Ji Eun Vol. 1 – Rain (released)

1. Yesterday Different From Today
2. Rain
3. Tell Me Once
4. Choice
5. One Night Lover
6. I'm Sorry
7. Miss You
8. Let You Borrow
9. Love Is Over
10. Separation Is Common To Me
11. Please Stop Now
12. Relationship Between Her and I

New female artist from YG Entertainment has finally released her first album. Ji Eun had four years of training in preparation for her first solo album and she had contributed in many albums for YG musicians. Ji Eun recently was featured in Lexy's title song "Up To The Sky" singing the main melody. She is already very well known for her powerful vocal skills. She has sung songs by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston in front of a big crowd and was praised for her vocal skills. There are a total of 12 tracks in this album and her title song is entitled "Yesterday Different From Today". This song was composed by Lee Hyun Jung and actress Gu Hye Seon is featured in the music video. In the music video, the man that Gu Hye Seon loves dies right in front of her eyes due to a deadly car accident. It's a very sad music video that will have us feel as if we are watching a five minute movie. There are a lot of great R&B and upbeat songs in this album as well as ballad songs. – credits to purpletiger86

Magolpy – Single (May 15) – this is a single album as opposed to the digital single she has released

1. Flight Girl
2. My name is stupid!
3. Worn-out bed
4. Flight Girl (MR)
5. My name is stupid! (MR)
6. Worn-out bed (MR)
7. Flight Girl (Music Video)

Magoply has been training for four years in preparation for her first single. This single is filled with tracks that differs from the usual music and pop trend we see in Korea. Magoply's debut title song is entitled "Flight Girl". It is an easy and relaxing ballad song to listen to right from the start of the intro of the song. It will be like listening to a pop song in the 80's with a mixture of today's music trend style. It is a great song with unique lyrics and great absorption force. Top musicians such as Kim Jang Hoon, Eru, Mickey Yoo Chun from Dong Bang Shin Ki, and Kang In, Kim Hee Chul, Shin Dong from Super Junior appeared in Magoply's music video. – credits to purpletiger86

Lee Ssang Vol. 4 – Black Sun (May 16)

1. 007
2. Ballerino
3. Like The Movie
4. Live On The Riverside Skit
5. Rich (Project)
6. Sunshine
7. If I Was To Live
8. Leessang Vegabond
9. Dead Phone (Intro)
10. Dead Phone
11. Fighting Spirit
12. This Life Is Dedicated To Who? (Life and Death Ost)
13. I'm Not Laughing (Remix)

-Lee Ssang IV "Black Sun"

Lee Ssang will be releasing their fourth album after a year an a half. We will be able to feel the growth in their mature taste in music and the lyrics will have us feel as if we are watching both a mellow and comedy movie. Lee Ssang is well known for their uniqueness and they'll continue to show their own originality in music. There are a total of 13 great tracks in this album. Track 13 was originally from their 3rd album and they took that song and remixed it. Track 12 is a song that they sang for the "Life and Death" OST. – credits to purpletiger86

Min Hyo Rin (Rinz) Vol. 1 – Stars (May 16)

1. Stars
2. 기다려 늑대
3. 그립습니다
4. Stars (Inst.)
5. 기다려 늑대 (Inst.)

RinZ, or Min Hyo Rin, may be the newest starlet in the Korean pop scene, but she's already a familiar face to many. The fair-featured 21-year-old artist started her career as a model and has previously appeared in some high-profile television commercials and music videos. While RinZ's photogenic looks, oft compared to Han Ga In, are a given, it is her sweet voice that is raising the most eyebrows, as the CF star has shown that she can also hold her own when it comes to singing. For her debut single, RinZ offers three ear-pleasing songs including a Korean cover of Nakashima Mika's Stars (Track 1) and a cover of 90s pop group Juliet's "Wait For Me, Wolf" (Track 2). – credits to YesAsia

Paran – The First (May 17)

1. Her And I
2. I Lay My Love On You
3. Love Frame
4. Thank You

-Global Group "Paran" first single album [The First]

Paran blends in the 80's fashion and music with today's bokgo trend. Paran released their 2nd album last September singing a powerful dance song entitled "Five Steps" and a ballad song entitled "Your Heart Is Beating Inside Of Me". Their concept for their first single album is bogko style. The title song is entitled "Her and I" which was composed by Weon Sang Woo. Paran will bring back the 80's and wear old fashioned school uniforms and dance to disco. The song "I Lay My Love On You" is a remake song that was originally by West Life. We will be able to hear their great vocal skills once again in this single album. – credits to purpletiger86

Yangpa Vol. 5 – The Window of My Soul (May 18)

1. Marry Me
2. Because Of Me
3. Love…What Is That?
4. One Person
5. Knowing You
6. Love Letter
7. La Vie En Rose
8. Rules For Not Crying
9. Remember
10. Finding The Lost Time
11. Abandon Her
12. Friendly

-Korea's representative female artist Yangpa, "Ballad Queen" comeback!!

Yangpa is returning back to her fans after six years with her 5th album entitled [The Widows Of My Soul]. It took her two years to prepare for this album, picking the right songs to sing in the recording studio. She has worked very hard to put 100% of her effort into this album. Yangpa is also returning back to her fans with more of a mature appearance and all 12 tracks in this album is filled with a variety of genres, such as minor pop ballad, punk rock ballad, J-POP ballad, blues, funky, jazz…etc. The title song is entitled "Love…What is that?", which was composed by Park Geun Tae and written by Kang Eun Kyung. This is a wonderful song that'll showcase her great vocal skills once again. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

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Sol – 여우별 (May 15)
Cool Age Vol. 1 – Rock & Roll (May 15)
Donawhale Vol. 1 – Donawhale (May 16)
Trespass Vol. 1 – Love & Show (May 17)
Park Hye Kyung (single) – Rose (May 17)
Baek Ji Young & Jade from Sweetbox (single) – Crush (May 18)
Loquence Vol. 1 – Crucial Moment (May 18)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung, Melon