SG Wannabe Vol.4-The Sentimental Chord (April 6)

1. Arirang
2. 은 (Silver)
3. One Summer Dream (duet with Ok Ju Hyun)
4. Forget It
5. From Supremacy To Eternity
6. Thorn bush Bird
7. I Love You
8. Father's Shoe
9. Petals
10. One Summer Dream par.2
11. STAY
12. It was good to separate
13. Happy Person
14. Goodbye Love

After releasing The 3rd Masterpiece in spring 2006, K-pop's high profile R&B trio SG Wannabe is back for their 4th highly anticipated original album. This time around the voices of David, Whyme, and Jin Ho can be heard in a grand way supported by a large-scale orchestra playing the viola, cello and other easy listening instruments with the principal mid-tempo ballad titled "Arirang". Lending elements from traditional Korean music the boys have once again teamed-up with Jo Young Soo who earlier helped them compose "The One for Me: Partner for Life". What's more, Ok Ju Hyun (of FIN.K.L fame) has also been scheduled as guest artist for the trio's latest work in the form of a duet performance. Leaving a lot of room for high expectations and new surprises, SG Wannabe return with more of their addictive melodies on Vol. 4. – credits to YesAsia and purpletiger86

Yoon Gun Vol.3 – My Romantic Occasion (April 10)

1. You're Still My Baby
2. The Days Of Being In Debt Because Of Love
3. Everything (feat. Leesang)
4. A Few Days Ago With Fire
5. Everyday
6. Why I Dislike You
7. The Muse
8. Play The Game
9. In Memories Of Love
10. Impossible.
11. Our Joyful Love
12. The Days Of Being In Debt Because Of Love (Instrumental)

Yoo Gun is returning to his fans with his 3rd album after two years. The title song is entitled "The Days Of Being In Debt Because Of Love", which is a great ballad song that was sung with his mature and affectionate voice. Yoon Gun is widely known for his great songs and vocal skills, but people are not familiar with how he looks like. For this album, we will be able to see a lot more and clear images of his face. There are a total of 12 tracks. We will be able to feel and hear his own style of music that was sung with his smooth and soulful voice once again. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

Beige Vol. 1 – Something Like Beige (April 10)
Kyun Woo (single) – The Kiss (April 10)

Sources: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo, Melon

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