New k-pop album releases - September 8 to 14, 2007

Lee Soo Young – Vol. 8 – Set It Down (September 12)

01 Midnight
02 Love is all Like That
03 Bob Hair Cut
04 Absent-Mindedly
05 Heaven
06 Violet Rain
07 Splendid You
08 Even These Days Come
09 Wind Blowing Softly
10 Lullaby (Interlude)
11 Lavenda
12 Long Time Relation
13 Twenty Nine
14 My Angel (Interlude)
15 Everything is Accomplished

Lee Soo Young who has been in the industry for almost 10 years has released her 8th album with a lighter note, allowing listeners to listen comfortably. Because the songs in this album have more diversity, listeners won’t be bored and will enjoy listening to them. In this album, Sung Shi Kyung, Lee Seung Hwan, and others have helped compose hit songs. Hwang Sung Jae, who has helped her achieve the Grand Prize Award with ‘Hwilili’ and composed, ‘Grace’ produced this new album. Lee Soo Young personally took part in writing 11 of the songs’ lyrics and even composed one of the songs. We can expect the Queen of Ballad to make a great comeback with her 8th album. – credits to motoway065

Wonder Girls Vol. 1 – The Wonder Years (September 13)

1. I Wanna
2. This Fool
3. Tell me
4. Friend
5. Headache
6. So What (Feat. David Kim)
7. Wishing On A Star
8. Move (Feat. Lee Min Woo)
9. Take It
10. Good Bye
11. Bad Boy
12. Sorry Heart
13. Irony

-THE WONDER YEARS, The Perfect 80's "RETRO"

Female group "Wonder Girls" made an excellent debut appearance with their powerful dance song "Irony" during the first half of this year. They are now back with their official first album entitled "THE WONDER YEARS". There are a total of 13 tracks in this album and the title song is "Tell Me". It is a pop dance song that has a strong sound and rhythm to it. From attire to choreography, Wonder Girls will be pulling off a trendy 80's retro style. Producer Park Jin Young was a popular singer during the 1990's where he pulled off the 70's disco style look with his hit song "She Was Pretty". Famous musicians such as David Kim and Lee Min Woo (from Shinhwa) have contributed to this album to make it more meaningful. – credits to purpletiger86

Na Yoon Kwon Vol. 2 – 후 (September 14)

1. What The Wind Says
2. Back View
3. Good Fortune
4. Even If It's Nothing
5. Bellucia
6. It Wasn't Back Then
7. It's All Right
8. Beauty
9. Small Love (Always)
10. Erase, Hate, Forget
11. Something That Can Happen To Us
12. Back View (Instrumental)

-"Na Yoon Kwon" Second Album [Back View]

It took two years for Na Yoon Kwon to return to the music scene with songs that can express him perfectly. He debuted with his first album back in 2005 and was praised as a new singer who could sing very well. He is now back with his second album that will show off his strong vocal skills and mature image. During his debut, Na Yoon Kwon had contributed in many different projects such as singing for a movie/drama soundtrack and singing a duet with Byul (Star). The title song is entitled "Back View" which is a traditional ballad song composed and written by Yoon Jong Shin. It is a very sad and touching song which expresses Na Yoon Kwon's strong voice very well. – credits to purpletiger86

EX – Vol. 1 – Tell the Story (September 11)

01 Bonjour Juteme
02 TV Star
03 Contact Me
04 Drive
05 Super Car
06 Liking is Enough
07 Strawberry
08 Na Na Na
09 Jang Geum’s Dream
10 I Ask For Your Favor
11 Fantastic Girl’s Paper No.1
12 Marionette

In MBC’s 2005 University Gayo, EX, who won the Grand Prize Award with ‘I Ask For Your Favor’ has released their first album. The once 5 member group now consists of 3 members, Lee Sang Mi, Park Ji Yeon, and Gong Young Jun. From the songs, you can hear various stories, whether it’s about feelings trapped deep inside one’s mind (in ‘I Ask For Your Favor’) or one’s thoughts due to the issues of society. Jaurim’s Dreamer, Goo Tae Hoon, and Hwang Sung Jae (known for writing songs for DBSG, Super Junior, and Shinhwa), who the members of EX have respect for, have taken part in producing this album. With all these great producers helping out, it’s hard to believe that this is EX’s debut album. Their title track, Marionette is very lively and it is reminiscent of the styles of Linkin Park and Evanescence because of the modern rock flavor of the song. The lyrics for this track were written by bass player, Park Ji Yeon. – credits to motoway065

Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop (MBC Drama) OST Vol. 1.5 (September 10)

