Bada (single) – Queen (released)

1. Queen (Feat. Lee Sae-Ho)
2. Allegro (Feat.Mario)
3. Queen (ReMix) (By Lee Jung-Hoon)

-Bada, returning as a Queen!!

Summer of 2006, Bada has gained a lot of popularity with her song V.I.P and she is now back with her new single entitled "Queen". The title song "Queen" was composed by the same composer (Han Sang-Won) who made her hit song last year "V.I.P". It is a very great and upbeat 80's-90's disco song that blends well with Bada's unique voice. We will be able to feel Bada's music style and anything Bada-like through this song. Her concept for this single is Lux-Vin (Luxury and Vintage) style, showing off her poofy hair and unique clothing. She has went through a total make-over. – credits to purpletiger86

Son Ho Young (single) – Sweet Love (released)

1. Am I Not Allowed?
2. My Heart At The Sky
3. Try To Draw
4. What Love Is
5. My Heart At The Sky (Guitar Version)

-July 27th, 2007, lovable Son Ho-Young will be releasing his single entitled "Sweet Love"

Son Ho-Young made his successful solo debut last year with his first album. He is returning after ten months as a main producer and singer for his first single album "Sweet Love". As the main producer of this album, he has written the the lyrics for his songs that expresses his own love stories. The songs in this album has a very simple and modern melody to them and it is very enjoyable to listen to. His wonderful voice and string instrumentals blend nicely together. – credits to purpletiger86

Super Junior – Attack on the pin-up boys OST (July 30)

1. Wonder Boy (Feat.Super Junior)
2. 사건현장
3. Show And Prove (Feat.Dead'P)
4. 범인 지목
5. Are You Ready? (Feat.Super Juinior-예성)
6. 자작극
7. 새로운 주인공
8. Rock The Floor (Feat.Marco)
9. 일상으로
10. Wonder Boy (Inst)

Super Junior comes to the big screen in the summer high school mystery comedy Attack on the Pin-Up Boys! Produced by S.M. Entertainment subsidiary S.M. Pictures, this hilariously over-the-top teen film features all the members of Super Junior, minus Kyu Hyun (still in recovery) and plus a giant panda (very healthy). Choi Si Won (Battle of Wits), Kim Hee Chul, Kang In, Kim Ki Bum (Snow Flower), and Lee Dong Hae lead the cast, while the other seven members take supporting roles; all the characters were written to fit in with their personalities. Cheekily poking fun at idol culture and the group's own pretty boy image, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys begins with a series of attacks targeting high school heartthrobs. Word is the next victim will be at Neulparan High School, and the three most likely candidates are student body president Si Won, dance club president Hee Chul, and judo team captain Kang In. Studious Ki Bum and buddy Dong Hae decide to investigate, posting their findings on the internet. Meanwhile the potential victims compete against each other for top pin-boy status and the fame that comes with it.

The Attack on the Pin-Up Boys OST serves up some energetic summer sounds. Super Junior's fun and fast-paced theme song Wonder Boy is a catchy up-tempo dance track with pop rock beats. Branching out into other musical styles, Ye Sung's solo track Are You Ready? is a loud moody rock number different from anything Super Junior has done before. Other songs on the soundtrack include Show and Prove from hip-hop artist Dead'p and Rock the Floor from Marco. – credits to YesAsia

Other releases:

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Il Rak (single) – 고래도 사랑합니다 (released)
Big Bang Vol. 2 – Super N (July 28) – no, this is not YG entertainment's Big Bang. It is a project group.
T-Max – Blooming (July 30)
Just (single) – Never Let You Go (August 1)
Kim Jong Wook Vol. 1 – First Album (August 1)
Park Sang Min (single) – Max (August 2)
Beautiful Romance – Beautiful Romance (August 2)
Oh! Brothers Vol. 4 – How Much Gettin' Very Hot (August 2)
Vodka Rain Vol. 1 – The Wonder Years [repack] (August 2)
Garina Project Vol. 1 – Tell Me Tell Me (August 3)
Kang Chul Vol. 2 – The New Revolution (August 3)

Sources: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo, Melon