Evan (Click-B 유호석) Vol. 1 – Hard to Breath (released)

1. Intro
2. This song
3. Men…are unavoidable
4. Eternal Sunshine
5. Love is…
6. Half
7. A night without comforting me
8. Recognition
9. Overcome
10. Where is your heart
11. All About Your Love
12. Always In My Head
13. If we perhaps…

-Created with his own dialect
-The natural combination of Urban, POP, and Jazz

It took two years to complete Evan’s first album and it was created with the best producers (Geoffrey Williams, York, Adrian Zagoritis, Emil Gotthard, and Adam Alvermark). The title song is entitled “Men…are unavoidable” which has a modern melody and lyrics about how men think about love. Evan’s charming voice along with the piano and acoustic tune is a great combination for this song. The song entitled “Love is…” is a great jazz song that will make us imagine that we are at a Jazz café listening to the song live. The song entitled “This song” is a great urban/pop song that can easily be mistaken for one of George Benson’s albums. The song entitled “Overcome” is a song composed by COLDFEET who is a famous Japanese producer, singer, and song writer. This album consists of great urban, pop, and jazz songs, which may sound different and new to Korean people. – credits to purpletiger86

Rumble Fish Vol. 3 – Open the Safe (March 22)

1. Fly
2. Flower blossom in the spring
3. Smile Again
4. I love you
5. That women’s day
6. In the end
7. Two-time
8. Daily event
9. Separation…drink
10. Lie
11. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
12. Good Bye
13. Flower blossom in the spring (full version)

-Cheerful! Pleasant! Refreshing!

Rumble Fish gained much popularity from fans with their songs “Eu Ra Cha Cha” and “I GO”. They are returning this spring with their 3rd album. We will be able to hear a more mature and high quality modern rock, ballad, and jazz rhythms. The title song is entitled “SMILE AGAIN”. It is a great song which brings out the lead vocalist Choi Jini’s charming, cute, cheerful, and refreshing voice. Their music video was created by director Lee Sang Kyu, who is well known for creating Shin Hwa, Rain, Boa, Sung Shi Kyung, Super Junior…etc music videos. We will be able to see a more mature image of Rumble Fish through their jacket cover album. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

Ed Lama – Happy Hippy (March 19)
I Vol. 1 – Soulmate (March 22)
M – Live Works 2006-2007 (March 22)

Sources: Annyoung, Hanteo, KMDIA

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