Name: Go Yoon Ha
Date of Birth: April 29, 1988
Talent: Playing the piano


Our featured artist this week is a talented new female artist Yoon Ha. She started out her career debuting in Japan at the age of sixteen and gained instant fame there. She is often compard with BoA because both are Korean female singers who have found success in the neighboring country, but Yoon Ha's musical style is very different. Her songs have been featured in Japanese animes and dramas and is the second Korean female singer to place on Japan’s Oricon music charts (the first being BoA).

She debuted in Japan after being signed in Korea but at the end of last year she finally made her long awaited debut back home, released her first Korean single “Audition (Time2Rock) in 2006. The 19 year old released her first Korean album “A Good Day to Confess/ A Perfect Day To Say I Love You)” in 2007, which features a collaboration with popular singer Wheesung. The sales of this album is exceptionally good, it has been staying in the top 5 of Hanteo's weekly sales chart for a long time. The title song "Secret Number 486", which Wheesung wrote for her, also reached the top 5 in many music charts.

Yoon Ha's music is very unique – it is a combination of pop, rock, and electronic. You can say that it is probably closer to jpop than kpop. Because of her piano skills, Yoon Ha often plays the piano on stage while singing. Just watching her performances, fan instantly realized that Yoon Ha is multi-talented. She is definitely a singer to watch out for in the new generation of k-pop.


Go! Younha (1st Japanese album, 2006): Houkiboshi, Motto Futari de, Orenji no Hatsukoi, Aoi Lemon, Yubikiri (Japanese Version), Himawari, My Lover, Yume no Tsuzuki, Ashita, Tenki ni Nare, Aiaigasa, Negai wa Hitotsu, Omoide ni Dekinai, Touch

Audition (Time2Rock) (digital single, 2006): Audition (Time2Rock), Waiting, Audition- Instrumental, Waiting – Instrumental

A Perfect Day To Say I Love You (1st Korean album, 2007): Delete, I Cry, Secret Number 486, A Perfect Day To Say I Love You, Hello Beautiful Day, Only Today, A Condition For Love, Fly, Innermost Feelings, Childish Greed (feat. Hweesung), Alice

credits: KBS World, edward1849