Wheesung Vol. 5 – Eternal Essence Of Music (September 5)

1. Love Hero
2. My Way
3. Love Is Delicious ♡
4. Even If You Get Hurt
5. Man And Woman Inside The Car
6. Take Care
7. A Sudden Secret
8. Savannah Woman
9. This Kind Of Situation
10. To Touch
11. Tick Tock
12. Stand In Front Of Separation
13. Punishment
14. Against All Odd

-Wheesung's 5th album [Essence of Music] will be released on September 5th, 2007
-This is Wheesung's awaited new album after he switched to a different music company.

During the two years of absence in the music industry, Wheesung had prepared and worked with 500 demo tracks, in which 14 of those tracks are included in his new 5th album. These are all high quality tracks that will be showcasing Wheesung's strong and vibrant voice. Korea's best hit song composers and lyricists has contributed in this album. Wheesung is quite well known as a singer and songwriter now. He composed and wrote a total of 3 tracks including the title song for this album. The remaining tracks were composed by very talented musicians such as Kim Do-Hoon, PJ, Park Chang-Hyun, Jeon Hae-Sung, Tae Wan, Tae Sung, Choi Gap-Won, Kang Eun-Kyung, Won Tae-Yeon, Oh Sung-Hoon, etc… The photographer for this album is Kwon Young-Ho who helped Wheesung change his style and appearance. The concept for this album jacket is "minimalism" which will transform Wheesung's heavy image to more of a light and sharp image. Wheesung held a photo shoot with famous fashion leaders, stylists and designers. He also held his fabulous live concert "2007 WHEESHOW" on August 25 and 26, in which he introduced his new title song in front of his fans. – credits to purpletiger86

Baek Ji Young – Vol. 6 – Sixth Miracle (September 7)

01. Intro
02. Loving One Person is Enough
03. Reason there are Lots of Tears
04. Not Even One Phone Call
05. Like an Old Habit
06. Nap
07. One Woman
08. I Love Even Your Sadness (Remake)
09. Interlude
10. I Like
11. Quietly Quietly
12. For the Separation
13. Until I Feel Feelings
14. Around and Around (Remake)

When Baek Ji Young came out with her new album in 2006, everyone was curious but no one expected her 5th album, “SMILE AGAIN” to be that year’s best album. Known as the female solo dance artists, she was able to shed this image and she sang ballads with her husky voice in I Won’t Love. In her upcoming 6th album, “6th Miracle”, Baek Ji Young hasn’t forgotten about her best qualities and she sings both ballads and upbeat tracks on this album. Many famous composers and lyricist such as Kim Do Hoon, Kim Seh Jin, Hwang Chan Hee, Lee Hyun Seung, Cho Eun Hee, and others took part in the album as well. The title track, Loving One Person is Enough, was written by top hit maker composer, Kim Do Hoon and Kee Hyun Seung and it was made specially for her. Her dance title track, I Like is different from her previous dance tracks as this one has a trendy pop dance style to it, in addition to rapping by Christopher. Baek Ji Young’s 6th album is filled with fun and will be enjoyable to the ears of everyone. – credits to motoway065

Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 2 – 떠나라 미스김 (Leave Ms. Kim) (September 6)

01. There is No Man feat.Young Ji
02. I'm Laughing (Ga In)
03. Leave Ms. Kim
04. Tagger
05. I Got Fooled By You
06. Why of All Things
07. Oasis feat. Lee Jae Hoon
08. Dazzlingly Good Day
09. Triangle
10. Hypnosis
11. Mine
12. How Could I Love You
13. Tagger (Background Music)
14. Leave Ms. Kim (Background Music)

