Name: EVAN (Yoo Hosuk)
Date of Birth: December 8, 1983
Debut [with Click B] : 1999 (until 2002)
Debut (solo artist): March 15, 2007
Blood Type: O | Height: 177 cm | Weight: 58 kg
Hobbies: music appreciation, watching movies, reading manhwa.


Our featured artist this week is EVAN, formerly known as Yoo Hosuk. After having left his original band in 2002, with whom he released four albums, EVAN moved to America due to personal reasons. In fact, initially, he was designated to run his family's business; later on, however, he took on studying music in NYC and gradually began to prepare for a comeback in Korea.

Throughout the past five years, he has been occasionally performing in China and other countries, improving his vocal skills and getting a first taste of his future career as a soloist. With the strong support and precious help of an old friend, namely ex-H.O.T. member Tony An, EVAN finally released his first solo album in March 2007.

Said album, titled "HARD to BREATH", is TN Entertainment's first production; EVAN himself collaborated as the co-producer and composer of a few songs. With a total of thirteen tracks, EVAN takes a turn from his debut days and ventures into a different music genre, presenting us with an exceptional modern and western-like style in hope to catch the attention of both markets.

Although the title track "Namjado…uhjjuhl soo obda (Even men…can't help it)" may be the usual, cliché song about the fragility of love and the struggles of a vulnerable broken-hearted man, this melodious ballad clearly shows the amazing singing abilities of this young artist once he steps on stage. Ever since his debut on cable music show in mid March, EVAN has been singing live on every music show of the major broadcasting channels in Korea, including live radio events. His sweet, soft, yet powerful and beautiful voice caught the attention of both his old fans and countless new listeners.


"HARD to BREATH" (1st Solo Album, 2007) Intro 02. This song 03. Namjado…uhjjuhl soo obda 04. Eternal sunshine 05. Sarangeun… 06. Ban (Half) 07. Nal wirohaji anhneun bam 08. Wiro (Such A Good Place) 09. Overcome 10. Where is your heart 11. All about your love 12. Always in my head 13. Woori ijjuhmyuhn manyage…

Many thanks to La'MISS:fairy who helped writing this up.

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