War of Money (SBS Drama) OST (June 4)

1. Shimpeul Raipeu ("Simple Life") – Sweet Sorrow
2. Al Su Eobsneun Il ("Things We Can't Know") – Sweet Sorrow
3. Al Su Eobsneun Il ("Things We Can't Know") – Gemini
4. Honja Jineun Dal ("Lonely Moon") – K.Will
5. Shimpeul Raipeu ("Simple Life") – Instrumental
6. Al Su Eobsneun Il ("Things We Can't Know") – Instrumental
7. Al Su Eobsneun Il ("Things We Can't Know") – Piano Instrumental
8. Honja Jineun Dal ("Lonely Moon") – Instrumental

Nicknamed the David Foster of Korea, composer Kim Hyung Seok's talent energizes the soundtrack of SBS' blockbuster drama Money's Warfare, adapted from a famous graphic novel and starring Park Shin Yang.

After the incredible success of Lovers in Paris in 2003, Park Shin Yang focused on films with mixed success, but his return to the small screen promises well: the show recorded ratings close to 30% in just four episodes, an incredible feat in the drama landscape of 2007, when most dramas have a hard time reaching even 20%. Park plays Geum Nara, a private moneylender turning more and more ruthless with time. He enters the life of Seo Ju Hee (Park Jin Hee), who's trying to put her life back together by marrying a rich man to get rid of her family's debts. When Nara ruins her plans, she vows to take revenge on him, but then fate plays tricks on them and they fall in love.

The soundtrack features ballad mainstay Sweet Sorrow, singing the theme song Simple Life, along with other stars like K.Will and Gemini. Composer Kim Hyung Seok has worked with some of the industry's most important names, such as Solid, Park Jin Young, Shin Seung Hoon, Kim Gun Mo, Lim Chang Jung, Park Ji Yoon, and more. – credits to YesAsia

As Much As Heaven and Earth (KBS Drama) OST (June 5)

With television ratings approaching 30%, KBS daily family drama By Land and Sky has been a big hit with viewers. Young stars Han Hyo Ju (Spring Waltz) and Park Hae Jin (Famous Chil Princess) portray a young couple hailing from very different family situations. Han Hyo Ju plays the smart and kind-hearted Ji Su who greatly values her family and goes out of her way to help others, while Park Hae Jin plays the outwardly rebellious Mu Young who constantly struggles in his relationships with his family. The ensemble cast includes Lee Joo Hyun (Sweet Spy), Kang Jung Hwa (What Planet Are You From?), and Hong Soo Ah, who previously appeared in Nonstop 5 with Han Hyo Ju. The drama takes a look at the state of the modern family, and the problems and conflicts that come up amongst family members.

In the hands of music director Kang Dong Yoon (Goodbye to Sorrow, Million Blossoms of Roses), the By Land and Sky OST brings together a line-up of talented singers. Gong Bo Kyung sings the titular theme song By Land and Sky (Track 1), and newcomer singer Sung Eun contributes "A Bigger Love" (Track 5). The 16-track album also includes songs from Kim Byeong Hwa (Track 7) and ballad crooner Kim Hyun Sung (Track 12). – credits to YesAsia

Clazziquai Vol. 3 – Love Child of the Century (June 7)

1. Prayers
2. Lover Boy
3. Center Of Life
4. Session 1 : All Hail
5. Gentle Giant
6. Last Tango
7. Fiesta
8. Next Love
9. Romeo N Juliet
10. Flower Children
11. Session 2 : Confession
12. Friday Blues
13. Glory
14. Light

– New Wave Comes Back!

The talented Clazziquai, known for their natural and wide range of electronic-influenced music have returned with their third album. Clazziquai have continuously introduced new styles of electronic-influenced music, but for their third album, they will be showing their fans what 'natural electronica' sounds like. From the very beginning, they have shown the best and advanced music there is, but this time they have taken a slightly different path and will be introducing more Western-European pop music. This album consists of a variety of genres and rhythms, and it also sends out a deep message about the world that we live in (eg: war between Israel and Palestine). What is natural electronica? Well, let's tune in and find out! – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

H2 Ga In Project Single (released)
Ready'O (single) – 손마 잡고 잘게 (released)
Danny Ahn (single) – 꿈이었으면 (released)
Oh Jong Hyuk (single) – 사랑이 그래요 (June 4)
Redrain Vol. 2 – Hwang Jini (June 5)
Chang Hoon – The Sad Love Story (June 7)
RNP Vol. 2 – 2nd Story (June 7)
V.O.S. Hyun Joon (single) – NA2ZEN (June 7)
Jed / Im Chang Jung – 사랑의 숲에서 길을 잃다 (June 8)
Allan Smithee – 프로잭트 0.5 (June 8)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung, Melon

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