Date of birth: December 1, 1981
Height 178 cm
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Playing computer games
Special talent: impersonating other singers
Education: Kyung-hee University, Post-modern Music major


Our featured artist this week is Park Hyo Shin. He is a singer who has a deep and appealing voice that attracts many people to his songs. His trademark husky voice is so unique in k-pop. It is hard to imagine that he’s only 25 years old. His fan demographic ranges from teenagers to thirty-somethings. Park has been training himself hard to become a top singer ever since he was 16. Park stood out as a promising talent by winning top prizes in various song competitions.

In January of 2000, Park made his debut as a professional singer with “Things I Cannot Do For You”. Upon his debut, he attracted attention and was praised by many people. From his debut album, two songs, “Things I Cannot Do For You” and “Fool”, recorded hits instantly, marking him up as one of the most exciting musicians to step to the forefront of the industry at that time.

Later, Park Hyo Shin actively performed in various events like participating in the musical “Rock Hamlet”, a tribute album for Deulgukhwa, “That Only Is My World” and as duetting with Lee Sora on her 4th album. In January of 2001, Park released his second album “Second Story”, in which top songwriters like Yoon Sang, Kim Dong-ryul and Yoo Hee-yeol participated, eliciting great responses from music lovers.

But it was not until his 3rd album "Time Honored Voice" that Park Hyo Shin scored his first No. 1 song with "A Good Person". He scored another No. 1 hit with the title song "Standing In That Place" from his 4th album "Soul Tree".

Perhaps the most well-known song of Park Hyo Shin is not the 2 No. 1 songs that he scored, but the theme song "Snow Flakes" from the hit KBS drama "I am Sorry I Love You" in early 2005. This song is a remake of Mika Nakashima's big Japanese hit, and after Park Hyo Shin, a lot of other versions of this song in different languages has been released as well.

In mid-2005, at the peak of remaking old songs, Park Hyo Shin also released a remake album "Neo-Classicism". The song "Scattered Days" made in to the top 5 in music charts.

Park Hyo Shin was in complete hiatus in 2006 to prepare for his 5th album. It's been 3 years since Park Hyo Shin released a full studio album. His 5th album finally came out in early 2007. The title song "추억은 사랑을 닮아" (Memories resemble love) again is a top 3 hit.

Park Hyo Shin's albums are always selling quite well, and his songs are always ranked at or near the top of music charts despite the fact that he doesn't come out to perform very often in music shows. It further proves that with his golden voice, Park Hyo Shin has established himself as one of the top male vocalists in Korea.


Park Hyo-shin (1st album, 2000): The Thing I Can’t Do For You, Fool, Try Hard, Love is Blind, Stalking, Pianist, Peter Pan, Inside Love

Second Story (2nd album, 2001): Far Away, Yearning, Show Your Love, Go, Me Too, The Person I Love, Close My Eyes, Bad Boy, Love…That Common Word, Letter, Solace, A Sad Story, Please

Time Honored Voice (3rd album, 2002): Butterfly Winter, A Good Person, You & Me, After That, Girl Of My Dreams, It’s Ok, It’s Gonna be rolling, A Wound Deeper Than Love, It Became Love, Feel…Me, Being Alive,

Park Hyo Shin Best Voice=2003-1999 (Greatest Hits, 2003): She’s Mine, It Became Love, Change, Buried Pain, A Good Person, Love…That Common Word, You & Me, More Than That, Butterfly Winter, Yearing, My Love, Please, Me Too, The Thing I Can’t Do For You, Fool…

Soul Tree (4th album, 2004): Standing In That Place, Like Me, Hey U Come On, Believe In You, I Didn’t Know, As I Dream Of You, A Road I Cannot Find, Just Friends, I Can’t Send You Away, Always Like This…

Neo Classicism (Remake album, 2005): Scattered Days, Love Love Love, To You, In No Time, To My Old Friends, Autumn Letter, Snow Flower

Next destination New York (Live album, 2005): A Good Person, Just The Two Of Us, Butterfly Winter, Maria Maria, Me Too, You & Me, Stalking, Girl Of My Dreams, It’s Gonna Be Rolling, Show Your Love

The Breeze Of Sea (5th album, 2007): The Breeze Of Sea (Intro), Memories Resemble Love, Echo, Etude (ft. Jin Bora), Lost, If I Were To Love Again, Let’s Hate, Like A Star (ft. Choi Ah-rom from the Bubble Sisters), Now & Forever, The Lullaby…

credits: KBS World, Jukeon, edward1849

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