Kim Dong Wan Vol. 1 – Kim Dong Wan Is (now delayed to July 6)

01. Dongwan Is (Intro)
02. It's My Fault
03. Handkerchief
04. Three Musketeers (Feat. MC Mong, Huh In Chang)
05. Scream (Feat.D.Bace,Dj Tukutz Of Epik High)
06. Love Is Disgraceful
07. My Love (Feat. Eric)
08. I Love Summer (Feat. Andy)
09. Remaining People (Duet With Shin Hye Sung)
10. A Person That Shouldn't Love (Duet With Byul aka Star)
11. Serious Talk
12. Scream (Instrumental)

-Kim Dong Wan, member of popular boy band "Shinhwa" has released his first solo album!

For the past ten years, Shinhwa has gained a lot of popularity throughout Asia and each member has been doing individual activities showing off their own singing and acting skills. Kim Dong Wan is returning back to his fans with his first solo album. Kim Dong Wan will be showing all of his abilities in this album as a solo artist. The title song entitled "Handkerchief" has a strong yet addicting melody that blends wonderfully with Kim Dong Wan's voice. This song is composed by producer Yoon Myung Seon who also composed songs such as "Oh My God" (Jang Yoon Jung) and "Black Glasses" (Eru) in the past. His close friends such as MC Mong and Huh In Chang have contributed to his album, as well as Byul and D.Bace who has always wanted to sing a duet with him. His group members from Shinhwa is also featured in his songs. – credits to purpletiger86

MC The Max Vol. 5 – Return Part II (released)

CD 1
01. Intro
02. Returns
03. 가슴아 그만해
04. 사랑이 끝나면(M/V Mix)
05. 사랑이 사랑을 버리다
06. Hope
07. 모래시계
08. 너만 있으면…
09. Oh! Plz (Feat. 럼블피쉬 최진이)
10. 눈을 감아도
11. Rain
12. Moment
13. What A Wonderful World
14. 눈물
15. 사랑이 끝나
CD 2
01. Intro
02. 붉은 노을 2007 New Ver.
03. 별 2007 New Ver.
04. 사랑을 믿어요 2007 New Ver.
05. 태양은 가득히 2007 New Ver.
06. Sixth Sense 2007 New Ver.
07. 사랑하고 싶었어 2007 New Ver
08. 눈물 M/V

This extended double disc edition comes with the following bonus material:
Showcase and previously unreleased making of material
"Tears" (Disc 2 – Track 7) MV shot especially in Japan
"Star" (Disc 2 – Track 1) New 2007 version
"My Heart Cannot Go On Like This Any Longer" MV(Disc 2 – Track 8) starring Park Shi Yeon and g.o.d's Yoon Kye Sang
The trio consisting of 2Soo (Lee Soo) on vocals, drummer Jun Min Hyuk, and violinist J Hoon, re-emerges after an extensive hiatus of around 1½ years. Their fifth major album and follow up to 2005's The Rusted Love contains 15 tracks. It lets their fans enjoy a passionate album packed with ballads full of the band's M.C. The Max feel. This time the boys have teamed up with promising peers like female R&B duo As One, Rumble Fish, and male duo J-Walk. What's more, they also received valuable assistance from composer/producer An Sung Il. As for the content, this time's principal track is "My Heart Cannot Go On Like This Any Longer" (Track 3), a melodious ballad composed by Shin In Soo, who earlier also worked with Fly to the Sky. Other recommendations on this release include the touching "All I Need Is You" (Track 8) and oh! Plz which features Rumble Fish's Choi Jini as well as "Even Though Love Is Over" (Track 15). – credits to YesAsia

Brown Eyed Girls single – I Am Summer (released)

1. Oasis (Feat. Lee Jae Hoon)
2. It's Mine
3. Oasis (Inst.)
4. It's Mine (Inst.)

Brown Eyed Girls debuted last year and has gained much attention from people for showing off their great vocal skills. They have made many hit songs such as "Come Closer", "Hold The Line", "Second", "Must Have Love"…etc. They are back with a digital single album that consist of two great songs perfect for the summer time! The title song is entitled "Oasis" which is a fun song composed by Yoon Il Sang. This song also features Lee Jae Hoon, a member from the disbanded group "Cool", who were well known for singing fun and up beat dance songs during the summer. The second track is entitled "It's Mine" which is about a woman who expresses her unconditional love to her boyfriend. – credits to purpletiger86

Sol Bi (Typhoon) single (released)

1. Why Did You Love?

Sol Bi, the main vocalist from the group band "Typhoon" has released her own digital single. The song is entitled "Why Did You Love?" which is a song about Sol Bi's past love that she has experienced in the past. She will express her feelings for the man she once loved before through singing. This song is composed by Kim Sae Jin who composed songs such as "Loved You" (Lyn) and "If It Was A Year" (Wheesung) in the past. This is also Sol Bi's first time writing the lyrics for her own song. Sol Bi will continue to show off her abilities for singing and acting. – credits to purpletiger86

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Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung, Dosirak

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