Chae Yeon Vol. 4 – My Love (April 2)

1. My Love
2. One Person
3. Favor
4. Unfamiliar Lie
5. Game
6. Vague Anticipation
7. Awkward Love
8. Tell Me
9. Noble Love
10. Lonely Separation
11. Party Tonight
12. My Love (Global Re-Mix)
13. Unfamiliar Lie (Benny Re-Mix)
14. Awkward Love (Mojo House Re-Mix)
15. My Love (Bossa Re-Mix)

Chae Yeon debuted with her first album in 2003 and has gained much popularity for her sexy concept. With every album she releases, she has shown great stage performance and fashion sense. Digital and single albums are now the trend in Korea, but Chae Yeon wanted to show her fans her great passion and greed for music by releasing a whole album. Most musicians appear to be more mature and adapt a large range of music genres/styles for every album that they release, but Chae Yeon is different. Chae Yeon's fourth album was created solely for her fans that love listening to her upbeat dance songs. There are four remix tracks as well. Chae Yeon loves to bring excitement in her albums so that her fans can enjoy listening to them. She has attempted many different fashion styles. In most cases, singers would have one particular style for just their title song, but Chae Yeon will be showing several different styles for this album. She stopped all her activities and had plenty of rest so that she can focus only on her fourth album. She has put much effort into this album and wants to appear on stage in great condition. There are a total of 15 tracks and her title song is entitled "My Love", which was composed and written by Kim Chang Hwan. This song is a great up beat dance song that has a splash of Latin rhythm. – credits to purpletiger86

Kil Gun Vol. 2.5 – Born Again (April 2)

1. Shake It
2. Shower
3. Fool
4. Whirl
5. Color
6. Temptation
7. Shake It (Inst)
8. Temptation (Inst)

Kil Gun is making a comeback with her 2.5 single album entitled "Born Again". She will continue to show her powerful dance skills and sexy style. She will make her first comeback stage on MBC Music Core which will showcase her new charm and growth in music. Her single album was created by producer Jung Sung Hun who is well known for producing albums for Brown Eyed Girls, Girlfriends, Suh Ji Young, S#arp…etc. Medium ballad, R&B and medium dance songs are the new trend in today's music industry. It is difficult to find very fast and upbeat dance tracks nowadays. That is why this album was aimed to bring fun and exciting dance songs. The title song is entitled "Shake It" which was composed by Hong Jin Young. She will be showing a modern celebrity life fashion by wearing a lot of accessories to show a luxury style. The song entitled "Fool" is great medium tempo ballad duet song with Son Ho Young. She recently changed her company to "Fly21 Entertainment". – credits to purpletiger86

Suh Young Eun Vol. 7 – Happily Ever After(April 5)

1. Oh!
2. MaRiAhJoo (마리아주)
3. Wan So Geu Deh aka Completely Precious You
4. Star Born
5. Yoo Hoo
6. That Person
7. Plz Say If 4 Me
8. That Winter
9. Rain Shower
10. Nighty Night

Suh Youn Eun has returned with her seventh album. Suh Young Eun is well known in Korea for her smooth vocal skills that bring happiness into all the songs she sings. Her title song entitled 'Wan So Geu Deh' is short for 'Completely Precious You'. This album is very precious to Suh Young Eun because it was created with the best musicians in Korea. Composer Han Sung Ho and Kang Hyun Min (member from "Loveholic") produced this album. All ten tracks was written by Suh Young Eun. This album is expected to showcase her great vocal skills and refreshing songs that'll put a smile to everyone's faces. – credits to purpletiger86

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Source: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo