Wonder Girls (single) – Tears (released)

1. Sorry Feelings ~Tears~
2. Sorry Feelings ~Tears~ (Inst.)

-Wonder Girls "Sorry Feelings~tears~"

Wonder Girls showed off their great vocal skills through a song entitled "Sorry Feelings~tears~" which has a wonderful R&B melody to it. This is a great ballad song that is featured in the mellow movie titled "Tears Pouring Down". This song blends in well with the story plot of the movie. – credits to purpletiger86

Tachyon First Single (May 3)

1. Girl TALK
2. Feel Your Breeze
3. If Not
4. Feel Your Breeze (Instrumental)
5. If Not (Instrumental)

Tachyon's first single features 3 great tracks. The first track entitled "Girl TALK" has a very powerful beat. The second track entitled "Feel Your Breeze" has more of a light and cheerful melody and the third track entitled "If Not" is a sad ballad song. Although there is only three tracks in this single, these tracks are expected to gain recognition as it was created according to people's music preference. – credits to purepltiger86

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Source: Hanteo, KMDIA, Annyoung, Dosirak