New k-pop album releases - September 22 to 28, 2007

Super Junior Vol. 2 – Don’T Don (released)

1. 돈 돈! (Don’t Don)
2. Do You Have A Wish (Sapphire Blue)
3. You’re My Endless Love (말하자면)
4. Hate (Hate U, Love U)
5. Disco Drive
6. Marry U
7. I Am
8. Love Is Gone (She’s Gone)
9. Missin’ U
10. 거울 (Mirror)
11. 우리들의 사랑 (Our Love)
12. Midnight Fantasy
13. Thank You
14. [Bonus Track] A Very Long Past (Song For You)

Super Junior’s 2nd album is expected to have great response from fans as it is their comeback album after a hiatus of one year and four months. The members of Super Junior do a variety of activities besides singing such as acting, hosting, DJing and running radio shows. The title song is "돈 돈!" (Don’t Don), which is a combined word meaning "Money" and "Insane". All the members will be pulling off a strong charismatic and manly style. Famous musicians such as Kenize, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Jo Han, Kim Young Hu, Park Chang Hyun have contributed to this album. There are a total of 14 tracks in this album and some of the members contributed by writing the lyrics for a couple of the songs. – credits to purpletiger86

Cho Shin Sung – 1st Album (released)

1) Hit
2) Hit (Remix)
3) Where are You
4) Where are You (Remix)
5) Romance

Cho Shin Sung, a six member male group who were the heat of the topic in the music department even before their debut, have finally started their activities with three new songs. These three songs are Hit, Where are You, and Romance. Their title track, Hit, was composed by Jo Young Soo, who is known for writing SG Wannabe’s Gwang, My Person, Arirang, Seeya’s Crazy Love Song, and Shin Hye Sung’s First Love. Hit is a dance track that allows the group’s powerful voices to be heard along with their rapping. Their second track, Where Are You, is a dance track written by Kim Do Hoon, who also wrote Lee Hyori’s TocTocToc, SG Wannabe’s Crime and Punishment, and Seeya’s Love Greeting. Cho Sing Sung’s last track, Romance, is a medium tempo song filled with soft melodies and vocals. Written by Min Kyung Gi who also composed Gavy NG’s Happiness and SG Wannabe’s Stay, Romance will allow listeners to feel another of Cho Sin Sung’s charms. – credits to motoway065

Rich Vol. 4 – An Album Created Right Before Going Crazy (released)

1. Pygmalion Effect
2. EJ’s Number
3. Pizza That Can’t Be Thrown
4. Auto Boy
5. Incident That Happened An Hour Ago
6. Butter Fly
7. I Love You, Only These Words Pt.2
8. Don’t Even Call My Name
9. If I Was Here
10. First Encounter
11. Congratulating 100 Days
12. Incident That Happened An Hour Ago…Retributive Justice
13. My Life

– Rich is back as a singer and songwriter after a long hiatus of three years!

Talented R&B artiste "Rich" is finally back with his 4th album! Excluding two tracks, Rich has written and composed all the tracks in this album as well as recording and mixing. We will be able to see a more mature side of him and hear his wonderful vocal skills, which have become stronger. The title song is "EJ’s Number", which starts off with a strong drum sound followed by a guitar, base and keyboard. Unlike his other songs in the past, this title song showcases a band sound which includes a chorus sung by a woman. Some of the upbeat tracks to look out for are "Pygmalion Effect", "Pizza That Can’t Be Thrown" and "Auto Boy". The ballad tracks to look out for are "Congratulating 100 Days" and a 7-minute medium ballad "Incident That Happened An Hour Ago…Retributive Justice". – credits to purpletiger86

Music Drama – After…Break Up OST (September 24)

After the huge success of the music drama Winter Story starring Shinhwa’s Eric Mun, here comes the sequel. After Break Up is an album with a unique concept that brings music and video together into a short music drama. The title song, "After Break Up", showcases a mid-tempo ballad combining the soulful sultry sound of The Name and the controlled powerful vocals of Choi Jin Yi, the lead singer of Rumble Fish. Critics and peers alike have raved about the remarkable harmony that was cooked up by this duo. As an added bonus, Music Drama – After Break Up includes a modified version of the title song with string instrumentation.

The second track, First Love, is a duet by Shim Eun Jin and songwriter/producer Vink, who is well known in the industry for songs like M.C. The Max’s Returns and Shin Hye Sung’s Island. First Love is written, produced, and arranged by Vink. Other tracks include recent hits "Love Throws Away Love" (Track 3) from M.C. The Max, "I Cry" (Track 4) from Son Ho Young, and "Three People" (Track 6) from Lee Ki Chan.

After Break Up features a music drama directed by Cho Soo Hyun, whose credits include music videos for Rain, SE7EN, Big Bang, Shinhwa, Clazziquai, and Park Hyo Shin. The drama centers around the jealous love triangle between a woman and two men, played by Lee Min Ki (A Day for An Affair) and former Sechskies and J-Walk member Jang Su Won. Making his acting debut, Jang comes back after a long five-year absence since the release of J-Walk’s second album. – credits to YesAsia

Black Pearl (2nd single) – In the End…It’s You (released)

1) In the End…It’s You

Female group Black Pearl, who have gained much love with their debut single I Can’t Help Liking You, have released their second single, In the End…It’s You. This sad melodic track is written by Min Kyung Gi, who is also known for composing Gavy NG’s Happiness and SG Wannabe’s Stay. – credits to motoway065

Park Ki Young (single) – I was Sorry (released)

1) I was Sorry
2) Guard (2007 Remake)
3) Camino

Park Ki Young’s I Was Sorry is probably as inspiring as her first single (with songs, Start and Last Love) where she received much love. The title track I Was Sorry shows Park Ki Young’s total change as it has a very addictive melody that will seep right into the listeners. This track was specially written for Park Ki Young by Han Sang Won, who is also known for composing, J’s With Tears and Bada’s Queen. I Was Sorry is about a girl trying to forget her love but crumbles once she hears the phrase "I Love You". It gives lots of strength to those that feel stupid in front of love. Park Ki Young has successfully remade the song, Guard and with Camino which is of rock genre, this new single of perfection, something different from other singers’ digital singles. – credits to motoway065

M to M (single) – Evil Man (September 27)

1. Evil man

– M to M are making a comeback after two years with their 3rd album.

Three of the best composers in Korea (Jo Young Soo, Kim Do Hoon, and Min Myung Ki) have contributed to this 3rd album. Prior to releasing this 3rd album, M to M have already released their title song "Evil Man" on online music sites. They’ve received much support from fans with every album they’ve released and their 3rd album is highly anticipated. Their actual 3rd album is expected to be released in October. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

Choi Jung Chul and Cho PD (single) – The Return of The Prodigal Sun (released)
Twelve Tone (single) – Twelve Tone 2 (released)
Jay Tu (single) – Jay Tu Nite (released)
Cas.P (single) – 짝호감 (released)
Ahn Hyung Wok (single) – 사식은…
Rapain (single) – Bittersweet Dream (released)
Sunny Hill (single) – Love Letter (released)
Lee Jae Hoon (single) – 아지랑이 (released)
R.O.Z. (single) – Epilouge (released)
Yura (single) – 세월이 가면 (released)
Ari (single) – You are all I need (released)
Voy – 쉬어가기 (September 27)
Won Woo Vol. 1 – Walking in the rain (September 27)
Tommy Six Vol. 1 – Flicker of Hope (September 27)
M – Live Works 2006-2007 DVD (September 28)
Kim Jang Hoon (single) – 김장훈의 트롯 (September 28)

Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Kyobobook, Dosirak

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