MC The Max Vol. 5 – Returns (April 18)

M.C The Max is returning back to their fans with their 5th album on April 18th after a year and six months. Their 5th album consist of great ballad songs that their fans love to listen to. Talented composer and producer Ahn Sung Il (worked with Rumble Fish, J-Walk, As One…etc) contributed by producing this album. Other musician such as Vink, Shin In Soo, Pyo Gun Soo…etc have also contributed by composing some of the songs. The song "Return" was open to the public on April 2nd. It took three months to make the preparations and a month to record the song. This song was a special project created by Vink who contributed in Moon Child's 1st album. The song also showcases Lee Soo's different vocal style that we've never heard of from his previous albums. Another song entitled "If Love Ends" was open to the public along with the song "Return". This song was created by M.C The Max member Jae and he will be making an appearance in the music video as well. Right after this song was opened to the public, it made a hot shot debut on the Bugs Music Chart, ranking 2nd place. – credits to purpletiger86

Lee Juck Vol. 3 – A Song Made From A Tree (April 19)

01. Song
02. To Be Fortunate
03. How
04. Secret
05. Have I Not Told You?
06. Where Did Love Go?
07. Blossoming Flowers At The Front Of The Mountain
08. Cherish The Ears As Much As Bicycle Pedals
09. Boy
10. Returning Back From A Long Journey
11. Would They Have Walked Together?
12. Stage

Singer and songwriter Lee Juck is returning with his 3rd album entitled "A song made from a tree". For this album, Lee Juck sang and used his piano and acoustic guitar to create all the tracks. Through his songs, he will be telling his personal life story (his self-reflection on life, his earnest desire for love, and his stance on his songs). In a nutshell, this album will reveal everything about Lee Juck. The title song is entitled "To Be Fortunate", which is a song about supporting one's exhausted life with love coming from the heart. This album will seem more fulfilling compare to his previous albums. – credits to purpletiger86

Youngji (Bubble Sisters) – 1st Single Album (April 19)

1. Intro
2. Habit
3. By All Means
4. How Dare You
5. The Saddest Words
6. A Person Like Me

Youngji who is a member from the group "Bubble Sisters" will be releasing her 1st single album. She is well known for her amazing and appealing vocal skills. The title song entitled "Habit" was composed by Kim Ji Hwan. It's a great ballad song that is sung with her affectionate voice. Youngji had put much effort into this album by mixing a variety of genres rather than sticking with just ballad songs. Other songs to look out for are "How Dare You" (global urban medium track) and "The Saddest Words" (standard ballad track). Youngji left a comment in her album saying: "I wish that all the people that listen to my songs will feel sympathy as this is an album that was created from the bottom of my heart. I also hope that people will be able to get comfort from listening to my songs. I will live my life singing forever. I will try my best to sing songs that will be left in everyone's heart for a long time." – credits to purpletiger86

Turtles – Remake Album (April 20)

1. Warm-up
2. Don't Forget Me (Feat. Jeon Young Rok, The Ray)
3. Come To Lull For Awhile
4. HyunAh
5. Scented Memories
6. Starting To Change
7. Don't Forget Me (Mr)

-The Turtles has returned with an exciting remake single album!!!

The Turtles is releasing their remake single album before releasing their official 5th album during the summer. For this remake album, they sang hit songs from the 70s-80s with their own style. There are a total of 7 great upbeat dance tracks in this album. Two talented musicians Jeon Young Rok and The Ray have contributed to this album. The Turtles have made several hit songs such as 'Four Seasons', 'Bingo', 'Airplane'…etc. Their main goal is to sing fun songs that their fans will enjoy. – credits to purpletiger86

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Kim Jong Seo – 20th anniversary best hit album (April 18)
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Source: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo

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