The Best Female Vocal Group
Brown Eyed Girls Volume 2 Album "Leave Ms. Kim" on Sale
Brown Eyed Girls, who did well last year promoting their 1st and Project albums with the songs, Coming Closer/Second (Vol. 1), Hold the Line feat. Jo PD, The Day/Jung with Seeya, and Must Have Love with SG Wannabe, is releasing their 2nd album on September 6th. The title track, I Got Fooled By You, has a totally new style. Starting the song off with brilliant strings and brass, you can hear pop music reminiscent of the 70-80’s. Miryo’s rapping makes this song more stylish. Brown Eyed Girls shows their singing skills with the help of the groovy bass and funky guitar. Many females can relate to the lyrics as they are about heartbreak. Before the release of their 2nd album, an up-tempo digital single, Oasis, was released to fit the summer season, and it received much love. During their 2nd album promotions, they are going to continue with their hybrid music. We await their R&B, Soul, and Hip-hop-ish melodies and rhythm. – credits to motoway065

Drunken Tiger Vol. 7 – Sky Is The Limit (September 5)

01. Sky is the Limit
02. Mutation
03. Tiger with Big Rebirth
04. Me On TV
05. Every Night 01
06. Craft
07. Every Night 02
08. I Don’t Like It
09. Skit 01
10. Death of a Salesman
11. Be Born Even After Birth
12. Skit 02
13. Hollyhood
14. Arithmetic
15. Die Legend
16. Skit 03
17. Jam Skhool
18. 8:45 Heaven
19. Happiness Condition
20. Tiger JK Says

Drunken Tiger 7th [Sky is the Limit]
Korea’s best Hip Hop artist, Drunken Tiger has come back with their 7th album, “Sky is the Limit”, two years from their last. This 7th album consists of 20 tracks with the total length of 68 minutes combined. The good thing about their previous 6 albums is that you can hear the taste of various genres and hip-hop combined together. In this album, the rich rhyme and rapping that only Drunken Tiger can do, is shown. From their first to their last tracks, the album is filled with hip-hip mania. The first song, Mutation, has powerful rapping from Tiger JK. Tiger with Big Rebirth has a catchy beat and melody and its lyrics are strong like the word “rebirth” in the title. The track 8:45 Heaven is dedicated to Tiger JK’s grandmother who has passed away. However, it’s also for anyone who has lost a loved one. In I Don’t Like It, you can hear Yoon Mi Rae’s (T's) voice. Drunken Tiger flows like the river in their latest album, “Sky is the Limit”. – credits to motoway065

Stonyskunk Vol. 4 – MORE FYAH (September 4)

01. Skunk (Intro)
02. I'm Happy
03. Scream
04. S-Kush: Are You Ignoring Me? (Skit)
05. LA Story
06. More Fyah
07. Lullaby
08. Casino
09. Irie Jamaica
10. Red Lantern
11. A Trip To Another Different World
12. Fired up
13. Spy In The South MC (Skit)
14. Just Laughs

-Reggae Duo Stony Skunk's 4th Album [More Fyah]
-2007 August, Skull reached 4th place on America's Billboard Music Chart for R&B/Hip Hop Singles Sales

Korea's famous reggae duo Stony Skunk is back with their new 4th album [More Fyah] which will showcase Skull's deep soul voice and S-Kush's strong hip hop sound. Just like their 3rd album, both Skull and S-Kush produced, composed and wrote all the songs in this album. The title song is entitled "Lullaby" which is a great song that brings out the reggae drum and sad guitar sounds. The song "LA Story" is about Skull's debut in America and S-Kush's skit track "Are You Ignoring Me?" is about S-Kush who was left behind in Korea while Skull left to America on his own.There are total of 14 hot tracks in this album. Other artistes who have contributed are A-dust and Teddy (from 1tym). This album will be released on September 4th. – credits to purpletiger86

Eve Vol. 8 – Play Me (September 3)

1. Play Me
2. Get Away
3. Get It On
4. My Everything
5. Hate Love
6. Don't Have Only You
7. Heaven
8. Fallen Angel
9. Devil's Calling

Eve is a well known Korean rock band that sings a variety of different rock style songs such as metal sound, pop rock, new wave, modern rock…etc. This group always comes up with new music trends. There are a total of 9 great tracks in this album that we can all look forward to. – credits to purpletiger86

8eight – Vol. 1 – The First (September 6)

01. Forget Love and Sing
02. Can I Love
03. Going Crazy
04. We Can’t Love
05. If I Only Had One Day feat. V.O.S
06. Come Back
07. I Can Hear the Memories
08. Listen to Me feat. Lim Jung Hee & K.will
09. Between feat. Wonder Girls & Pdogg
10. World Full of Love

