Chun Sang Ji Hee The Grace Vol. 1 – 한번 더 OK? (released)

01. One More Time, OK?
02. 女友 (Chattering Women)
03. 女友 Interlude
04. Sweet Emotion
05. That Person…Don't Swear
07. First Day Of April (April Fools' Day)
08. Dancer In The Rain
09. 아니기를 (Not To Be)
10. 하루만 (Just For One Day)
11. Tonight Is On Me
12. Dancing Queen
13. Passion (My Everything)
14. Boomerang
15. The Club

-Chun Sang Ji Hee The Grace 1st album releases on May 4th!!!

Last month on April 24th, Chun Sang Ji Hee The Grace released a teaser clip of their first album to their fans. They are expected to show a newly improved and upgraded appearance, music style and stage performance. The title song entitled "One More Time, OK?" is a very powerful upbeat song that was sung with their amazing vocal skills. Talented composer Yoo Young Jin who is well known for composing hit songs has contributed to this album. There is a total of 15 tracks in this album. – credits to purpletiger86

Lee Jae Won Vol. 1.5 (May 5)

CD 1
01. I`m so hot
02. World is yours
03. That Kind Of Man
CD 2
01. Say one
02. My heart’s girl
03. Bow Wow
04. Just a memory
05. Hard to believe
06. Turn around
07. You got gun
08. No pain, No gain
09. Solitude love
10. Jae Won’s Story
11. A better day
12. Call Out My Name

Lee Jae Won's title song for his 1.5 album is entitled "I'm So Hot". This title song was composed by Park Sung Ho. It is a great hip-hop song to dance to at a night club. Lee Jae Won is expected to hold a MTV Showcase Special on May 5th. On this day, Lee Jae Won will be singing 3 new tracks off of his 1.5 album and hit songs off of his 1st album. The music video for "I'm So Hot" will be shown for the first time on the MTV special as well, which will include the behind the scenes of the music video filming. He'll also hold a fan club meeting with about 1000 fans to promote his new album. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

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D Caprio – My First Flight (May 7)
Poppin Hyun Joon – One & Only (May 8)
Hans Band Vol. 4 – You Smile, Don't Cry (May 8)
Ha Neul Hae Vol. 1 – 사랑은 아직 죽지 않았다 (May 9)
J-One – 기다리고 있어 (May 9)
Lee Ji Hyung – Coffee & Tea (May 10)
The The Vol. 5 – The Music (May 10)
Verbal Jint – Favorite (May 11)

Sources: Hanteo, Melon