Lexy Vol. 3 – Rush (released)

01. Get Up (Intro)
02. Rush
03. Stomp Stomp
04. Up To The Sky
05. Baby Boy
06. Hit This Party
07. Super Fly
08. Get That
09. Left To The Right
10. Big Lexy
11. Up To The Sky(Remix)

Lexy has returned with her 3rd album after two years. Lexy went through a drastic change in her appearance and music style for her album concept. She released her 1st album in 2003 which shot her to stardom and many of her songs such as "Novice", "Girls", and "Let Me Dance" had become a big success. Lexy went from a tough image to more of a sexy image for her 2nd album which was released in 2005. Her 2nd album title song, "Washing The Tears, Putting On Make-Up" was not as successful as her 1st album songs. Lexy was unable to move along with her 2nd album as planned and stopped short her album activities. Lexy is now back with her long-awaited 3rd album with a new image. It took Lexy a year to come up with the perfect image that would satisfy everyone. The title song is "Up To The Sky", which is a fast upbeat song with a global melody. A great song that showcases her vocal skills and rapping. On April 7th, Lexy made a guest appearance at Se7en's concert, showcasing her new sexy and tough image. A lot of YG members have contributed to this album. – credits to purpletiger86

Byul Vol. 4 – Her Story (April 24)

01. Don't Care If You Hate It
02. Rules For Dating
03. 11th Time
04. Water Balloon (After December 32rd)
05. Half Of The World (Feat. Hoody)
06. Sweet Dream (from "Over The Rainbow" OST)
07. Yes I Am
08. Grumble
09. To All The Things That Faded
10. Hopeless Expectation
11. Heart Is… (from "Heart Is…" OST)

Byul has made several hit songs such as "December 32nd", "Greeting", "Lachrymal Glands", and "Water Balloon". On the day of her 4th album recording session, she shocked everyone in the recording studio when she showed up with short hair. The title song is called "Don't Care If You Hate It" and it was composed by PJ and written by Choi Gap Won. It is a sad ballad that was sung with her affectionate voice. Other great ballad songs are "11th Time" and "Half Of The World". We will be able to discover the many colors that portray Byul's beauty and singing ability through this album. – credits to purepletiger86

Other releases:

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Schizo (single) – Mutation (April 23)
Rhymer Vol. 1 – Brand New Rhymer (April 25)
Deepflow Vol. 1 – Vismajor (April 26)
Jang Hye Jin – Music 2.0: Special Editon (April 26)
Postino Vol. 1 – A Letter From Postino (April 26)

Sources: Hanteo, KMDIA, Annyoung, Melon