New k-pop album releases - September 15 to 21, 2007

ERU Vol. 3 – ERU Returns (September 19)

01 Because It’s the Two of Us
02 Have We Loved
03 Wintering
04 Love is Sad Talk
05 Mannequin
06 I Love You
07 Disguise
08 I’m Happy
09 She is Crying
10 One Word
11 Greetings

Eru who had much success with hit songs, “Black Glasses” and “White Snow” from his second album, is finally coming back with his third. The title track for this third album, “Because It’s the Two of Us” was composed and written by MINUKI, and is about the heartache separation brings. The music video, which took 5 days to film and was directed by An Sung Gi and Park Joong Hu, has a great cast consisting of Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Gae In, Gyun Mi Ri, and others. Eru is very thankful for the aid from his seniors and he mentioned that he hopes to show excellent performances through this new album. Eru took part in composing and writing lyrics for the track, “Have We Loved” which is a minor ballad where you can feel the sadness through the violin strings. – credits to motoway065

Lee Ki Chan (single) – Love too…Separation too… (released)

1. Love too…Separation too…
2. Days of waiting too…Days of forgetting too…
3. Love too…Separation too… (Inst.)
4. Days of waiting too…Days of forgetting too…(Inst.)

Lee Ki Chan had released his 9th album in the beginning of this year and he is now back with his new single album. Two famous composers Kim Do Hoon and Min Myung Ki have composed the title song entitled "Love too…Separation too…" together, while lyricist Choi Gap Won wrote the lyrics for this song. To top it off, this song was completed by two of the best composers, lyricist and singer. Lee Ki Chan, who is known for his soothing and relaxing voice, will be showcasing his mature and powerful vocal skills. It is a sad song about a man who tries hard to forget the memories of his girlfriend whom he broke up with, but these memories of her won’t fade from his mind and follow him around like a shadow. The second track on this album is a remake of one of Lee Seung Hwan’s hit songs, entitled "Days of waiting too…Days of forgetting too…". This is a high quality single album that has been completed with the best instrumentals. This single is expected to be another big hit of Lee Ki Chan’s this Fall. – credits to purpletiger86

Yoo Seung Jun Vol. 7 – Rebirth of YSJ (September 18)

1. Rebirth Of YSJ
2. My World
3. 6 In The Morning (Feat. $Upacool)
4. Radio (Interlude)
5. Radio (Feat. Hu Ni Hoon, H-Eugene, Jang Geun of Supasta)
6. Baby Talk 2 Me (Feat: Huh In Chang, Lee Min Young)
7. Because I Couldn’t Forget; Missing U (Feat. Park Jin Shil)
8. Breakin’ Love (Feat. $Upacool)
9. After Love
10. One For Me (Feat. Yumi Cha)
11. Fireworks

After six years of exile from the Korean pop scene, Yoo Seung Jun returns with his seventh album, jammed up with newly upgraded sounds. Yoo Seung Jun Vol. 7 – Rebirth of YSJ is a special release that was produced specifically in mind for his longtime fans who have stood by him throughout the highs and the lows of his career. The album will be released in ten different countries, and all profits from the record sales will be donated to charity.

Yoo Seung Jun Vol. 7 – Rebirth of YSJ is the result of an astounding team of music producers, lyricist, composers, and rappers from Korea, China, and the US. The album was praised by music professionals such as Teddy and Lee Sang In for continuing to push the envelope of perfection in the Asian music industry. Yoo Seung Jun Vol. 7 – Rebirth of YSJ is comprised of eleven tracks, showcasing Yoo Seung Jun’s new vocal style, powerful rhythmic beats, and sophisticated rap numbers. Tracks such as Missing U (Track 7), Breakin’ Love (Track 8), One For Me (Track 10), and "Fireworks" (Track 11) provide a perfect night for all hip-hop fans. – credits to YesAsia and purpletiger86

Cherry Filter remake album – Rewind (September 17)

1. Intro (Yuri)
2. Feel It
3. Supermarket
4. Goddess’s Tree
5. To Do
6. Left-handed
7. Fake
8. The Wind Beneath My Wings
9. Island House Baby
10. A Dog of Flanders
11. Pupil (of the eye)
12. Outro (Yuri)

– Cherry Filter’s remake album entitled "Rewind", rediscovery of songs that sound very familiar, yet sung in a different and unique style

– Remake = A Simple Cover Up?
Many mega hit songs which have been around for many years are being remembered again through great remake albums that are being released by different artistes who proudly take the honor to remake such hit songs into their own singing style. Unlike most remake albums, Cherry Filter took a different route by remaking songs that have not been remade numerous times by other artistes. They have made their decisions to release a remake album with songs that they have always wanted to recreate on. In this kind of circumstance, they have run into many struggles and misfortunes. Due to copyright issues, there were forced to give up on remaking American songs that they wanted to remake, but they have also had luck and were given permission to use songs by personally asking the original artistes themselves.

"Remake = Recreate" as well as "Remake = Reinvent"
Cherry Filter have done more than just taking an original song and making it into their own. They have completely transformed each track by recreating and reinventing it. Releasing a remake album is not an easy process and artistes who do sing remake songs will always be compared to the original singer, no matter how good or bad they are. There were many issues that they had to tackle before they were able to release this remake album and they have successfully made it through, although they had to endure a lot of hardship. Be on the look out for Cherry Filter’s anticipated remake album. – credits to purpletiger86

V.O.S. Special Single (September 18)

01 Everyday Everyday
02 It Must be Easy
03 By All Means
04 Everyday Everyday (Instrumental)
05 It Must be Easy (Instrumental with Chorus)
06 By All Means (Instrumental with Chorus)

V.O.S. who are receiving much love for their great voices, have made a comeback with three new tracks, “Everyday Everyday”, “It Must be Easy”, and “By All Means”. From their debut, V.O.S. were praised as the best R&B male vocal group. Their title track, “Everyday Everyday” was composed by Korea’s best hit makers, Cho Young Soo and Ahn Young Min. It’s a ballad that brightly expresses lovers’ fights, separation, and reunion. From this single, listeners can feel V.O.S.’ brand new style. – credits to motoway065

Other releases:
Young Ae – 1st Single (released)
Clamano – Walk Like Fizz (released)
Lee Hyo Eun – Separate (released)
65 Paradise – Beat for life (released)
Answers – A Man and His Soul (released)
Han Si Hoo 1st single – Summer Story (released)
Mascota Blue – A Journey with Mascota Blue (released)
Kim Min Ki Vol. 1 – 1971 (September 17)
No Brain Vol. 5 – 그것이 젊음 (September 17)
GoGoBoys 1st single – Ready To Jump Around (September 18)
DBSG – Shine (DVD) (September 19)
Choi Woo Jun – Saza’s Groove (September 19)
Daybreak Vol. 1 – Urban Life Style (September 19)
Park Soo Yeon Vol. 1 – 별과 바람의 노래 (September 20)

Source: Hanteo, kyobobook (Hottracks), YesAsia, dosirak

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