Show Rival’s Best Contender 8Eight
Hybrid R&B that only 8EIGHT can do. (Forget Love and Sing)
The title track, Forget Love and Sing, is a song that shows 8EIGHT’s style well. Their music is influenced by African American and White genres and they are about love, life, and a positive outlook on life. Talented vocalist, Joo Hee has a profound, yet soft voice, while Power Vocal Lee Hyun pours his feelings into the songs. Rapper Baek Chan also adds flavor and fun into the tracks. – credits to motoway065

Kim Jo Han (duet with T) single – Wonderful (released)

1. Wonderful (더 카마엘)
2. Wonderful (더 카마엘) (Inst.)

-Korea's Best Artistes: Tiger JK, Kim Jo Han, T Yoon Mi Rae, Digital Single Project!

Just like the title song for this digital single, the harmony between Kim Jo Han and T Yoon MI Rae is wonderful! Famous guitarist Sam Lee played the guitar for this song. It is a nice medium tempo R&B/Hip Hop track with nice drum, keyboard, acoustic guitar samplings. Despite Tiger JK's busy schedule in making his new album, he has contributed to this digital single. This is a highly anticipated digital single with Korea's best musicians singing together. Unlike today's music trend, they would like to bring back a wonderful song that is a mixture of both R&B and Hip Hop. – credits to purpletiger86

Lisa duet single Vol. 2 (with Dynamic Duo) – Tonight (released)

1. Tonight (Tonight Is The Night)
2. Tonight (New R&B Mix)
3. Tonight (Old School Hiphop New Mix)
4. Love That Is More Wonderful At The End Rather Than The Beginning (Dream Mix)

-A singer that sings while drawing. Artist and singer, Lisa's second drawing

Lisa has released a couple of digital singles with famous musicians such as Lee Seul-Chul and Fly To The Sky. She is back with her second duet single. She has worked with many great musicians in the past and sang a variety of music genres such as R&B, ballad, hip hop…etc. The duet song for this single is a remake of one of her own songs in her album entitled "Tonight". This new version features Dynamic Duo. The last track in this single is a nice duet song she did with Lee Seung-Chul awhile back, which has been newly remixed. Lisa is an artiste with a modern vocal style. – credits to purpletiger86

Bubble Sisters (single) – Be Strong (Girls Be Ambitious) (September 6)

01. Like a Shadow
02. Enough of Love Now
03. Only on the Weekends feat. Dynamic Duo Gaeko)

Bubble Sisters Single Album ‘Be Strong (Girls Be Ambitious)’
Korea’s female group with skills, Bubble Sisters, has made a comeback about half a year later (when they had released their third album, “Dynamic Episode”) with their single album, “Be Strong”, which is filled with exciting disco, hip-hop, and techno sounds. Unlike their previous three albums where it was ballads, this single album, “Be Strong” is filled with fast-beat songs. You can hear their refreshing vocals and enjoy the lyrics. Starting from their 2nd album, Bubble Sisters’ leader, Seo Seung Hee who was in charge of producing the album, now composes in addition to it. Their song, Like a Shadow, is about the feeling of not being able to erase one’s first love. Hip Hop group, Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko composed the track, Only on the Weekends and even features in the song. Their title track, Enough of Love Now has a disco rhythm and was composed by Kim Hee Won, who also composed Maybee’s song, I Wish. – credits to motoway065

Other releases:

Noblesse (single) – Rina Scenza (released)
The Cat House (single) – Butterfly (released)
Lee Sang Eun (single) – Out of Space (released)
Sweet Guerillaz (single) – Keep Your Way (released)
Jasmine (single) – Sweet Breath (released)
J.W. Kim Trio Vol. 1 – The Trace (September 3)
Yeon Woo (single) – Season In The Sun (September 4)
Ironic Hue Vol. 1 – Into The Mirror (September 6)
Honey Family Vol. 4 – 네번째 이야기 (September 6)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung, Melon, Dosirak, Kyobobook