Our featured artiste this week is hip-hop trio Viva Soul. They are one of many hip-hop groups in Korea that bring a commercial style to the audience. The trio debuted in 2005 with the hit song "Swing My Brother". Recently, they released their 2nd album with the hit "Cry". Let's find out more about them:


Real name : Kim Joo-wan
Date of birth : April 1st, 1979
Blood type : B
Hobby : Motorcycling
Talents : Song & lyric writing, playing guitar, drawing
Favorite musician : Bob Marlyey
Favorite song : Bob Marley “No Women No Cry”, Yoo Jae-ha “The Days Gone By,” Deulgookhwa “Only That is My World”
Motto : Live as myself.
Favorite musical genres : Funk, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Hip hop, Bossa nova

Real name : Park Sung-yong
Date of birth : October, 17th, 1979
Blood type : A
Hobbies : Tasting delicacies, listening to music, taking photographs
Favorite songs : E-Go-Wrappin “Love Song”, Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On”
Favorite musicians : Sugar Ray, Maxwell, Shakkazombie, Buddha Brand, Jurassic 5, Brand Nubian
Favorite musical genres : Funk, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Hip hop…
Motto : Enjoy life! But do not forget the how precious every moment is.

Real Name : Choi Samuel
Date of birth : July 1st, 1979
Blood type : A
Hobbies : Wandering around listening to music, watching movies alone, looking at other people
Favorite musicians : Louis Armstrong, Norah Jones, Dangelo, M-flo, Orange Pekoe
Motto : Can’t win without patience.


“Viva Soul,” a “real” band that will be in the center of interest and popularity in 2005. Male trio Viva Soul is made up of members Jood, D'low and Samuel who are multi-players capable of rap, vocal, playing the instruments and even the artworks and producing of their own album. Before making its debut in the major pop music stages, the band cultivated its music with a color of its own for 7 years in the club scene near Hongik University. By making an official debut in the major pop music world, the 3-man band wishes to approach the populace as a delightful energy that will re-charge the minds and hearts of listeners who are bored by mediocrity.

Viva Soul's first hit was "Swing My Brother" which made it to the top 20 in 2005. This year, they came back stronger with their 2nd album. With the help of former Wanted member Ha Dong Kyun, their song "Cry" once again made it to the top 20. Besides Ha Dong Kyun, many artistes are featured in their 2nd album, including Alex (Clazziquai), Sugar Flow, Maboos, Tko, Shina-E, Koonta, Chae Yeon, Yona, and Wheesung.


Youth on the Road (1st album, 2005) : Swing My Brother, Youth on the Road, You’re My Sunshine, Music Picnic, My Town My Street, Bossa 2 Remember

Refresh (2nd album, 2007) : Cry, V.I.V.A.S.O.U.L., Soul Music, City High, High Up, Illusion, Tko Beat, Break Down, Freedom, Goodbye 20's, Keep On, Do You Remember, Fallin' Down, Happy Birthday, Refresh

credits to KBS World, edward1849