Typhoon wanted to display their talent by offering a variety of songs on their first album.

In January 2007, Typhoon released a digital single ballad titled ""기다릴게… " (I'll Wait). This song shows us another side of Typhoon, and proves to us that they are more than a dance group.


Troika (1st album, 2006) : Lover Reggae Typhoon, So…, Shall We Kiss, Paradise, From Monday to Saturday, Love Virus, U Ha Ha Ha, Sha La La La

Summer Remix (digital single, 2006) : Remix hits from their first album

I'll Wait (digital single, 2007) : I'll Wait

credits to KBS World