4/10/07 – Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Sun Gyoon, and Gong Yoo (윤은혜, 이선균, 공유) will lead the 16-episode Monday-Tuesday drama “Coffee Prince Number One Shop (커피프린스 1호점)” scheduled to be aired by MBC on 7/16, following the final episode of “Air City”.

This drama is adapted from a romantic novel bearing the same title written by writer Lee Sun Mi (이선미). The heroine disguises herself as a man in order to avoid an arranged marriage. She works in a coffee specialty shop and then falls in love with the president of the shop.

YEH plays the heroine Go Eun Chae (고은채) who wears male attires to pretend as a homosexual. GY plays the main male character Choi Han Gyul (최한결) who is the president of the coffee shop and has good manner. LSG plays the role Choi Han Sung (최한성) who is a movie musical director and is Han Gyul’s elder cousin. Han Sung falls in love with a women (the second lead actress is undecided yet) who once was his first love he met 8 years ago.

The filming is scheduled to start around the end of April. YEH’s last drama was “The Man in the Vineyard (KBS2, 2006) and GY’s latest drama was “One Fine Day (MBC, 2006)”. LSG just finished the drama “White Giant Tower”.