See Ya Vol. 2 (released)

01 Love Greeting
02 Shall We Get Married?
03 I Like Love
04 Dirty Dancing
05 How Can I Forget You?
06 Oh Love
07 That Person Loves Me
08 Summer Dream
09 Love Is Leaving
10 Give A Deep Impression
11 Ice Doll
12 Soon Ae Bo
13 Stranger

Seeya has returned with their 2nd album! Seeya has gained a tremendous amount of popularity through their first album, special collaborations, movie and drama soundtracks. The title song is entitled "Love Greeting" which was composed by Kim Do Hoon, who is well known for composing songs for SG Wannabe, Lee Hyori, Fly To The Sky, Lee Seung Gi…etc. This song was created with samples of classical music and acoustic instruments. Unlike their first album tracks, Seeya's second album consists of more upbeat dance and medium tempo ballad songs. Composer Jo Young Soo who composed "Scent Of A Woman", "Crazy Love Song", and "Hate You" has composed another great song for Seeya's second album which is more of a trot style song. Some great tracks to look out for on this album are "I Like Love", "How Can I Forget You?", "Shall We Get Married?", "Summer Dream", and "Dirty Dancing". The music video for "Love Greeting" will be starring actress Lee Yo Won and actor Jo Hyun Jae. – credits to purpletiger86

Air City (MBC Drama) OST (released)

01. Day Moon – Dong Bang Shin Ki
02. All in Vain – Dong Bang Shin Ki
03. Learning To Fly
04. Perguntas (Question) – Kangta
05. Calling – Hyun Jin
06. One More Day- Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace
07. Fist 2 Fist
08. Man At Danger
09. Whooo 'R' U
10. Wishing U Were Here
11. Tension Builder
12. Labrynth Allegro
13. U look Funky 2 Me
14. Day Moon (Inst.)

-Dong Bang Shin Ki, Kangta, Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace, Hyun Jin's contribution to MBC drama [Air City] soundtrack

MBC drama "Air City" soundtrack was released on May 21st. Popular boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki sang the main title song entitled "Day Moon" which was released as a teaser clip online before the actual drama aired in Korea. This song gained much attention by music fans. Ahn Ji Hong is the music director for this soundtrack and he composed, arranged and wrote the songs on this soundtrack. The song "All In Vain" is another song by Dong Bang Shin Ki (Micky Yoo Chun as the main vocalist). This is the theme song for the main male lead Kim Ji Sung (Lee Jung Jae) in the drama. Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace's song entitled "One More Day" from their first album is also included in this soundtrack. All the musicians that have contributed in this soundtrack are from SM Entertainment. – credits to purpletiger86

Dynamic Duo Vol. 3 – Enlightened (May 28)

1. Rewriting A Resume
2. Pirate (Feat.Ydg)
3. Dream Feat.바다
4. That's Why I'm Crazy (Feat. Park Jung Eun, Dave Lopez For Flipsyde)
5. Global Music (Feat.Kero One)
6. 동전한닢
7. Let's Not Give Up (Feat. Ah Rom For Bubble Sisters)
8. 출첵 (Feat. NaUl For Brown Eyed Soul)
9. 살인자의 몽타쥬 (Murderer's Mong Ta Joo)
10. Dictator (Feat.Sixpoint)
11. Happy Day (Feat.Heritage)
12. Complicated
13. That Man and That Woman's Circumstance (Feat.Bobby Kim)
14. U-Turn (Feat.Verbal Jint)

Dynamic Duo's third album entitled [ENLIGHTENED] will be released on May 28th. This album consist of stories about their life, love, separation, success, hardships, and society issues. This album is especially special to Dynamic Duo because they were able to fill up their entire album with ideas that they have come up with time to time. There are a total of 14 tracks on this album that are compiled with stories about Dynamic Duo members hardship and success that we can all relate to. This is a way for Dynamic Duo to get closer to their fans. – credits to purpletiger86

Tony An Special Album: Untold Story (May 29)

CD 1
01. Freeway
02. Singing that melody – feat. SAT
03. Stupid man
04. Love is more beautiful when it can't be received (New Arrangement Ver.) – feat. Miryo (from Brown Eyed Girls)
05. Absent-mindedly (Inst.)
06. Freeway(Inst.)
07. Singing that melody (Chorus Ver.)
08. Stupid man (Inst.)
09. Stupid man (Orchestra Ver.)

01. Singing That Melody – Director / Hwang Soo Ah at August (Music Video)
02. Recording Making Video – Director / Huh Nam Hoon
03. Photo Shooting Video
04. Music Video Making Video
05. Special Interview

-Tony An Special Album [Untold Story]-

Tony An will be releasing a special album that will reveal his life story. Along with this special album it will also include a picture book, DVD, mosaic puzzle, and a cell phone chain. For this album, he went through a change of music style from euro-dance songs to a mix of rock, punk, and dance. The three new songs are "Freeway", "Singing that melody", and "Stupid man". We will be able to preview the instrumental version of the song entitled "Absent-mindedly" which will be on Tony An's third album. As we flip through the pages in his picture book, it will seem as if we're looking at a picture diary about his daily life–pictures of him getting ready in the morning, cooking, and natural pictures of him as an ordinary guy. The DVD includes the making of the picture book, making of his recordings, making of the music video…etc. – credits to purpletiger86

Battle – 2nd single (May 30)

1. Tell Me!
2. Hey Yo
3. Broken Heart
4. Broken Heart (Instrumental)

Battle released their first single last year on December 14th. On May 31st, they will be releasing their second single. They have made a complete change in their appearance going from a powerful image to a lovable cartoon character image. The title song is entitled "Tell Me!" which is a cute love song about a man who slowly opens up his feelings for the woman he loves after a long hesitation. This song was composed by Hwang Sung Jae, who composed many hit songs like Boa's "Atlantis Princess" and SS501's "Snow Prince". It's a very exciting song with a great melody. The song entitled "Hey Yo" is a powerful dance song while "Broken Heart" is a nice ballad song that will showcase their great vocal skills. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

Jin Joo (single) – Life Goes On (released)
Jang Yeon Joo (single) – One Sweet Day (released)
Storm Vol. 1 (May 28)
E.Soul – Whisper of Tears (May 29)
Hyun Young – Love Revolution (May 30)
Miro Band – Neverland (May 30)
Seong A Vol. 1 – A Memory of Love (May 31)
War of Money (SBS Drama) OST (May 31)
Lee Ki Chan Vol. 9 – Para Ti (reepackaged) (June 1)

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