Soh Ji Sup’s agency BOF announces that SJS will lead the drama “Cain and Abel (카인과 아벨)” after he completes his military service on 4/27. The drama portrays the tragic story of two brothers. One is a powerful detective while the other one is a misfortunate killer. They were separated in childhood and grew up in different environments.

SJS plays the younger brother who was adopted and grew up in USA after he was separated from his elder brother. Then he joins a mafia organization and becomes a killer. Kim Dong Hyun (김동현), the representative of the production company “Plan Pictures (플랜비픽쳐스)”, states, “We have been planning this drama for quite some time. This project allows SJS to fully demonstrate his knockout performance power.” The production cost is about 6 billion Won. The filming is scheduled to start in May, and San Francisco will be one of the filming locations.