1. Love Is Weaken When It Comes Out Of Mouth. (Low-End-Project)
2. 유주, 한성 Dialogue – 다시 만난 두 사람, 그리고 베이글
3. Good Bye (Melody(더 멜로디))
4. May (Belle Epoque)
5. 다시(Acoustic Ver.) (Cloud Cuckoo Land(클라우드 쿠쿠랜드))
6. 바랜 고백 (Casker(캐스커))
7. Gazer Razer (Studio Live Ver.) (Tearliner(티어라이너))
8. 은찬, 한결 Dialogue – 은찬과 한결의 화해
9. Make Up (어른아이)
10. I'Ll Be A Virgin I'Ll Be A Mountain (Maximilian Hecker)
11. 11월 (Fanny Fink(파니 핑크))
12. 은찬 Dialogue – 소리내어 우는 은찬
13. Rain Coat (Tearliner(티어라이너))
14. 위로 (Misty Blue(미스티블루))
15. 한성 Dialogue – 사랑이 아니라, 흔들린 거야
16. Alien (Arco)

1. 한결 Dialogue – 한결의 고백
2. Sad Thing (어른아이)
3. 한결, 은찬 Dialogue – 의형제 맺기로 한 은찬과 한결
4. 연애를 망친 건… 바로 나란 걸 알았다 (Low-End Project)
5. 아이쿠 (김창완)
6. Coffee Is (Cloud Cuckoo Land(클라우드 쿠쿠랜드))
7. Running (Donawhale(도나웨일))
8. 은찬, 한결 Dialogue – 성장하는 사랑
9. 좋은 사람 (Fanny Fink(파니 핑크))
10. Wishy-Washy Boy (Tearliner(티어라이너))
11. Last Arpeggios (푸른새벽)
12. 한결, 은찬 Dialogue – 사랑의 발견
13. Balloons & Champagine (Ephemera)
14. Novaless (Tearliner(티어라이너))
15. 한결 Dialogue – 고은찬 빨리와라!! 고은찬 보고싶다!!
16. Perfect World (Restraint) (Arco)
17. Space Island (Moon Version) (Tearliner(티어라이너))

Funny, romantic, and completely charming, MBC drama The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince has been the big hit of the summer. Starring heartthrobs Gong Yoo (One Fine Day) and Lee Seon Gyun (The Great White Tower) and sassy starlet Yoon Eun Hye (Palace) in a gender-bending performance, the drama is both a romantic comedy of errors and a sensitive urban drama about the dreams and confusions of young people. Gong Yoo stars as Han Kyul, a wealthy and hot-tempered young man who can't figure out what he wants to do in life. At his grandmother's prodding, he begins to run a coffee shop and, mistaking the boyish-looking Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) for a guy, he hires her to work at the cafe…and pose as his boyfriend! It was just a ploy to scare off all of his grandmother's arranged blind dates, but the confused Han Kyul begins to fall for Eun Chan.

Indie artist Tearliner again serves as music director for this second 1st Shop of Coffee Prince OST. Containing 33 tracks over two CDs, this soundtrack presents a relaxing selection of earthy music and dialogue tracks. The album's offerings include the Tearliner-arranged Love Is Weaken When It Comes Out Of Mouth (CD 1 – Track 1) by Low-end Project and "Oh" (CD 2 – Track 5), which was written especially for the soundtrack by Kim Chang Wan who plays Mr. Hong in the drama. – credits to YesAsia

Other releases:

Huckkberry Finn – 환상…나의 환멸 (released)
Jung Sung Min – Try Again (released)
Golden Pops – The Great Fictions (released)
Calibaba Vol. 1 – It's The Time (released)
Banana Boat – With A Twist (released)
Ha You Sun (single) – 1234EVER (released)
Revez (single) – Heaven's Diary (released)
Sharon's Eye – Beautiful Day (released)
Shin Seo Ho (single) – 더 나은 클럽 (released)
Cho Hyun Gu Vol. 1 – Chapel Fusion Sound (released)
Fenneky (single) – 안녕하세요 (released)
사랑과평화 Vol. 8 – Life & People (September 11)
Joo Da In Vol. 2 – 너라면 (September 11)
KG – You Ain't Seeing Nothing Yet (September 11)
Vasco Vol. 2 – 덤벼라 세상아 (September 12)
Yuk Gak Soo Vol. 3 – 버텨 (September 12)
Xeno Vol. 1 – Seventeen Xeno (September 12)
Sheean Vol. 1 – The Stellar Song (September 13)
Jang Yoon Jung: Best Hit Album (September 14)

Sources: Hanteo/KMDIA, YesAsia, Kyobobook, Dosirak

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