Oh Jong Hyuk 1st digital single – 사랑이 그래요 (Love Is Like That) (released)

1. Love Is Like That
2. It's Alright

-Oh Jong Hyuk 1st Single [Love Is Like That]

Oh Jong Hyuk has returned to his fans with his first digital single that features two hot tracks. He released his first solo album last year and he successfully showcased his great vocal skills singing ballad songs. Without having many album activities for his first album, he was able to have his title song remain on the charts for along time. The title song for his digital single is entitled "Love Is Like That" which is a medium tempo ballad song that was composed by The Name and written by Wheesung. The song "It's Alright" is an exciting song with a funky rhythm which is perfect for the summer. Through this digital album, Oh Jong Hyuk will show a more mature image and music style. – credits to purpletiger86

JED & Lim Chang Jung – Lost in Love Forest (released)

1. Classic (With Sung-Pil)
2. Lost In Love Forest (With Lim Chang-Jung)
3. Sneeze (With Jin-Gu)
4. Will It Be Alright To Do That? (With Kim Chang-Ryul)
5. 樂(Pleasure) (With J)
6. Classic Acoustic Version (Narration Huh Young-Ran)
7. Lost In Love Forest (Instrumental)
8. Sneeze (Instrumental)

-"Lost In Love Forest" : JED & Lim Chang-Jung

All around entertainer Lim Chang-Jung will be making a welcoming appearance in JED's 1st single. Lim Chang-Jung has specially contributed to this single by writing the wonderful lyrics to the song "Lost In Love Forest" as well as being featured in the song. JED is finally making an appearance after three years of preparation. JED is well known for his talented rap skills and was featured in many albums for other musicians such as Kim Jong-Gook, Kim Bum-Soo, Lee Hyun-Do, Up Town, Uhm Jung-Hwa, Yangpa, Kil-Gun, Gavy NJ, Park Ji Yoon…etc. The title song "Lost In Love Forest" expresses a man's sadness and loneliness of losing the woman that he loved. This is a special project album that features many well known celebrities such as Lim Chang-Jung (singer/actor), Jin-Gu (actor), Kim Chang-Ryul (singer), J (singer), and Huh Young-Ran (actress). – credits to purpletiger86

Brown Eyes – The Very Best of Brown Eyes: Take A Favorite (June 12)

1. Piano Nocturne (벌써 일년)
2. 벌써 일년
3. 사랑2
4. For You
5. With Coffee
6. Song Of The Rain
7. 비 오는 압구정
8. True Love
9. 떠나지마
10. 언제나 그랬죠
11. No Day But Today
12. 그녀가 나를 보네
13. Miss You
14. 오후
15. 점점
16. 이 노래

Unforgettable R&B rhythms come alive on The Very Best Of Brown Eyes – Take A Favorite.
To the delight of many devotees of Brown Eyes, former member Yoon Gun released his mellow third album, My Romantic Occasion, in the spring season. All of those who would like an extra dose of the beloved duo's classics should check out this release which features material from their first and second albums selected by the other half of the duo, Na Ul. The album includes such memorable hits as Already a Year (Track 4), no day but today, "Afternoon" (Track 16), "Gradually" (Track 17), and miss you. The R&B-flavored sound express of Brown Eyes is ready to enchant music lovers once more. – credits to YesAsia

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Source: Hanteo, Annyoung, YesAsia, Melon