FT Island Vol. 1 – Cheerful Sensibility (released)

1. Painful Love
2. I Am Happy
3. Thunder
4. To One Person
5. Deep Attachment
6. A Man's First Love Will Last Until It Reaches The Grave
7. Told Me Not To Do It
8. Ft Island
9. Reo Reo
10. Primadonna
11. Greet
12. Don't Know The Rules Of How To Love
13. First Kiss

-Another idol group in their teens… FT Island.

FT Island's album is highly anticipated this year and they are expected to make a successful debut in Japan with the help of producer Han Sung Ho and M.net director Kim Kwang Soo. This album is organized into two chapters. In the Emotional Chapter, they will be showcasing their great vocal skills by singing songs that will gain attention from the majority of Koreans. Many wonderful musicians have contributed to this album: Composer and Producer Jo Young Soo, producer Han Sung Ho, and Yoon Gun. In the Island Chapter, many famous Japanese composers who composed songs for SMAP, Utada Hikaru, M-Flo and so on have contributed. Although FT Island are newcomers, we can definitely look forward to their album! – credits to purpletiger86

J (digital single) – 눈물로 (with tears) (June 18)

1. With Tears (Duet. Lee Jung)
2. Time…Makes Everything Die Out

-The real R&B diva has returned! A soothing voice full of emotions! J's digital single!

J has returned back to us with her very own digital single! J is well known for her soft, yet soulful vocals and has finally returned after a long absence from the music entertainment. The main title song is "With Tears", which is a wonderful duet featuring Lee Jung. This song was composed by Han Sang Won, who has composed hit songs for SS501 (4chance), Kara (Break It), Jang Woo Hyuk (Let's Go), Bada (V.I.P.), etc. This song has a smooth melody and is sung with J's soft and affectionate voice. It is about someone having to forget another person through tears. The sub-title song is "Time… Makes Everything Die Out" which is another great song with an R&B rhythm and minor melody. This song was composed by Suh Jung Jin and written by Kim Sae Jin. The song is about a woman who painfully tries to forget about her lover after the break up. – credits to purpletiger86

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Sources: Hanteo, Annyoung, Dosirak