Real name: Kang Yeon-Kyeong
Date of birth: March 22, 1982
Height: 165 cm
Talents: piano, flute
Education: Gye-won Arts High School, Dong-duk Women’s University
Debut: 2004 – 1st album "Daylight", “Aneun Yeoja" on “Someone Special” OST


Our featured artist this week is female singer Daylight. She already has an interesting turn in her brief career, moving from a rock singer to a ballad singer (you can also tell from comparing the album covers). Most of us knew her from her duet with ERU "Black Glasses" which was one of the most popular songs in 2006.

Daylight started our her career as a one person rock band "Daylight" in 2004, releasing her debut album. The title song "Angel Song" was a modern rock track and a remade of a Japanese hit song. Her performances received good reviews but was not able to generate a hit. Later, another song "Daylight", which is the same as the artist's stage name, was released. Compared to "Angel Song", "Daylight" is a more traditional ballad.

In the same year, Daylight also participated in "Someone Special" OST on another ballad "Aneun Yeoja". It seems that her ballad was more accepted to listeners than her rock songs. After this song, we did not hear from Daylight again for almost two years.

In October 2006, Daylight was featured in ERU's song "Black Glasses". This song became a big hit. People not only started to know ERU, but also starting to know Daylight. Some people thought that the female vocal part of "Black Glasses" by Daylight was one of the reason that the song was so successful. Even though Daylight did not perform many times on stage with ERU, fans were starting to get interested in her and checked out her old songs.

In 2007, Daylight is back as a solo artist this time, focusing on her ballads. She released a digital single with 2 songs. The title song "After Hair Cut" is an emotional ballad written by popular songwriter Minuki. The music video featured FINKL's Lee Jin. Daylight is quite active performing this song on various music shows. The song became her first solo top 20 hit.

Besides this song, Daylight also showing her composing skills, writing the other song on this single "Never Been Loved", which was based on her own experience. Now Daylight has re-established herself as an adult contemporary ballad singer. Fans are waiting for the release of her 2nd album.


Daylight (1st album, 2004-03-31): Daylight, Angel Song, Love Present, Fish Soup, It Hurts, Magical Princess, My Darling, Chocolate, Secret

After Hair Cut (Digital Single, 2007-06-12): After Hair Cut, Never Been Loved, After Hair Cut (Inst.), Never Been Loved (Inst.)

credits: edward1849

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