Artist of the week - Girls' Generation / 소녀시대 (SNSD) / 少女時代


Real Name: 임윤아 (Im Yoona)
Stage Name: YoonA 윤아
Birth Date: May 30th, 1990 (17)
Height: 166 cm
Blood Type: B
Previous Works: TVXQ ‘Magic Castle’ M/V (2004), SANYO Eneloop CF (2006), TEUN TEUN English ‘Follow Me’ CF (2006), Super Junior ‘U’ M/V (2006), TSZX The Grace ‘열정 (My Everything)’ M/V (2006), ELITE School Uniform CF (2007), HAITAI Beverage Sunkist ‘Lemonade’ CF (2007), Clean & Clear CF (2007), MBC Drama ‘9 Hits, 2 Outs’ (2007)

Real Name: 최수영 (Choi Sooyoung)
Stage Name: SooYoung 수영
Birth Date: February 10th, 1990 (17)
Height: 170 cm
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Japanese
Previous Works: Japanese Duo Route O (2002-2003), SAMSUNG ANYCALL 64-Poly Slide Up Phone ‘Music Battle’ CF (2003), CHUBBYGANG Clothing Model (2003), School Looks Uniform Model (2004), MNET Hello Chat VJ (2005), Sungmin & SooYoung Reckless Radio of Melon DJ (2007)

Real Name: 권유리 (Kwon Yuri)
Stage Name: YuRi 유리
Birth Date: December 5th, 1989 (18)
Height: 167 cm
Specialty: Chinese, Swimming
Previous Works: KM Super Junior Show ‘The King’s Boyfriend’ (2005), TVXQ ‘Beautiful Life’ M/V (2006), ORION Choco Pie China CF (2006), Dongil Highvill Apartment CF (2006), Hot Choco Mite CF (2006), ‘Attack on the Pin-Up Boys’ Movie (2007)

Real Name: 서주현 (Seo Juhyun)
Stage Name: SeoHyun 서현
Birth Date: June 28th, 1991 (16)
Height: 168 cm
Blood Type: A
Specialty: Chinese, Piano

Real Name: 정수연 (Jung Sooyeon), Jessica Jung
Stage Name: Jessica 제시카
Birth Date: April 18th, 1989 (18)
Height: 163 cm
Blood Type: B
Specialty: English

Real Name: 이손규 (Lee Sonkyu)
Stage Name: Sunny 써니
Birth Date: May 15th, 1989 (18)
Height: 158 cm
Specialty: Sports

Real Name: 김태연 (Kim Taeyeon)
Stage Name: TaeYeon 태연
Birth Date: March 9th, 1989 (18)
Height: 162 cm
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Chinese
Group Position: Leader
Previous Works: The One ‘You Bring Me Joy’ (2004)

Real Name: 김효연 (Kim Hyoyeon)
Stage Name: HyoYeon 효연
Birth Date: September 22nd, 1989 (17)
Height: 160 cm
Specialty: Chinese, Dance

Real Name: 황미영 (Hwang Miyoung), Stephanie (스테파니) Hwang
Stage Name: Tiffany 티파니
Birth Date: August 1st, 1989 (18)
Height: 162 cm
Specialty: English, Flute


Our featured artiste this week is SM entertainment’s So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), also known as Girls’ Generation. They are a large girl group made up of 9 members who are no strangers to the entertainment business. Although the new group made their formal debut in early August, members Yoon-A, Tiffany, Tae-yeon, Yu-ri, Hyo-yeon, Soo-young and Seo-hyun have already appeared in various advertisements and TV and radio shows. The multi-lingual group boasts members who can speak Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. Jessica and Tiffany were raised in the US and Soo-young was in a Japanese girl group called Route-O. They were trained for more than a year.

Like all other new SM groups, SNSD have created a lot of hype even before debut. Pictures of members and news about them in training were easily found everywhere, making their debut even more highly anticipated. SNSD did not disappoint us. Their debut song "Into the new world" made it into the top 10 and they showed maturity performing on stage. They are bound for international stardom. Very soon, we should find them gaining popularity all around Asia, and eventually around the world. Also, as they gain more popularity, individual members may branch out for solo or sub-group assignments, like Super Junior. Watch out for these girls.


Into The New World (“다시 만난 세계/ Dashi Mannan Segye”) (1st single, 2007) : Into The New World, Beginning, Perfect For You, Into The New World (Instr.)

Credits: KBS World, edward1849, SNSD offical thread @ soompi

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