I Vol. 1 – Soulmate (released)

01. One person
02. Habit
03. Talk about separation
04. Don't say good bye
05. Aftermath
06. Saying I love you to her
07. First Love
08. Pour out love
09. Always
10. Can't get any better than this
11. Wish for another day
12. Would it be alright?
13. Please don't leave
14. Hello / Goodbye (remake)

I is well known for singing the main title song for the 2005 drama "Spring Day" starring Go Hyun Jung, Jo In Sung, and Ji Jin Hee. He will be releasing his first album that is filled with wonderful medium ballad tracks. His title song "Talk about separation" is a sad song that was sung with his husky voice. For the music video, actress Park Min Young (from the sitcom 'Unstoppable high kick') and actor Song Jong Ho (from the medical drama 'Surgeon Bong Dal Hee') will come out as lovers and act out a sad love story. Besides the title track, songs like "One Person", "Don't Say Good Bye", and "Saying I Love You To Her" are gaining much recognition. The song "Always" is a great duet with Park Soo Jin which will bring out a joyous and energetic feel. His first album has a total of 14 tracks. I first debuted in 2003 with the song "Happy End" that was included in the soundtrack of the movie "Heaven Garden". His name continued to be recognized through a variety of soundtrack albums such as "Heavenly Matched Couple", "Sad Movie", and especially "Spring Day". We can look forward to his refreshing appearance and nice ballads that were sung with his great husky voice. – credits to purpletiger86

Masta Wu Vol. 2 – Mass Wu Pt.2 (released)

1. Don't Stop (ft.Jinu)
2. Do or Die (ft.Teddy)
3. Ol la la la (ft.Red-Roc)
4. Everything's All Rite (ft. Ji Eun)
5. Girl Friend
6. Cry (ft. Lee Young Hyun from Big mama)
7. Funking Dead
8. Bacardi (ft.Red-Roc)
9. Arrogant
10. Miss Hyo Ri (ft. Ji Eun)
11. Rock child (ft.S-kush)
12. Keung Jjak
13. Gum (ft.Teddy)
14. Seoul
15. Galaxy

-Songs about a simple love and a brilliant life…Masta's "Brand Wu Year"
-Masta Wu's new album "Mass Wu Pt.2"

Masta Wu is finally making a return with his 2nd album after 4 years. The main theme for his album is "Brand Wu Year" which means the rebirth of Masta Wu in 2007. Way before he released his 1st album, he was well known for pitchering in songs for other artistes and creating his first hip hop album entitled "Masta Peace" with skilful musicians. For his 2nd album, Masta Wu raps with more of a passive and dynamic style. He has worked together with 1tym's leader and YG's top producer Teddy, Jinu from Jinusean, S-Kush from Stony Skunk, Lee Young Hyun from Big Mama, and YG's newcomer Kim Ji Eun. His title song "Don't Stop" features Jinu. It is a fast beat song that sends messages to people about accomplishing goals in life. The song "Girl Friend" is a song expressing Masta Wu's love story. Masta Wu is expected to show his powerful rapping skills for all the hip-hop fans. – credits to purpletiger86

Kim Tae Woo Digital Single – Be Alright (released)

1. Be Alright

-Kim Tae Woo's last song before going into the military

The song "Be Alright" was produced by Kim Tae Woo and composed by Shin Tae Hyun. It is a great hip-hop song that features a talented rapper by the name of "TRS". This song is about fighting the hardships in life and it sends a wonderful message about the world becoming a better place. This song is expected to be a very inspirational song for everyone while he's away serving in the military. – credits to purpletiger86

Magolpy – Flight Girl (March 25)

1 Flight Girl Magoply
2 My name is stupid! Magoply
3 Worn-out bed Magoply
4 Flight Girl (Inst.) Magoply
5 My name is stupid! (Inst.) Magoply
6 Worn-out bed (Inst.)

– New concept and plan, something we have not seen before… new singer Magoply!!

Magoply has been training for four years in preparation for her first single. This single is filled with tracks that differ from the usual music and pop trends we see in Korea. Magoply's debut title song is "Flight Girl Magoply". It is an easy and relaxing ballad to listen to right from the start of the intro of the song. It will be like listening to a pop song in the 80's with a mixture of today's music trend style. It is a great song with unique lyrics and great absorption force. – credits to purpletiger86

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Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung, Melon