Rumble Fish single – 그대 내게 다시 (That day, I again…) (released)

1. That day, I again…
2. That day, I again… (Guitar Ver.)
3. Smile Again (DJ Q Mix Ver.)

-Remembering the loving memories…Rumble Fish's love song "That day, I again…"

Korea's representative band Rumble Fish is making a quick return to their fans with a single this summer. Two songs from their 3rd album entitled "Smile Again" and "When Spring Comes and Flower Blossoms" has gained much attention from fans and ranked high on music charts. Through this new digital single, they'll show more of a variety and mature side to them. The title song "That day, I again…" is composed by Kim Hyung Suk and arranged by Rumble Fish themselves. It's a great ballad song with sad lyrics. As a bonus, they have included a guitar version of the title song and a club remix of their 3rd album title song "Smile Again". – credits to purpletiger86

Black Pearl Single (released)

1. What Can I Do If I Like It?

-2007, Korea's 2nd New Project "Black Pearl"

2007 is the year to bring out all the best new artistes! Black Pearl is a new female R&B group that can be easily compared with See Ya and other talented female groups. The best composers (Jo Young Soo, Kim Do Hoon, Min Myung Ki, Han Sung Ho…etc) have contributed by creating the best songs for all newcomers such as Black Pearl and FT Island. – credits to purpletiger86

Coffee Prince Shop No. 1 (MBC Drama OST) (July 25)

1. 랄랄라, It'S Love!
2. White Love Story
3. 커피한잔 어때? (허밍 어반 스테레오(Feat.요조))
4. Go Go Chan!![고고찬!!] (티어라이너(Tearliner)(Feat.요조))
5. 커피향 설레임
6. For A While (Mni민재)
7. Mocha
8. 바다여행[최한성Ver.] (이선균)
9. 햇살 한 조각
10. Polly
11. 알콩달콩
12. 바다여행
13. Double Shot
14. 좋은 기억
15. 바람에 살며시 앉다 [바다여행 Piano Ver.오수경]
16. Go Go Chan!![고고찬!! 방송 Ver.]

Funny, romantic, and completely charming, MBC drama The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince features heartthrobs Gong Yoo (One Fine Day) and Lee Seon Gyun (The Great White Tower) and sassy starlet Yoon Eun Hye (Palace) at their best. Gong Yoo stars as Han Kyul, an aloof, hot-tempered young man who can't figure out what he wants to do in life, but he knows he's not interested in the family business or all these blind dates his grandmother keeps arranging. At his grandmother's prodding, he begins to run a coffee shop and, mistaking the boyish-looking Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) for a guy, he hires her to work at the cafe…and pose as his boyfriend! It was just a ploy to scare off the blind dates, but the confused Han Kyul begins to fall for Eun Chan. Both a romantic comedy of errors and a sensitive urban drama about the dreams and confusions of modern young people, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince has been a big audience hit in South Korea.
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince OST is a delightful mix of sounds and sentiments, ranging from electronic to mainstream K-pop. Newcomer group The Melody leaves a deep impression with their two songs, "Lalala, It's Love!" (Track 1) and Polly (Track 10), while As One offer the romantic White Love Story (Track 2). For some electropop, there's Humming Urban Stereo's "How About a Cup of Coffee?" (Track 3) and Casker's Mocha and Double Shot (Track 13). Rounding out the selections is indie guitar pop act Tearliner with Go Go Chan!! (Track 4) and "Ocean Trip" (Track 12). "Ocean Trip" is Choi Han Sung's theme in the drama, and Lee Seon Gyun himself sings a softer, piano version (Track 15) of the song, also included in this soundtrack. – credits to YesAsia

JK Kim Dong Uk Vol. 4 (July 27)

1. 쿵팍 Life
2. Musical Loving (Feat. Bubble Sisters "Kang Hyun Jung")
3. Separation Is Like Love
4. Period
5. Unfamiliar Paradise
6. Love Can't Be Forgotten Even If You Try
7. One Person
8. Alien (Nowhere-Belonger)
9. Break Down (Feat. Bobby Kim)
10. Sun Flower (Guitar "Suh Woo Young", Harmonica "Yoon Do Hyun")
11. Don't Love (Feat.Mawang/Devil)

-Returning with a variety of different music genres, JK Kim Dong Wook.

JK Kim Dong Wook is returning back to his fans after one year. He is well known for singing great drama OST songs, remake songs, and sad ballad songs. He's also being called the 2nd Lim Jae Bum of Korea. He has recently sang a great song entitled "Parallel Lines" for KBS special 8 episode drama "Seoul Sad Song". Including his 2.5 remake album that has been released back in 2004, JK Kim Dong Wook has released a total of five albums. JK Kim Dong Wook has a very unique voice that everyone can recognize. In most cases, when we think of JK Kim Dong Wook, we think about his low husky voice that blends well with sad ballad songs. However, for his 4th album, he will be singing a variety of songs from different music genres such as jazz, rock, hip-hop…etc. Talented musicians such as Leo Kekoa, Bobby Kim, Kang Hyun Jung, Suh Woo Young and Yoon Do Hyun have all contributed to this album. JK Kim Dong Wook debuted with his 1st album with great ballad songs. For his 2nd album, he challenged himself by singing more upbeat hip-hop songs. For his 3rd album, he took another step further and sang great jazz songs. And now for his new 4th album, he has combined a variety of different music genres in this album. It is said that before working on this new album, JK Kim Dong Wook broke up with his girlfriend who he had dated for six years. The songs are written very meaningfully and truthfully. We can all anticipate for another hit album of JK Kim Dong Wook. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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