Fly To The Sky Vol. 7 – No Limitations (July 3)

01. I Love You
02. My Angel
03. Handful Of Memories
04. Even If I Can't Have It
05. Hate Me
06. Left Behind Person
07. Let's Get It On
08. Man 2 Man
09. On The Third Day
10. Don't Marry
11. It's Still Love (Feat. 헤리티지)
12. Still Pretty Today
13. Kissing You (Feat. Issac Squab Of Trespass)
14. Light Love (Feat. Hyun Moo & Tko Of Trespass)

-Fly To The Sky's new album "NO LIMITATIONS"

If we remember Fly To The Sky's song "Like A Man", than we should all be familiar with how much they've changed throughout the years. In 2006, they released their 6th album entitled "Transition", which was their best album that was highly praised by everyone. This time around, they will make another change in that they'll sing songs about men's delicate feelings about love. Fly To The Sky is already a well known group for having a wide range of vocal skills and this album fits perfectly for the summer time. Producer Jo Kyu Man and Hwang Sae Joon both produced this album. Many wonderful composers and songwriters have also contributed to this album. We will also be able to listen to the songs that Brian and Hwanhee individually wrote. Their title song is entitled "My Angel", which is a nice ballad song composed by Kang Hwa Sung. – credits to purpletiger86

2007 Summer SMTown (July 6)

1. Prologue For SMTOWN
2. Leave For Vacation (All)
3. Happiness (Super Junior)
4. Eve's Warning (Boa Feat. Shin Dong)
5. White Summer Christmas (DBSK)
6. Last Year's Summer Night Story (Kangta)
7. Festival (CSJH The Grace)
8. Tie Clam Shells (Hon Sung)
9. Under The sea (Hon Sung)
10. Leave For Vacation (Instrumental Version)
11. Under The sea (Instrumental Version)

-27 SM Entertainment Company Artistes Contributed In SMTOWN's Summer Album
-"07 SUMMER SMTOWN" will be released on July 4th!

All the tracks in this album are popular summer songs that have been newly remade. The title song is entitled "Leave For Vacation", which is originally sung by Jo Yong Pil. SMTOWN members will showcase their unique voices for this song. There are a total of 11 tracks in this album which are perfect for the Summer! – credits to purpletiger86

The Cross Vol. 3 – Magician (released)

1. Love Song
2. One Day
3. It Will Be You Again
4. Even If Time Passes By
5. Because I Love You
6. 낙원구 행복동 (NakWonGu Happy Building) / feat.RK
7. 이스락 (LeeSeuRak)
8. 919
9. Run
10. Story About Tears
11. Calling Out Love In The Center Of The World / feat. So Chan Hwee

The Cross became very popular last year while promoting a world cup project album with a famous violinist, Jenny Bae. During the one year hiatus, they worked on new songs and tried to find their own distinct color through this album. For this album, they have used many orchestra sound and traditional instruments. The Cross has introduced a new music genre called "Visual Cos Rock", which is a name that they came up with (Cos Rock = Cosplay Rock). There are a very few visual rock bands that exist today and The Cross hopes to spread the love for visual rock songs as they sing and promote it to rock fans. – credits to purpletiger86

Typhoon Vol. 2 – Travel (July 5)

1. With You
2. Blade Of A Knife
3. Just Then…
4. It's Still Better To Live
5. Leave
6. Vacation
7. Unexpected Story
8. All Of My Life
9. Misunderstanding Part 2
10. Bikini Cocktail
11. Why Did You Love?
12. Twist King
13. Friday Night

Typhoon will be releasing their 2nd album in July. Typhoon debuted last year in May with their 1st album and has gained much popularity. All throughout their 1st album activities, they have continuously been compared with another popular co-ed group "Koyotae" and many people have called them the "2nd Koyotae". But for this new album, Typhoon worked very hard to show their own originality and have people remember them as "Typhoon", not the "2nd Koyotae". They have sang a variety of genres and YuriSangja's member Lee Sae Joon has written a wonderful ballad song. They are expected to make many TV appearances while promoting and doing their 2nd album activities. – credits to purpletiger86

Wanted Vol. 2 – 7 dayz & Wanted (July 5)

1. Sorry.. (Narration Lee Bo Young)
2. Wonderful Day
3. I Promise You
4. Be My Woman
5. You And Me (Feat. Epik High)
6. Don't Go…Don't Go…Don't Go…
7. Bad Drunk
8. Oh, My Juliet (Feat. Common Ground)
9. 20070602 (Sang Hwan Solo)
10. Live With Tears (Jae Seok Solo) (Feat. Baek Ji Young)
11. Love Is… (Dong Kyun Solo)
12. Fly Me To The Moon (재호 Solo)
13. Crash / Special Edition
14. I Promise You (Instrumental)
15. Live With Tears (Instrumental)

-After three years, WANTED has released their new 2nd album!
-"7DAYZ & WANTED", everlasting friendship

WANTED debuted in 2004 with their first album entitled "Like The First". After the death of one of their member (Suh Jae Ho) due to a car accident, WANTED was forced to stop all their album activities. They have finally returned back to their fans after three years. WANTED members Ha Dong Kyun, Jeon Sang Hwan, and Suh Jae Ho originally debuted as 7DAYS in 2002. The group 7DAYS consisted of five members including Lee Jung. The leader of the group Kim Jae Suk debuted as 4U on the same year (2002). After their debut, most of the members went their own ways and did solo activities, but they all still kept their everlasting friendship and are now back together as a group. Their title song is entitled "I Promise You" which is a minor ballad song with sad lyrics. The song is composed by Lee Hyung Jung and written by Choi Gab Won. The leader of the group Kim Jae Suk sang a solo song entitled "Live With Tears" which is a duet song with Baek Ji Young. Popular hip hop group "Epik High" have also contributed to this album. Group WANTED went through a hard time and has finally returned to their fans with a more mature image and vocal skills. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

MC Mong (single) – So Fresh (released)
K.Will (single) – 하리오 (released)
Seo Yeon (single) – The Way to Paradise (released)
Knockdown Vol. 2 – Violence For Violence (July 2)
Superman Ivy – Yes Yes Ya'll (July 2)
Ever Spirit Vol. 1 – Catch Your Last Romance (July 2)
Green Face Vol. 1 – Kiss The Nature (July 2)
Han Dae Soo – Best of Han Dae Soo (July 3)

Source: Hanteo, Annyoung, YesAsia, Melon

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